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There will be a Bitcoin conference called ₿ Word tomorrow. The organizers of the event confirmed that it will include a discussion between Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, head of ARK Invest Katie Wood and Elon Musk.

We wait.
➕ DeFi Summary / Week 28 2021

The DeFi economy is still in a fever. Down and up! DeFi's Total Locked Value (TVL) is $ 54.65 billion, significantly lower than last week. Are we in a Bearish cycle? Crypto winter?

So when is the next breakout and where will it go, up or down? We'll all find out soon enough. It is important to note that if in the near future the markets start to grow again, the surge in the development of Layer-2 scaling will play a colossal role. This means that L2 solutions tokens / quasi-assets can grow very well in price. Do you understand what I mean?

➕ Among the fundamental events that form the basis for the market jump up, the following can be noted:

🔥 Uniswap has officially launched its Uniswap V3 alpha on OΞ - the most iconic DEX. Ethereum is now open to alpha use in one of Ethereum's most promising scaling solutions, Optimism. A new era of DeFi has begun ... an era where everyone can access the best DeFi infrastructure at an affordable price.

▪️Archs important Ethereum scaling solution zkRollup from zkSync now supports ERC20 swaps and limit orders - zkSync.
The new project update 1.x introduced ERC20 exchange capabilities and permissionless token lists.

Finally, let's take a look at the top performing DeFi tokens of the last week REP (+ 37%), OHM (+ 54%) and CREAM (+ 4%).
⌚️ Key Governance Tokens News

▪️ Aave is considering including $ AXS as a supported collateral type.
▪️ Compound is considering adding the AAVE, MKR, SUSHI and YFI markets.
▪️ Maker is considering lowering stability fees for Maker vaults.

▪️ OlympusDAO deploys 1 million DAI from its Treasury to Aave under OIP-13.
▪️ Bancor is considering adding liquidity mining rewards to their COMP-BNT pool.
▪️ Uniswap is considering creating a new liquidity extraction program to stimulate the transition to Uniswap V3.

➕ What is Governance token?

Governance tokens give their holders the right to influence decisions, protocol, product or roadmap functions, as well as changes in governance parameters. ... Another common form of project management is token-based treasury management.
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PureApe, aiming to conquer the BSC and make the DeFi sector pure🙏
#PureApeTools $PAPE


At PureApe, our top priority is creating a project where u can participate in making the DeFi sector a better place 🦍

PRESALE DATE: 27th of July 🎉✔️

10% total transaction tax
🍌4% Auto liquidity
🍌4% Redistribution in BNB
🍌2% $PAPE redistribution

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
🧾Presale allocation: 45%
📈Pancakeswap allocation: 32%
🔥Burn: 20%
🤝Team wallet: 1.5%
📺Marketing wallet: 1.5%

🐵Presale will be launched via DxSale and the liquidity will be locked🔒
🐵Ownership renouncing
🐵Anti-whale features

Links 🦍
🌶 Key DeFi Events You Should Know About:

⚡️Jack Dorsey: “Square is creating a new business (joining Seller, Cash App and Tidal) focused on creating an open platform for developers with the goal of making it easier to create non-custody decentralized financial services without permissions. The main focus is bitcoin. "

⚡️S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI), a leading global index provider, has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency indices, including the new S&P Cryptocurrency Broad Digital Market (BDM) Index. BDM provides a complete picture of the performance of the cryptocurrency market and includes over 240 coins at launch.

⚡️The Board of Governors of the European Central Bank (ECB) has decided to start the investigation phase of the digital euro project. The investigation phase will last 24 months and will focus on key design and distribution issues.

⚡️Binance has completed its 16th quarterly BNB token burn of 1,296,728 BNB (roughly $ 393,673,653 equivalent).

⚡️Bank of America has begun clearing bitcoin futures.

▪️ Janet Yellen will bring together regulators on issues related to stablecoins. Treasury Secretary Biden will convene a meeting of the President's Financial Markets Working Group next week.

⚡️Dolce & Gabbana has partnered with digital marketplace UNXD to launch a collection of NFT wearables called “Collezione Genesi” (Genesis collection). The Genesis collection will be on display at the upcoming D&G Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria and Alta Gioielleria shows in Venice from 28 to 30 August.
​​➕ DeFi Summary / Week 28 2021

Well friends, will today's growth be the beginning of a bullish trend? We will see. If you look at July 2021, you can see how for most of the month DeFi was in a sideways and downtrend, as of Monday 26/07, it markedly increased in an uptrend. This new upswing has raised the total trapped value (TVL) in the ecosystem to ~ $ 64,000,000,000.

However, the fact that there has been a surge in activity in the cryptocurrency markets and the leading DeFi applications lately does not mean that everything is cloudless.

Indeed, this week, Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), just drew attention to all of DeFi's synthetic asset projects.

➕ The bottom line is that decentralized apps like Synthetix offer users synthetic access to US securities like sAAPL (Synthetic Apple Stock). In his recent comments, Chairman Gensler specifically noted that DeFi projects that offer these types of synthetic assets "are subject to securities laws and must operate under our securities regime."

Conclusion? The SEC Maestro suggests it is time to regulate DeFi. So, lest you think, the affected projects pretty much have only three development options:

▪️ Comply with US federal safety laws. Urgently.
▪️ Complete decentralization and disregard for these laws stimulates enforcement actions towards decentralized applications.
▪️ Pray that the SEC will not take care of you.

And since the Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the most influential financial regulators in the world, projects should be more forward-thinking.
🌶 Key DeFi Events You Should Know About:

⚡️ Sushi is introducing Trident, its upcoming next generation AMM, which will support new pool types such as persistent product pools, concentrated liquidity pools and more.

