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Forwarded from Librera Beta
[8.3.41] Tabs "Icons only"
Forwarded from Librera Beta
[8.3.49] "Open with" default open book action
Forwarded from Librera Beta
[8.3.77] Mirror image for telepromter
[8.3.78] Default hyphen language for all books (
[8.3.80] Text selection: hyphenated last word on page will be selected as complete (
[8.3.83] New Librera Release
[8.3.84] OPDS download folder format “[Author's Name]/Book Title”
[8.3.88] Accessibility optimizations
[8.3.94] Bind a GitBook
[8.3.97] Enable\Disable context menu integration (text selection)
[8.3.109] Fix: Extracting author's name from FB2 files
[8.3.124] Better integration with Android 11,12; and re-positioned menu icon (hamburger button)
[8.3.130] Improved: Smoother vertical scrolling in Scroll Mode
[8.3.135] Android 11 and Android 12 fixes
[8.4.8] Always open books in 2-page mode
[8.4.21] Preset text encoding for .TXT files