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Jose Cordeiro:

“LONGEVITY ADVICE has just published a nice listing of experts and influencers, and I am really "honored" to appear among the "Honorable mentions for longevity experts", including some big names here, but the only one in Spanish: https://www.longevityadvice.com/longevity-experts/
In the following video, Eleonor Sheekey argues that Follistatin is the “new” longevity trend. Well, as a “trend” she might be right. However, I guess as most of you, if not all of you, already know, my friend Liz Parrish knew about it many years ago, and in 2015, she had the courage to undergo a dual gene therapy including Follistatin and Telomerase.

Btw, along the video, starting at time mark 2:48, Eleonor shows and refers nicely to a scientific paper co-authored by Liz Parrish and George Church, among others.

The following is the link to the entire video 👇


Here is when Eleonor refers to the scientific Paper 👇


And this one is the link to the Paper, which is fully open to anyone.
it is now printed in Aging:


"we posit that the majority of results in biology of aging may be irrelevant to the fundamental aim of this field and must be acknowledged appropriately."
“You should be happy paying for your blood tests the same way happy as when you buy sea view house or Ferrari.

Tracking values of your parameters should be a fun & exciting adventure. You should enjoy it as much as you enjoy sex, if you enjoy of course))”

Oleg Teterin
Longevity InTime

Ask us which blood markers you should track to avoid severe consequences!
“But to make any new prediction on the likelihood of severe disease is possible once you can train AI models on old data of patients. Lack of such data brings additional barriers to reach the goal of AI simulation of human clinical trials.

Important to mention that companies which made clinical trials and spent millions $ on them, are not In position of sharing this data publicly. Its absurd? No. Its reality, where the mindset of the owners of such companies is driven by money and not longevity”

Your Data Can Cure You
“Its fun to see lab nurses and doctors reactions when you show few hundred list of biomarkers and you say you want it all. Sometimes they fight with you so you DONT do all these tests, because its “expensive”. How fantastically their mindset works. To defeat you from longer living”

Track Early Live Longer
“Few months ago my father’s toes on one leg were amputated because he wasn’t going to doctors since he had vessel cleanings 10 years ago and didn’t made follow up checkups.

Even until now he hasn’t sent me his tests and images. He didn’t ask doctors to show him a drawing how big the amputation would be saying “they know better”.

All my family was smiling when I was insisting to send the drawing.

It’s bitter to realize that my parents will die earlier than they could due to their mindset, which was so wrongly programed by evolution.

Should I tell you what was their reaction when I was offering them a cryonics contract?

It’s very funny, but with bitter tears!”

Track Early Live Longer

Your Data Can Cure You