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Officer Banana doesn't care about any war but, since he's in the army, he needs to try to fit in.
All he wants to do is drink beer all day and make his colleagues have fun at the bar.
Free fire 17

Iā€™m making free fire max
Monkey #5

Iā€™m making monkey arts
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PixelSaurus Rex #0006

PixelSaurus Rex #0006 hosts the weather bulletins at the TNN TV station at Nayar City. He has to be up super early every morning, and can almost always be seen with a cup of RAWRBucks Coffee in his claws. He has a purple head, a dark purple body and pink markings.

*NFT includes a separate, FREE unlockable collector's plate with a QR code that links to the PixelSaur's own page on
Monkey #1

Iā€™m making monkey arts