🍯 MakerDAO, the organization behind the Maker Lending Protocol, is now fully decentralized.

🗺 Mastercard teams up with USDC issuer Circle in a crypto-to-fiat pilot project.

💱 The dYdX decentralized derivatives exchange issues the COMP-USD perpetual contract.

▪️The Optimism layer-two (L2) team is committed to distributing their preliminary and temporary profits to “public project funding experiments” in the Ethereum ecosystem.

🛰 Reddit Chose Arbitrum to Scale Their Community Points Token System

▪️ ESD, introduced its v2 system tokens, digital standard units (DSU) and empty share sets (ESS).
⌚️ Token Governance Key News

▪️ Sushi is reviewing Smaug, a proposal for a debt-based treasury management system.
▪️ Aave is considering adding AMPL as a supported collateral type.
▪️ Yam DAO votes to launch Yam Fuse Pools.
▪️ NFTX is considering selling non-floor assets from its V1 vaults.
▪️ Uniswap discusses moving to V2 commission for $ UNI holders.
​​🔥 DeFi Strategy # 52 / Farm ~ 3 Assets immediately via BarnBridge SMART Yield

BarnBridge is one of DeFi's premier tokenized risk management protocols.

SMART Yield is a debt-based derivatives system that offers its users the ability to manage DeFi interest rates through yield tranches. In other words, you can get fixed or variable returns on your stablecoins through SMART Yield by integrating with Aave, Compound and C.R.E.A.M. lending protocols. Finance.

What is the advantage of this system for farmers? You can accumulate BarnBridge BOND Rewards + Protocol Rewards (like AAVE) + Fees! So this is a juicy three.

How to farm?

1. Go to the SMART Yield dashboard and deposit any asset of your choice.
2. Take LP tokens and stake them at BarnBridge Pools.
3. Enjoy and get income in 3 assets at once.
💱 DEX News

▪️ Sushi has unveiled its new versatile AMM called 'Trident' in honor of its '7/20' social media campaign.
▪️ Uniswap Labs recently restricted access to certain tokens.
▪️ Tokemak recently raised $ 4 million from Framework Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and others to create a liquidity reactor for DEX.

💎 NFT News

▪️ NFT '4K' marketplace raised $ 3,000,000 to bring NFT and luxury goods together in one market.
▪️ The NFT OpenSea market recently hit an all-time high of $ 1,500,000,000.
🌶 Key DeFi events to be aware of:

⚡️The Coinbase e-commerce platform has started accepting Dogecoin payments.

⚡️FTX has officially closed the Series B funding round with $ 900,000,000 raised.
A $ 900 million fundraiser gives FTX a post-deal valuation of $ 18,000,000,000.

⚡️Grayscale Investments and CoinDesk Indexes launch Decentralized Finance (DeFi) fund and index.

⚡️Aave is going to build a Twitter-like social network on Ethereum.
💰 Venture funding at DeFI

🗺 OpenSea raised $ 100,000,000 in Serie B round led by Anderssen Horowitz at a $ 1.5 billion valuation.

💰 Virtually Human Studio (VHS) has raised a $ 20,000,000 Series A round to accelerate the development of its platform in the NFT space.

🔮 Decentralized startup Magic raised $ 27,000,000 in Series A.

🔝 Cryptocurrency studio Thesis, behind projects like tBTC, has raised $ 21,000,000 in a Series A funding round.

➕ Coin98 is raising $ 11,250,000 in a strategic funding round led by Hashed and the Spartan Group.
⏰ An incredible AMA with S-WALLET will be held on the NEIRONIX analytical agency platform on August, 1!

S-WALLET will be represented by the project's COO Sergio Latansky!

S-WALLET is a multi-currency wallet that supports popular USD / EUR cryptocurrencies and fiat assets with the ability to receive, store, exchange and send funds.

🖥 The AMA session will be online using the proven Neironix Attention Mining ⛏ technology to engage and retain the community's attention. Viewers of the online broadcast will receive a reward of $10,000 in SWP tokens for the most interesting questions and active participation.

🛎 August, 1 - 16:00 UTC;
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USDT has not been issued for two months in a row, and its share in the market value of the stablecoin has fallen to an all-time low of just 57.38%. The remaining stablecoins continued to increase their market share: USDC rose to 24.39% and BUSD rose to 10.9%.
➕ DeFi Summary / Week 30 2021

The last week has been eventful, especially with the total DeFi Locked Value (TVL), which is up nearly $ 10,000,000,000, rising ~ $ 59B to + $ 69B.

However, we saw positive price action despite some serious regulatory news (SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is targeting synthetic assets in DeFi. Regulatory momentum is starting to pick up steam).

The current media buzz is again coming from the US, where lawmakers have squeezed an anti-crypto agenda into a widely supported bipartisan infrastructure bill (road construction, etc.) that, if passed, could bend crypto companies in the US.

1. A new provision has been added that expands the definition of "broker" in the Internal Revenue Code to cover almost everyone involved in cryptocurrency, including non-custodial participants such as miners, forcing them all to use KYC

2. The bill expands the definition of "broker" to include "any person who (for consideration) is responsible for and regularly provides any digital asset transfer service." DEX / p2p

3. This includes PoW miners and PoS validators, as “providing a digital asset submission service” is appropriate for both.

4. It can also include a wide range of DeFi market participants such as DEX LPs, protocol managers, etc.

To summarize, the US Congress has introduced anti-crypto rules into a widely popular infrastructure law that has a good chance of being passed. The rules are so cleverly written that you can interpret them as you like.

If this bill is passed, DeFi activities in the US could stop.