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🐯 MyPetSocial is a social network for NFTs gaming on Binance Smart Chain, where you can generate more profit from your NFTs.

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Dear Valued Community,

Firstly, thank you guys for being a part of My Pet Social. Thanks for your accompanying during the past time. There's some update to you guys: a good one and a piece of not-good news.

πŸ”₯ Here comes the great new: Only eggs sold in the previous sale can hatch into Dragon. Those dragons are not only used to get more profits by earning tokens, they're also used for breeding purposes.
Things to be revealed soon and one more important note, there's a buyback program by top ventures right after the 2nd token unlock.

πŸ”₯ The game is not ready to launch this October. It's in the middle of the process so we will update a new roadmap and announce it to the community asap.

Exciting times ahead! Join and explore! 🚡

My Pet Social Team
βš™οΈ We are updating our platform

We will come back in a couple of hours.

Thank you for understanding!
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πŸŽ‰ Wizard's Magical Spell on My Pet Social

Join NFT Staking Pool Wizard x MyPetSocial for the chance to win limited edition of Wizard Pet NFT! πŸ₯³

⏰ Mark the time: 16th November 15:00 UTC

Name: Wizard Pet
Symbol: WP
Stake per nft:- 2,500,000 MPS
MAX NFT for farm: 1000
MAX NFT per wallet: 5 per wallet
days to stake: 14 days
fee:- 2%

πŸ”Ž Details on how to participate:
The NFT Farm for My Pet Social is live πŸ”₯ We are proudly announcing The Launch of Wizard Pet NFTs at our NFT Farm today!

NFT Farm Link:

STAKE 2,500,000 $MPS FOR 14 DAYS & EARN the Limited Edition Wizard Pet (WP) NFT

These Wizard Pet (WP) NFTs are collectible & limited to just 1000 NFTs!

Hurry up and become owners of the Wizard Pets now! πŸ―πŸ‘€

Here's what to do next:

Follow Medium for more details so that you understand whats going on ⬇️

Please make sure you read the article before staking or asking for support.
πŸ”” Some information and updates about the upcoming beta game!

πŸ‰ Eggs will randomly hatch six types of dragons - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth & Cyber

πŸ’°State 1:
Users who raise dragons and let them play every day will receive money
Besides, the number of dragons will be restricted to combat inflation

🐲 State 2:
Two dragons will fight together to get the broken eggshell pieces of a complete egg then hatch them to spawn new dragons

✨ Let's raise dragon to increase your earnings ✨