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I don't want to live in a world where tweeting anime videos gets you canceled by the miserable mob.

Political correctness is so stupid.

Paul Gosar can absolutely post a satirical anime video of him battling the woke left.

If this bothers you, shut up. You're not that important.
the left sure seems triggered today 🇺🇸
We. Want. Trump. Back.
Has CNN hired the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutor as a “legal expert” yet?
Joe Biden wants to grant amnesty to 6.5 MILLION illegal aliens.

These people broke our laws; why would we reward them?
Channel photo updated
Media is too big
Basically prophetic...this clip was waaaay ahead of its time🤣
The best Christmas present would be President Trump back in the White House.
All Democratic and RINO politicians follow these three steps:

Step 1: Make promises
Step 2: Break those promises
Step 3: Abandon the American people
The Corporate Media is the real virus.
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President Trump did not incite anything.

He called for Americans to "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."

Democrats called for unrest in the streets and watched our cities burn in 2020.

Don't fall for the left's fake narrative.
Media is too big
Nothing but facts in this video.

Last-minute election laws changed

State election laws broken

Violations of signature verification

Violations of election observer requirements

Unacceptable. That's why I objected last year.

Americans deserve secure elections.
The woke mob won’t stop me
I'm starting to think "COVID misinformation" is anything that hurts Pfizer's pocket.