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Just days away from Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day
Hello Beloved Souls,
I am writing a book on Mary Magdalene and I am opening a part of the book to questions to those that wish to question Mary. Do you have a question for Mary Magdalene?
Hello beloved’s, how are you feeling?
12 Days of Reflection Through the Wisdom of the Magdalene Codes
Blossom Mini is derived from a larger 21-day program called Blossom Online. Blossom Mini is a 12-day ebook that takes you on a journey of wisdom and healing day by day. The wisdom is connected to the teachings and connection to the energy of Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, and the Christ Consciousness. This has ancient esoteric texts that have never or very sparingly been spoken of before.

This ebook will enlighten anyone. The journey is to commit to oneself and self-realization.