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Oh yeah so I'm livestreaming right now (started an hour ago). Just vectoring a bunch of new Metamorphic designs today :3
Livestream is online!

Today I'm showing the process of making Avian Invasion's new "PLURB" shirts. Get your own here:
Whoops! Forgot to announce that I'm streaming! Been live for a few hours. The Rabbit is done, currently working on the Hare! Have a bun butt
It's time for the next thematic design drop! Introducing: Metamorphic BUNNIES 🐇

Rabbit | Hare | Jackalope | Wolpertinger

Happy Easter, Passover, Fertility, Spring, Osterhase Day... everything that represents new life, reflects on tradition, & encourages hope!
Made it to Seattle at 3am last night; one more travel day left before I'm back home in Vancouver again..

I'm working on updating my Trello with all the orders I took at #FWA2022. I'll post the link here when it's ready

Next event will be BLFC!
Forgot to post this last night: Here's the Trello Work Queue for #FWA2022!

If you bought something from me & don't see yourself on the list, or some detail is off, please contact me ASAP
I'm actually in the middle of doing a lot of overhaul to my website & hoping to improve the way that Syndicate members can access all my exclusive content in one place. Because I kind of hate the way that Patreon handles some things, & Ko-Fi doesn't do much better. It's so hard to update ALL the different platforms separately when they're all formatted differently, & Twitch doesn't have a "members only" area on Twitch itself, so Discord is the best way to connect everything together.

I'm looking in the idea of just hosting everything on secret or maybe even password-protected areas of my website & sharing access links on the various support platforms every month, with the most frequent updates posted as "memos" to the private chats here & on Discord. I'll be writing up a post about it soon after I test some things to make sure the idea will even work the way I want. I think I can integrate most of it with newsletters & blogs, but it still might be best to keep a bulk of the photo gallery on Google Drive because it's so massive. Much experimenting to do! All between creating new products & fulfilling orders & traveling from convention to convention. @@

Today I started things out by doing a major re-work of my website homepage (because it was very outdated, still had the main post on there about attending TFF 2020 soon, lol) I just turned it into a simplified landing page that is very mobile friendly & leads visitors to all the helpful places to stay in touch or follow me on social media... basically a far better version of what the site "linktree" does.

You all can check it out at
Today's the day! I promised months ago it would happen & it's finally time...

I'm making the Rat & Mouse designs! 🐀🐁
Come keep me company on Twitch as my viewers drive me to drink while I struggle to draw rodent anatomy

Starts at 3pm PT (6pm ET) at
UM Ok for some reason, Square Online isn't emailing me when someone places a new order on the store anymore D:

Thank you for your patience. I didn't know I had any orders come in; I'm working on them ASAP!

(I really can't wait till I have the new replacement store ready now...)
Streaming today at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern to vectorize the Rat & Mouse Metamorphics!

Also going to be creating a German Shepherd, & might be doing a little experiment on the Tiger design 👀

Come watch the next best thing to paint drying: ART MAKING
I'm happy to finally welcome some adorable rodents to the Metamorphic lineup...

Introducing: 🐀 Rat & Mouse 🐁
Tell all your squeaky pals!
General update: Today I'm adding not only the BLFC take-home orders to the queue but I'm also going to be adding all the webstore orders from Square & Etsy too. I'll post the Trello link when it's entirely updated!

Otherwise I'm still troubleshooting my vinyl cutting machine
Trello to-do list is now fully updated!

If you gave me your Telegram info at BLFC, I have already messaged you with a link to your card. Poke me @Mythimorph if you don't see your order or have questions
Had quite a few disruptions the past week with coming back from a camping trip, vinyl cutter acting weird, a COVID scare, doctor visit, the general world falling apart, & now today being nearly 100°F... but I'll have a few days of work remaining before I have to pack up & leave for Anthrocon.

»If you want to pick up your order at AC instead of shipping, please let me know ASAP!«

Good news is that after the convention, I will have over a month off from any traveling to get fully caught up in my queue before DenFur. All the large cons being so close to each other is the biggest reason I'm behind (& still don't have the new webstore online or had any time to release Pride merch or make new designs).

Apart from a few customized designs, all the shirt orders are now cut out & I just need to spend a day, maybe a day & a half, pressing them onto shirts to wipe them off the list. Xing signs are still a very new product line for me so I'm still getting used to the vinyl application process & they're taking a bit longer to get the hang of.
It's come to my attention that not everyone is familiar with Trello! I've now added instructions on how to find the most useful info, like the "Activity" feed to keep up with my queue :3

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please let me know!
I will be vending at #Anthrocon2022! TABLE X10

Customizable shirts, decals, pins, & badges featuring my "Metamorphic" designs: over 60 variations of crosswalk-inspired animals & mythical species :3

Come say hi!
Gooood morning Anthrocon! Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to find my table (I'm hiding along the side wall in a short isle a lot of people are not aware even exists).

I'm running low on XL shirts for at-con orders, but my queue is wide open! See you soon :3