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关于 chromatic aberration、人眼球为何无法很好地聚焦蓝色光、以及大脑是如何补偿这一缺陷的。
A digital museum of video game levels

第一本较为全面的哥德尔传记。作者花了不少篇幅去 contextualize 哥德尔 -- 描写他与同时代学者(尤其是 Vienna Circle)之间的互动,与母亲的书信往来,问题不断却又彼此忠贞的婚姻;从奥匈帝国时期的宁静日常,到纳粹阴霾下的动荡不安,再到在普林斯顿开启新生活,以及悲惨的最后日子。大量的侧面叙述使读者得以一瞥这位被精神疾病困扰终生的天才封闭内心的一角。
Interesting idea:

> I kinda miss the days when I could hear the hard drive of my computer. If it was taking a while to response (say, when opening a big file), there was a difference between the standard whirr chugga chugga ch-ch-ch chugga seek pattern, and a broken kik kik kik. And you’d have an idea how long loading a file from disk should take, versus the silent “thinking” time afterwards.
> ...
> You don’t get ambient awareness with solid state components, and you don’t get this ambient awareness with the cloud.