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Du’a Request

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuhu

AlhamduliLlah I have been working on a menstruation book for women for a long time. InshaAllah we are in the final stages of preparing it for release. I ask for your duas that Allah Most High accepts this work and makes it something that will bring about tremendous good.

Your Sister,
Naielah Ackbarali
InshaAllah we hope to release the menstruation guide at the end of this week. Check out this video for what the book looks like inside. InshaAllah we will send out a notice when it is available along with details of how to get a copy. Duas please!

A Muslim Woman’s Guide To Menstruation Rulings
by Naielah Ackbarali

*By a Woman for Women*
The first of its kind! A modern-day guide about the Islamic rulings related to menstruation, lochia, and abnormal bleeding. Written by a Muslim woman for Muslim women. This intermediate guide is designed to be practical, engaging, and easy to read.

*First Chapter for FREE!*
Read the first chapter for FREE! Access the author’s introduction, full table of contents, and the first chapter at the link below.

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Purchase your paperback copy NOW via Amazon at the link below.

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I wanted to give up every day. The reality of finishing a comprehensive menstruation guide seemed too distant and farfetched.

Several times I told myself it was impossible - that I should have chosen something easier to do with my time.

But one thing kept me going.


You, my dear sister! You kept me going.

The thought that I could help you...the hope that I could make your experience different from mine. When I thought of you, I became energized to turn a vision into a reality.

You shouldn't have to struggle to learn about something that you experience on a monthly basis for almost 45 years of your life!

I poured my heart into this book. It is based off more than 15 years of dealing with various women's issues with hundreds of women across the globe.

I pray that you benefit, dear sister. I hope that the vision of you reading it and understanding it is a dream come true.

A Muslim Woman's Guide To Menstruation Rulings
by Naielah Ackbarali

* This Book Is Different*
-Inspirational content from verses of the Qur'an and stories of the female Companions.
-Answers to the most popular questions that women ask.
-Relevant medical information.
-Core topics and their related rulings organized into structured chapters.
-Bullet point lists, tables, charts, and picture diagrams.
-Icons that direct and help the reader.
-Blurbs that highlight concepts to remember.
-Review questions at the end of each chapter.
-A glossary of terms for words that are unfamiliar to the reader.
-Based on the Hanafi madhhab.

Access the first chapter and the purchase link NOW.
#1 NEW RELEASE On Jazak Allah khayran for all your support. May this book be a means to draw nearer to Allah Most High. AlhamduliLlah.
Your Period Got You Down?

If you have ever had a period problem, know that you aren't alone. Menstruation is one of those things that unites us as women. We all have something to say about our periods.

What a lot of us don't realize is that several of the female Companions also experienced menstrual issues. May Allah be pleased with all of them.

The first time I read the story of the Mother of the Believers Aisha getting her period at hajj, I was bewildered. She went through it too?! The disappointment. The upset. The uncertainty.

It was her struggle that inspired me to dig for more stories. The female Companions were women just like us, and they had to learn how to deal with their menstrual issues from an Islamic perspective too.

I have met many women who become upset at their period problems. They feel overwhelmed with learning the rulings of what to do and stressed out at how to handle it all. Period problems can impact our emotional health, especially if we do not know what to do about them.

The stories of the female Companions give us hope as women. The comfort of knowing that you aren't alone in how you feel and what you experience. More than this, their shining example of how to react when your period reacts in a way that you didn't expect!

This is why I included as many stories as I could in 'A Muslim Woman's Guide To Menstruation Rulings.'

Menstruation is something that Allah Most High willed for all women. We must accept the struggle that may come with it and embrace the challenge of learning our deen for the sake of Allah Most High.

You can read Lady Aisha's story and download the first chapter of my latest book for free at this link. You can also learn the rulings that you need to know in the guide inshaAllah.
Books for Muslim Women

I never thought that I would be an author. I started writing to get ideas out of my head after my counseling sessions. I hoped to give an affordable option to ladies who could not sign up for sessions or classes.

AlhamduliLlah women have told me that they have benefited so much from these works. From guides to novels, I try to inspire ladies with the teachings of Islam. My mission is to motivate Muslim women to be the best version of themselves for the sake of Allah Most High.

