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联想到 Sococo [1] 和之前推荐过的关于 Spatial Design 的文章 [2]。WFH 浪潮会催生一波类似应用的井喷吗?


赶在最新一期解散派对 [1] 之前,推荐一下傅丰元(Bob Fu)的「灵感买家俱乐部」。加入有半年了,很喜欢会员通讯、业余公司和解散派对等项目,也从中获取了很多「灵感」。

至今觉得认识 Bob 是一件很神奇的事情:我曾经先后在偶然的情况下了解到他主催的《离线》杂志 [2] 和利器社区 [3],但直到后来才发现它们是同一个人做的,并且好几个朋友也跟这两个项目或 Bob 本人有着各种联系。有一种世界线收束的感觉 : ) 也正是这样的社区,才让我对无可救药的简体中文网络还抱有一丝希望。

P.S. 这次解散派对上,我的朋友 Shu Ding [4] 会 demo 他正在做的一个文学 Bot。

Forwarded from myNlpTrainingSet
就游戏来举例的话,galgame显然属于叙事性较强的一类游戏,与之相比,像 Minecraft 这样的游戏几乎消解了叙事性,更像是游戏规则的聚合体,这样的游戏极大的提高了观众(或者说玩家)的互动可能性,具有强大的自解魅能力,完成了《玛丽亚温泉市》等艺术实验性作品都无法做到的目标。
有意思的观点,不过互动性和叙事性并不一定是此消彼长的两面。举例来说,Tacoma 就通过巧妙的设计使得互动和叙事互相促进。

推荐 Noclip 的这个系列,记录了最近刚发布 1.0 版且好评如潮的游戏 Hades 在 Early Access 期间的开发历程。

> But sitting at a mandated retrospective or mindlessly gluing APIs together doesn't put me over the moon. It makes me feel the opposite (whatever the opposite of being over the moon is). And so, engineers are faced with two realities. One reality is the atmosphere of new technology, its incredible power to transform the human condition, the joy of the art of doing science and engineering, the trials of the creative process, the romance of the frontier. The other reality is the frustration and drudgery of operating in a world of corporate politics, bureaucracy, envy and greed— a world so depressing, that many people quit in frustration, never to come back.

> I have friends in the medical field, and they vent about drudgery and endless bureaucracy all the time. They have more roadblocks than we do, and theirs are objectively worse than ours. The hours are longer, the bureaucracy is more entrenched, the regulators mandate their time be wasted on bullshit, and mistakes can have devastating consequences. Yet I haven't heard of a single doctor who quit his practice and moved to Colorado to run a ski lodge. When I ask why, they all give the same response: the patients. Every day they see patients brought back to health, the bullshit recedes into the background, and they're reminded why they got into medicine.

> The default in engineering is different. We don't have a daily ritual built into our jobs that reminds us why we got into the field. Without a ritual, the drudgery creeps closer and the vision of the monastery recedes. So we must be very deliberate in developing rituals to keep the two realities in their proper proportion.

> I think the reason many engineers have trouble with this is that so much of our field is about knowledge, but rituals aren't about knowledge at all— they're about practice. You must develop a daily mantra, a spell, a routine, whatever you want to call it, and then perform it religiously.
Sure why not :)