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Notification letter to give rewards of the promotion investment program to welcome 2021
Dear investors,
We gave rewards to the accounts that are eligible to receive rewards in accordance with the program that we informed. Please check your account. This amount of money can be withdrawn to carry out transactions.
Thank all investors for your trust and support. Wish you a new year full of health and success. Wish the company a year full of strong breakthroughs with strategic targets.
Best regards,
Notification on security upgrades for private account
Dear investors,
Along with the strong growth of Libfx, Liber LTD is developing widely on the global scale. We are receiving a lot of attention from the world. Therefore, to better secure your account, we require all investors to turn on the 2FA function of your accounts. Now, we activate the anti-spam system at a higher level. So, if your account is locked, it means that you or someone else is trying to log in the account but the login information is wrong 5 times. In this case, your account will be locked temporarily within 30 minutes. After that, you can log in your account as usual.
Best regards,
Notification for transaction interference on Crex24!
Dear investors,
Our technical team is upgrading the system of Token Libfx, which causes transaction interference on Crex24. However, you still can carry out transactions on Probit as usual. We feel so sorry for this convenience. You will be able to carry out transactions normally on Crex24 soon.
Thank you!
Notification on system maintenance
Dear investors,
To ensure stability and information security for the system, our technical team will implement system maintenance from 11am to 4pm on Jan 14, 2021 (UTC time). We would like to inform all users so that you can proactively conduct operations on the system.
We feel so sorry for this inconvenience.
Thank you!
Notification: Libfx is listed on Hotbit

Dear the whole Liber community,
Now, Libfx is listed on Hotbit
#libfx100, #libfx, #liberltd
Notification to zoom meeting!
Dear all managers,
To convey messages to all managers correctly, we set up a Zoom Meeting with all managers from Gold level and higher. Detailed information will be sent to your email. Hope that all of you will join. Thank you!
Notification on development plan for DEFI!
Dear investors,
As what Deputy Chairman shared at the online meeting via zoom, in the coming time, Liber will invest more in DeFi. Specifically, we have been completing all investment agreements to together develop a decentralized exchange in the Crypto field. We believe that this will be a proper investment, bringing many breakthroughs to Liber. Those investing in Liber LTD over the past time will benefit a lot from this investment as our rewards. Please check your email regularly to grasp this opportunity.
Best regards,
Notification on updating DeFi development cooperation progress
Dear investors,
We plan to run DeFi development cooperation program in early April, 2021. With this cooperation program, we will try our best to bring the highest values to managers at all levels of Liber and those investing in Liber from USDT 30,000 to USDT 50,000. Moreover, we will give attractive and surprising rewards to private wallets of Token Libfx holders. We will announce officially the details of these rewards and preferences on the launching day of the program.
We really appreciate and want to say "thank you" to your trust on our leader team. We will develop further and achieve more surprising and new results.
Best Regards,
Notification on launching Private Sale of cooperation and development project for DEFI
Dear investors,
We would like to announce the selling mechanism of the upcoming Private Sale Round of our development partner for DEFI so that all investors of Liber can grasp this investment opportunity. It is estimated to start selling on April 10, 2021. In the next days, we will announce our selling method and publicize our partners to ensure the information security agreement with our partners.
Notifications on launching the Private Sale of the project on developing DEFI ecosystem which is built under the cooperation between Liber Ltd and Prodexp
Dear investors,
We glad to announce that the Private Sale round of Prodexp will start officially from April 10, 2021 to April 17, 2021. All those who are entitled to buy Token PROD will receive an email providing the details to join this round. Please check your email to update the information. From April 10, 2021, investment gateway on Libermx will close temporarily. Token Libfx will be used as a method to deposit investment capital on Prodexp when the Public Sale round starts to focus on developing DEFI. In the coming time, we will use Token Libfx as a payment method on the Forex system.

Best regards,