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Longevity channel by InTime BioTech. We develop online tracking technology of full range of diseases at their earliest stages. AntiObesity
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Congratulations, Longevity InTime was chosen as one of the 250 companies by top 3 accelerator platforms 500Startups. This time it’s in Russia, held by Sber500 partner. Please follow us. Thanks. www.intime.digital
Aubrey DeGray:
This year SRF raised a total of 🌟$2,335,443.46🌟 in our End of Year Campaign. A large part of that is due to one of our greatest supporter's generosity and vision for our cause - Michael Antonov. Michael donated $1,000,000 to our campaign, while encouraging other donors to participate by matching their donations.

Thank you, from all of us at SRF, for your ongoing support. We would not be able to make the progress we do without the support of benefactors like Michael Antonov, and the dedication and generosity of every single donor, particularly during such trying times as we find ourselves currently.

Because of you, SRF lives another day to #UnlockLongevity.

Read more about Michael's role in the success of our 2020 End of Year Campaign
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From the Emmy-winning Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks & Rec) comes a hilarious new sci-fi comedy. In the future people can upload their consciousness to a luxurious digital afterlife. When party boy Nathan gets uploaded to a virtual resort he meets the down-to-earth Nora who starts as his customer service “angel”, but becomes so much more as she helps him find friendship, love and purpose.

Aging is often perceived as a degenerative process caused by random accrual of cellular damage over time. In spite of this, age can be accurately estimated by epigenetic clocks based on DNA methylation profiles from almost any tissue of the body. Since such pan-tissue epigenetic clocks have been successfully developed for several different species, it is difficult to ignore the likelihood that a defined and shared mechanism instead, underlies the aging process. To address this, we generated 10,000 methylation arrays, each profiling up to 37,000 cytosines in highly-conserved stretches of DNA, from over 59 tissue-types derived from 128 mammalian species. From these, we identified and characterized specific cytosines, whose methylation levels change with age across mammalian species. Genes associated with these cytosines are greatly enriched in mammalian developmental processes and implicated in age-associated diseases. From the methylation profiles of these age-related cytosines, we successfully constructed three highly accurate universal mammalian clocks for eutherians, and one universal clock for marsupials. The universal clocks for eutherians are similarly accurate for estimating ages (r>0.96) of any mammalian species and tissue with a single mathematical formula. Collectively, these new observations support the notion that aging is indeed evolutionarily conserved and coupled to developmental processes across all mammalian species - a notion that was long-debated without the benefit of this new and compelling evidence.

Gene therapy using adeno-associated virus (AAV) as a vector has emerged as a novel therapeutic modality that has the potential to lead to substantial disease modification in many monogenic disorders, or perhaps even cures. Given the interest in the approach, which has been boosted by the recent approval of two AAV-based gene therapies by the US FDA, we have conducted a systematic review of the landscape of clinical trials of AAV-based gene therapies (see Supplementary Fig. 1 and Supplementary Table 1 for details). Here, we highlight the key trends and discuss the implications.

Dear Followers!

We are pleased to announce the first 1500 customers of our BMI Disease Tracker app (for Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.application.bmiobesity&hl=en_US

Please download it and you will have a second opinion on your health state, based on AI & Big Data. You can track your quality of life bio parameters online, remotely. You will get 16 severe diseases risks calculations & 26 personal recommendations how to avoid these risks.

More than 55% of the users are from India (the Facebook campaign was successful).

Today we got 23 000 subscribers to this channel, dedicated to longevity and immortality in Telegram.

We are still recruiting developers (back end, iOS, data scientists). We invite life scientists, pediatricians, advisors.

We will be glad to receive your responses.

Thank you
Longevity InTime BioTech Immortality Channel pinned «Dear Followers! We are pleased to announce the first 1500 customers of our BMI Disease Tracker app (for Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.application.bmiobesity&hl=en_US Please download it and you will have a second opinion on your…»