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If King George were a tweet
Media is too big
They're coming for the America First fighters.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but Trump was right about the importance of American energy independence.
Do you think Fauci will seek a pardon from Joe Biden before President Trump returns to the White House?
The New York subway attack would have been stopped a lot sooner if there was a good guy with a gun who shot back.
The swamp realized their smear attempts against me weren't working, so they've revived the challenge to remove me from the ballot.

They're losing...and they're getting desperate.

We will defeat this!
Media is too big
Stand with me. Stand with President Trump. FIGHT the swamp!
Consistently, over the last few decades, the Republican voter has been betrayed by Republicans in office on the issue of gun control.
I am convinced that America’s greatest days lie ahead; that the strength of her spirit will stand the test of time, and that this bastion of freedom will not fall this day or the next.

Happy Independence Day. God Bless this land. 🇺🇸
The best is yet to come 👀
Not my final speech, but one I felt was very much needed in today’s culture!
Matt Gaetz is leading a hell of a charge on Capitol Hill. Huge shoutout to the patriots resisting the intense pressure.
Media is too big
The Swamp is real. The pressure to fold is real.

Don't give in. Keep fighting. Elect a speaker who won't bow to permanent Washington.
I'm tired of funding proxy wars.
The RNC needs change.