With our latest menstruation guide, my intention is to make learning Islamic knowledge easier and understandable for the modern Muslima.

Check out our full book list:

-“A Muslim Woman’s Guide To Menstruation Rulings” for women ages 17+.

-“Secrets of Successful Muslim Wives” for all married sisters.

-“Love Scripts: Getting Through To Him” for all married sisters.

-“Say It With Love: Communicate, Connect & Cure Conflict” for all married sisters.

-“Newlywed Nuggets: Golden Marriage Advice” for newlywed wives.

-“Finding Your Other Half” for single sisters looking to marry.

Available via Amazon
A Male Teacher's Perspective

AlhamduliLlah I am grateful to hear that MEN are benefitting from my newest book too. InshaAllah male teachers and fathers will be able to help their daughters learn the rulings more easily. Jazak Allah khayran to Ustadh Umer Ansari for his honest review.

Ustadh Umer Ansari writes on his Facebook Page:

Just received this work in the mail.

Finally a long awaited work on this topic in the English language by a Muslim lady. As a man who was engaged in classical studies, one of the toughest chapters during my fiqh studies was the chapter of menstruation under the Book of Purification. The subject was purely theoretical, so much so that the fact that blood could be of six different colors was profound to me.

"A Muslim Woman's Guide To Menstruation Rulings" by Sr. Naielah Ackbarali of Muslima Coaching is detailed yet the language is simple to make it an introductory reading or used as a primer, it is very well organized with tables and charts, and includes discussions of female body parts along with lochia (nifās), miscarriages, menopause, and abnormal bleeding (istihāda).

Although the primary intended reader of this work are the women, however, I would highly recommend this work to the fiqh male students so that they can have a better understanding of this chapter, you won't need to search health websites to understand what the fiqh books are talking about! Use this as an English commentary to supplement your fiqh studies for this will thank me later bro!

For the ladies, the book is easy enough to be read on its own, but it would be more beneficial to have a reading of it with a teacher.

I can see this book being used as an English textbook to be taught in the communities. The Alimāt should utilize this book as a text to teach in their communities. If a female teacher is not available, then find a male teacher to learn the subject matter using this work as your guide.

May Allah accept this work from the author and grant ease to the seekers trying to learn this subject matter.

Access to the free pdf of the first chapter and the purchase link:

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid and unsponsored honest review. I haven't read the entire book cover to cover, rather the review is based upon my selected reading of a few topics.
The Day of Ashura

With the tap of his staff, the vast ocean split into two halves, like twin mountains towering over a secret path. Prophet Musa pbuh and his followers quickly escaped to safety.

The Pharaoh and his army were close behind, determined to capture Musa pbuh and intent on eliminating his followers in their entirety. They shadowed his footsteps along this miraculously created ocean floor path.

Suddenly, without any warning, the soaring walls of water came crashing down upon the Pharaoh and his army, submerging them in an ocean of hell and drowning them for good. After decades of tyranny and torture, the oppressive reign of the Pharaoh was finally brought to an end.

This event is symbolic for the believer. In this crazy world that we live in today that is filled with so much oppression and injustice, a person can lose grip of hope.

We must remain inspired by the example of Prophet Musa pbuh. He continued to strive and carry out his mission, despite his unfavorable circumstances. He stood for what was right and in the face of the evilest man to ever reign over a nation.

Prophet Musa pbuh underwent many trials in his life. He endured the pain and hardship that others subjected him to for the sake of his Lord, but ultimate victory was marked by the mere tap of a staff.

We learn from this that even though a person may be doing everything in their capacity to right the wrong, true success only comes by Allah Most High’s will. We must take the means to change the world with our own hands, but always remember that Allah creates the results.

It is difficult to see the pharaohs of our time winning, maintaining power, and hurting others. But Allah’s victory is near, and it will come at a time that is best based on His infinite knowledge and wisdom.

In the meanwhile, do your part. Stand for what is right in whatever capacity you can. Help others in the way Allah makes easy for you. Pray to Allah Most High plentifully for an opening for the ummah. InshaAllah the wrong of others will be consumed by your ocean of good.

May Allah accept your righteous deeds on this Day of Ashura – the day that Allah saved Prophet Musa pbuh from the Pharaoh.

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