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In these days i was working on this, my Sona in 3d!
I took the chance to making the Sonas of some friends of mine too with good results so I might take commission in the future... β˜€οΈ
But for now here's a picture of my sona !
Everyone hyped for the new Klonoa?
Little present for Oob! Hope you don't mind being also kicked by me

#furry #fursona #otter #bunny https://t.co/40K3DZXMCp
Gift art for @BluLupo
This took a while to do!

#Fallout #Fallout4 #wolf #furry https://t.co/zs1RiTzSWT
MikiMleam's Art pinned Β«Hey guys! I'm about to stream one or two art 😁 You can find me stream clicking right here Come and enjoy some music while i draw πŸŽ΅πŸŒ„Β»
Reference sheet for KrystalCroft!
First time I'm making a reference sheet, hope you like it

#furry #fursona #fox https://t.co/DXLd3qLxfC
Sketching Garfield while friends was stealing my art style ❀️
Doodled a character of a friendo! This cutie name is Ripley, isn't it cute? πŸ’š
Commission for https://t.co/oGaddvBXQL!
Thanks for commissioning me

#furry #fursona #bunny https://t.co/Q4AhtgffDQ
Doodled with friends! Ursaluna and Chimecho :D
A friend made me try a tablet, so i made a purring Sprigatito 😸

This is not a bad result though! ❀️
I'm working on my future new background for both pc and smartphone!

I'm trying to convey some emotion into this and also this background will have some nice changes through the day-time
(Sunset, night, dawn, ecc...)
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After some days of work, i finally finished my background :D It was something i really wanted to do for a long time and i did it with help of my friends 😊

Starting from midnight, it follows the flows of time, going from night, to morning, midday, afternoon, sunset and night.
It also has some animated stuff in it 🀩 like the hair and the cables

I hope you also appreciate it!

The video is speeded up so it's not a 24 hour video ❀️
Not posting many art but I'm working on commissions so here a Nanachi instead, for now ☺️