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We provide a tourism service marketing solution suitable for the industry 4.0

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~ 06/06 (KST)

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[Monte update for June.]

Monte landing page has been updated.

DEX service 'MONDEX' is scheduled to be launched in June, which will enable swap/pool/staking in a comfortable environment.

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🎉 MONTE 'Tourism Web3 in Korea'

📅 Period : July 20th ~ July 22th

🎁 Free Hotel reservation / Flight Payback / Networking Dinner / Networking Party / Various Contents

🏆 Get Gold Bar & Airdrop in Events


2️⃣Google form👇

3️⃣Introduction of 'Tourism Web3'
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Hanam 0x942F434d5572D9A56C7048591C0559A7Af9b7A8d

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[Announcement of new contract swap for MONTE platform]

Hello, MONTE platform participants!

We are preparing to issue new contracts for a higher level of security and protection of customer assets.
This requires some procedures, but all of them are done to ensure that the platform's goal is to provide safer and smoother services.

New contract address : (ERC-20)

Due to the issuance of a new contract, the following procedures will be carried out:

1. MONTE Swap Operation: To receive a new MONTE, customers must deposit the existing MONTE to the specified wallet address.

2. Google Form Application: You can apply for swap through Google Form. Please fill out the necessary information to apply.
The first swap filing is scheduled to take place between August 1, 2023 and August 31, 2023.


4. SWAP RATE : 1(new) : 3(old)

Trading in MEXC / CoinW will be back on the track in few days with new contract.

The MONTE platform always puts the interests and security of the participants first, and all of these measures are for the stability and development of the platform.
If you have any questions about swapping or issuing contracts, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation for a safer and improved MONTE platform, and we will not stop making further progress.

Thank you.

MONTE Team. July 29, 2023
<Swap process>

Mexc : Mexc will delisting monte and review re-listing monte with new contract.

Mexc monte holders withdraw old monte to personal wallet like metamask(not exchanges account) until 30 days and write down our goole form that we attached in official channel. Then our team will swap new monte with swap ratio (1:3)

Coinw : Coinw’s Monte/USDT pair will change with new contract automatically. Coinw users will receive new monte from coinw with swap ratio (1:3)
Our team never DM to holder for swap token.

Don’t reply any message to them.
🎉Monte new listing in BITFOREX


✈️TG Community:

#MONTE #BitForex #newlistings
Monte_Official pinned « This TG channel is scam, be careful holders. Our official channel is only»
Announcement of the 1st New MONTE Swap

Hello, dear participants of the MONTE platform!

Following the successful deployment of our new contract, in the ongoing endeavor to bolster security and safeguard client assets, the platform is set to initiate the 1st New MONTE Swap targeting a subset of our low-risk clients who have opted in. This initial swap will pave the way for subsequent allocations to be carried out in a phased manner.

1st Swap Eligibility: Low-risk clients who have completed the deposit of MONTE to the designated wallet address.
Swap Schedule: End of October 2023

The MONTE platform continually places the interests and security of its participants at the forefront. All these initiatives are directed towards enhancing the stability and fostering the growth of the platform. Should there be any inquiries regarding the swap operations or the contract deployment, feel free to reach out at any time.

We extend our gratitude for your cooperation and engagement towards a safer and more enhanced MONTE platform. Looking forward to achieving greater advancements together.

Thank you.

The MONTE Platform Team
MONTE will listing in new exchange soon, please pay attention guys !!🔥🔥