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Battersea Park one cold morning

#Battersea #Park
A London view from Waterloo bridge.

Credit: Reddit
#Thames #City #View
Lovely London skyline.

Credit: Reddit
#Sunset #Sky #Thames
London City.

Credit: hollyflynn22 Reddit
#City #View #Sky
The Shard.

Credit: Reddit
#Sky #Thames #TheShard
St Paul's and the city

Taken on my mobile and given a creative twist by Google Photos, though it was already a beautiful sky in real life.

#Sunset #Sky #Thames
London city, from the top of the Shard

Credit: u/London-wayfarer
#City #Buildings #View
Sunset over Putney Bridge

Putney Bridge is a Grade II listed bridge over the River Thames in west London, linking Putney on the south side with Fulham to the north.

Image credit: u/Dan_Rosie_ r/london
#Sunset #Sky #Putney
Oxford Street.

Bustling. Full of people.
Let's hope we see Oxford Street back to its old self pretty early in 2021.

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How does London feel at the start of 2021

Is this the begining, or the end of something?

The old and the new

Part of London's charm is how it is both historic and modern at the same time.

Credit: Alexander Kustov - Unsplash
Hammersmith Bridge, from the Thames Path.

Image credit: nizaravi / Reddit
Sunset over London from a Limehouse rooftop 😎

Credit: christossav / Reddit
Misty Millwall dock

Image credit: wuntoofwee / Reddit
Punks I met in Camden back in 2015
People in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern.

I took this back in 2014, part of a flurry of photos from when I first moved to london.
The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter having a tea party in Camden, London.