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Here are the latest updates for the second half of July!


β›“ Gateway for propagating Polygon blocks has been added.

βœ… New attestation and witness types have been added to prepare the Ethereum relay for the London hard fork upgrade.

πŸ‘€ Revamped Staking portal is undergoing testing. The updated UI will include new features such as canceling undelegations/redelegations and splitting/merging stashes.

πŸ€“ The Ethereum gateway has been rewritten using structopt to bring it in line with other chains.

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We've come a long way. Yet, our journey has just begun.

Thank you for the continuous support! ❀️

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πŸ“’ ATTN MPond holders πŸ“’

1. Discussions on the first few governance proposals would be going live soon and would subsequently be pushed for an on-chain vote.

In order to vote, you're required to set up your voting account prior to the proposal being pushed on-chain.

2. We suggest setting up your voting account immediately to not miss out the chance of voting on any proposal. You may do so by visiting and clicking on the Setup Voting button towards the left.

You can either delegate your votes to your own address or another.

3. If you have MPond staked currently, your voting account is automatically setup and no further action is required.

You can vote even while your MPond remains staked.

4. As always, please share your feedback or bug reports on our discord channel.

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Discord link:
A bunch of new proposals have been put up for discussions. Please feel free to hop in either on the discourse forum or discord server.

Direct links below:

Proposal #2: Increase staking rewards for MPond

Proposal #3: Introduce Polygon staking rewards

Proposal #4: Update MPond-POND Bridge

Proposal #5: Make MPond transferable

Proposal 6: Reduce staking undelegation period

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Delighted to announce our partnership with Commonwealth Labs, an all-in-one decentralized platform for blockchain communities to discuss proposals, project enhancements & other pertinent topics.

🀝 The collaboration will help leverage and utilize Common Protocol's seamless UI & platform, taking Marlin to the next level to better engage our community.

βš–οΈ Proposals have already been put up on the forum and we invite you to join the discussion.

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πŸ‘€ Forum:

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Here are the latest updates for the first half of August!


πŸ•Έ Launched OpenWeaver for @0xPolygon with FlowMint 2.0

πŸŒ‰ Bridge UI is live.

πŸ€“ Spam prevention RPC calls have been integrated into the Polygon gateway.

βœ… Ethereum probes, spam checkers and relays have all been upgraded.

⚑️ Polygon gateways and relays have been added to marlinctl.

πŸ‘ Hit 20,000 followers on Twitter.

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βš–οΈ Our governance proposal is up for vote!

What: Staking undelegation time for MPond and POND is 30 days. The proposal is to reduce it to 7 days.

Starts: Now

Ends: In 72 hrs

Who: MPond holders who have set up voting or staking can vote.

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πŸ“Š Operator statistics on our staking portal!

Brightlystake has created statistics page for all operators running clusters on Marlin.

Users can view historic information about an operator by tapping on the statistics button on

Data shown:

1️⃣ APR for POND and MPond for the past 7 days
2️⃣ Tickets and Latency Score for the past 7 days
3️⃣ Fees and Returns
4️⃣ Daily Averages for tickets, latency score, POND/MPond APR and average ranks for that day.
5️⃣ Today's average and overall average for APR, latency score and tickets.

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πŸ—³ Two governance proposals are up for vote!

βš–οΈ Rebalance the reward distribution formula for POND and MPond delegators.



πŸŒ‰ MPond requests placed can be converted to POND linearly over the course of 182 days after the date of request.


🀝 Eligibility and duration

Starts: Now

Ends: In 72 hrs

Who: MPond holders who have set up voting or staking can vote.


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MEV support for Polygon is here!


You will now be able to send bundles to just as you would to

Target users:

πŸ§™ Validators in the Polygon network looking to increase their income by including MEV bundles.
πŸ€“ dApp devs who want to protect user's txs from frontrunning.
πŸ‘€ MEV searchers interested in prioritizing bundles.

🐟 The bundle format and transaction ordering rules remain as they are on Flashbots Ethereum. Validators will be required to run mev-bor which is based on mev-geth.

βœ… Users, devs & validators interested in participating in the alpha release can register their interest by filling this form.

πŸ€“ Instructions for validators to install the gateway to enable communication between mev-bor and the Marlin relay can be found in our docs.

πŸ’° mev-inspect on ETH suggests that over USD 711m has been extracted since the start of 2020. We’re expanding mev-inspect to add support for Polygon-based dapps to analyze MEV opportunities in Polygon and are in touch with some other chains as well.

⚑️ The relay used here will initially be permissioned. Bundles will only be visible to the validator whose chance it is to produce the block. We expect to decentralize the relay and add privacy-protecting features over time in conjunction with Flashbots’ efforts.

πŸ—£ Hit us up on Discord if you have queries, want to join the discussion or contribute in any way.

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Here are the latest developments for the second half of August!


βš–οΈ Governance proposal to reduce the staking undelegation time was put into effect.

πŸ€“ Created mev-bor, a fork of bor with bundle handling similar to mev-geth.

πŸ—£ Published proposals to rebalance the reward distribution formula for POND/MPond (voting live), update the MPond-bridge parameters (voting live) & introduce Polygon staking rewards.

β›“ Developed a new mev-relay to propagate MEV bundles & handle spam prevention.

