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April 12, 2021. Today, survivors' groups all across the network have wished to represent themselves and the channels they broadcast to using a jaguar image. This reminds us of work we've been doing and important things we've been learning about how to support the movement to safeguard Indigenous women and children. This is especially important in regards to those bearing the greatest burden of harm where they are Invisible in their communities and cut off from their communities, often striving to communicate differently and non-verbally about what's happening. • #MMIWG #LandBack • 20210412-121838 • https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7536https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1114 ••
12 de abril de 2021. Hoy, los grupos de sobrevivientes de toda la red han querido representarse a sí mismos ya los canales que transmiten usando una imagen de jaguar. Esto nos recuerda el trabajo que hemos estado haciendo y las cosas importantes que hemos estado aprendiendo sobre cómo apoyar el movimiento para proteger a las mujeres y los niños indígenas. Esto es especialmente importante en lo que respecta a aquellos que soportan la mayor carga de daño cuando son invisibles en sus comunidades y están aislados de sus comunidades, a menudo se esfuerzan por comunicarse de manera diferente y no verbal sobre lo que está sucediendo. • #MMIWG #LandBack • 20210412-121838 • https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7536https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1114 ••
April 3, 2021 • WEATHER REPORT • t.me/MaxMorris, t.me/s/maxmoradio • Planetary phenomena, contemplative conversation, collaborative broadcasts: https://t.me/IntuitiveEarth • 20210403-172041 • Intuitive, Inclusive: https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicEarth/1707 •°`
April 4, 2021 • MARKET PRODUCE • t.me/MaxMorris, t.me/s/maxmoradio • Fresh Growing Food, Community Meals, Commensal Musicality • Kitchen Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/VV3dV9wY9Lc8l5w9 • 20210404-121234 • Intuitive, Inclusive: https://t.me/s/IntuitiveSocialKitchen/1399 ••
April 11, 2021. Lenguaje Social Intuitivo comparte estas palabras: https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1108 • Han sucedido algunas cosas difíciles. Los estoy procesando. Compartiré el español aquí para ayudarme a reparar las comunicaciones. • Es un alimento de gracia asombroso que el cerebro español haya despertado, porque esto me permite usar circuitos de diferentes idiomas para resolver problemas donde los circuitos del idioma inglés han sido abusados ​​y dañados con demasiada frecuencia durante demasiado tiempo. • Debido a que ahora tenemos entornos de inmersión lingüística, algunos de nosotros hemos podido seguir aprendiendo varios idiomas a la vez. • Cuando hablamos de nuestras propias experiencias en grupos, aprendemos idiomas muy rápido, reparamos nuestra función cognitiva y hemos aumentado considerablemente el éxito en la resolución colaborativa de problemas. • Gracias por ayudarme a aprender idiomas que ayudan a mis amigos. • 20210411-101918 • https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1108 ••
"In this article, we use the terms victim and perpetrator to refer to individuals’ actions in specific interactions, not as identity terms or as totalizing descriptions. That is, the extent to which an individual can be described as a victim or perpetrator depends entirely on the nature of their
conduct in specific instances. An individual who is a victim of violence in one instance can be a perpetrator of violence in another.

While we reject the use of the terms victim and perpetrator as totalizing, identity terms, we believe it is imperative to maintain this distinction. The word victim refers to a person who has been wrongly harmed. Perpetrators often try to conceal or avoid responsibility for their actions by obscuring the distinction between victim and perpetrator, for instance, by portraying their
unilateral, violent actions as mutual.

The Interactional and Discursive View of Violence
and Resistance

1. Violence is social and unilateral: Violent behaviour is both social, in that it occurs in specific interactions comprised of at least two people, and unilateral, in that it entails actions by one individual against the will and well-being of another.

2. Violence is deliberate: The perpetrators of violence anticipate resistance from their victims and take specific steps to suppress and conceal it. Virtually all forms of violence and systems of oppression entail strategies designed specifically for the suppression of overt and covert resistance.

3. Resistance is ubiquitous: Whenever individuals are subjected to violence, they resist. Along side each history of violence, there runs a parallel history of resistance. Victims of violence face the threat of further violence, from mild censure to extreme brutality, for any act of open defiance. Consequently, open defiance is the least common form of resistance (Scott 1990).

Social Discourse
4. Misrepresentation: Misrepresentation is an ever-present feature of asymmetrical power relations (Scott 1990) and personalized violence. In cases of violence, public appearances are often highly misleading and the risk of inadvertent collusion with the offender is high.

5. Fitting words to deeds: There are no impartial accounts. All accounts of violence influence the perception and treatment of victims and offenders. Where there is violence, the question of which words are fitted to which deeds is crucial (Danet 1980, p. 189).

6. Four discursive operations: Language can be used to conceal violence, obscure and mitigate offenders’ responsibility,2 conceal victims’ resistance, and blame and pathologize victims. Alternatively, language can be used to expose violence, clarify offenders’ responsibility, elucidate and honor victims’ resistance, and contest the blaming and pathologizing of victims.
The messages transmitted by @IntuitivePublicRadio and our Intuitive network are single-link reference notes or forwarded items where severely disabled, multiply marginalized colleagues request support for specific community conversations.

Our community admins assist trafficking victims and other Intuitive Invisibles to post the links they would like to share in order to initiate lifesaving public and private conversations, anonymously when needed for safety.

Because of severe disabilities and circumstances of violence, our community members often can only post a small part of what they would like to talk about safely with others.

Many survivors of violence can only be safe to initiate a particular discussion in caring, supportive, inclusive community settings --- spaces we are building and sharing.

Our public links and notes are part of extended private @IntuitiveCommunity knowledgebase materials and collaborative groups where all are invited to participate.

We learn together how to support one another so that courageous conversations and fully inclusive communications regenerate strength and healing in our communities.

Our friends and families today are being victimized by sex trafficking and ritual abuse --- many women, children, elders, and others.

Please hear us and respond with kindness each time a conversation is initiated —- each time a message is broadcast.

Our lives depend on this.

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