🀝 Partnered with Commonwealth Labs to build a decentralized community to discuss proposals, project enhancements & other pertinent topics.

πŸ‘€ Started adding Polygon+bor support for mev-inspect to analyze historical and future MEV opportunities.

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Here are the latest updates for the first half of September!


πŸ‘€ Introduced MEV support for Polygon

πŸ“œ Contracts are being deployed and tested on Arbitrum. We are still working out what a potential migration would look like.

⚑️ The mev-inspect-py tool has been repurposed to work with go-ethereum based clients & has been used to successfully detect arbitrages on Polygon. Efforts are underway to submit PRs to upstream.

βœ… The Ethereum & Polygon gateways have been updated to work with eth/66 protocol.

βš–οΈ The proposal to update the MPond-Pond bridge parameters was passed.

πŸ“Š Added in operator statistics on the staking portal (built by Brightlystake). Users can view historic information about an operator by tapping on the statistics icon on

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Introducing Loki, a dedicated Polygon MEV testnet for validators to smoothly transition to mev-bor on mainnet.

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βœ… Allows validators to test the stability of mev-bor without affecting the mainnet.

🀝 Display interoperability with other clients like core bor.

πŸŒ‰ A testing ground for the Marlin gateway which acts as a bridge between mev-bor & different private relays.

🎯 Display the stability of the simultaneous usage of the public mempool using the P2P network & private relays.

πŸ”Ž No token even on testnet needs to be staked.

πŸ€“ Prospective Bor validators need only register offchain with the testnet operator by filling

🐟 To listen to MEV bundles, operators are required to run the Marlin gateway which connects to the Marlin relay.

πŸ‘€ Docs:

πŸ“œ Source code for the testnet design can be found at

πŸ‘‹ Hit us up on Discord if you have queries, want to join the discussion or contribute in any way.

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Updates for the second half of September are here!

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πŸŒ‰ Bridge requests are now cancellable in the UI.

πŸ€“ Added a State entity to the bridge subgraph to query system parameters without having to use other services like Infura.

🀝 Token listing on Bitvavo and Kriptomat.

βœ… Fixed an issue with incorrect pending rewards in the subgraph.

πŸ›  Fixed issues with zero balances after undelegation in the subgraph.

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Updates for the first half of October are here!

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βœ… Introduced Loki, a dedicated Polygon MEV testnet for validators to smoothly transition to mev-bor on mainnet.

πŸ‘€ Implemented the upgraded staking UI with new features and bug fixes.

πŸ“ƒ The POND contract has been updated to a new version in preparation for deployment on Arbitrum.

πŸ€“ The proxy-delegate mechanism of the POND contract has been changed to UUPS reducing the overhead by almost a half and leading to cheaper transactions.

πŸ” RPC APIs used for spam prevention have been moved to mev-bor repository for better maintainability.

⚑️ Subgraph path has been parameterized in mev-proxy to give more flexibility over queries.

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Our staking portal has a new UI + some feature additions!


Staking Portal:

Some stats:

πŸ₯© Staking has been live for +7 months.

πŸ’― +110 validators joined the Marlin network & run gateways for ETH.

πŸ”₯ +80M POND & +773 MPond staked currently.

The improved UI/UX is a result of the feedback received from the community:

βœ… The operator page displays all info without users having to switch through tabs to see perf metrics.

🎯 Users can filter their delegated clusters on the operator page to view perf at a glance.

πŸ‘€ Split & Merge stash integrated.

πŸ‘ Cancel redelegations and undelegations integrated.

πŸ” Improved how the stashes and notifications appear on the delegate page.

πŸ“œ Claim history page to show users when rewards were withdrawn.

πŸ‘‹ If you've found something that needs fixing, want to suggest new features or need assistance, join our Discord server.

πŸ§™ If you're a validator looking to get started, check out our docs.

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Updates for the second half of October are here!

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πŸ‘€ Contracts updated to new solidity versions in preparation for deployment on Arbitrum. Currently testing the bridge and migration mechanisms & expecting to go live around the end of the month.

βœ… Updated the staking UI + added new features.

🀝 Support for geth traces has been added to the mev-inpect-py tool enabling us to start working on the mev-explore dashboard for Polygon.

πŸ›  Fixed an issue where multiple withdrawals in the same transaction were overriding each other in the staking-subgraph.

🧠 Updated dependencies of OpenWeaver and pulled in the critical patch we contributed to libuv that eliminates packet drops within libuv in some scenarios.

πŸ”₯ Optimized gas usage when merging stashes.

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Updates for the first half of November are here!

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πŸ€“ Our testing environment and the associated subgraphs have been migrated to Rinkeby from Kovan to prepare for integration testing with Arbitrum next week.

πŸ›  Working on the MEV dashboard for Polygon & backfilling data for the current year. Will be released publicly once ready.

⛽️ Added a benchmarking script for MPond & POND to measure gas usage for various use cases. Serves as a baseline for further optimizing gas usage.

βœ… Migrated MPond tests to hardhat and made them much more extensive.

πŸ‘€ Over 846 million POND has been staked in the form of MPond (740 MPond equivalent to 740 mil POND) and POND (106 mil POND) tokens.

πŸ”₯ Choose from 70+ cluster operators to stake via

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