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Billing legislation | Lexinter

Article L441-3 (Law n ° 2001-420 of May 15, 2001 art. 53 I Official Journal of May 16, 2001) Any purchase of products or any service for a professional activity must be invoiced. The seller is required to issue the invoice upon completion of the sale or provision of the service. The buyer must claim it. The…

Credit Default Swap (CDS) | Lexinter

A Credit Default Swap (CDS) is a derivative product contract, it is a swap between two counterparties. One is the ” protection buyer ” or ” fixed rate paye r” who undertakes periodic payments to the “seller” ( protection seller ) or “variable rate payer” ( floating rate pay ) in exchange for a right to a payment ( payoff) if there is a default ( default or credit event) concerning a…

Derivative Products | Lexinter

The derived products Definition of derivatives Derivatives are financial transactions based on transactions that are derivatives   of other transactions. Derivatives are the subject of markets, derivatives markets. Derivatives are contracts whereby agents fix in advance the price at which they can buy or sell a certain amount of the underlying asset . Derivatives are financial assets that consist of forward…

Estate Sharing | Lexinter

COURT OF CASSATION (Civ. Ch.) April 13, 1932  (DP 1932. 1. 89, concl. Matter, note Basdevant, S. 1932. 1. 361, note Audinet, Rev. Dr. Int. 1932. 549, concl. Matter) STOP (after deliberation in section cons.)   The courtyard ; – On the first plea:– Whereas, in its reasons and its operative part, the contested judgment recognizes in the act of…

Responsibilities And Powers Of The Works Council | Lexinter

LABOR CODE (Legislative Part)  Chapter II: Functions and powers Article L432-1 165 Official Journal of July 27, 2005 in force on January 1, 2006 subject to art. 190) (Law n ° 2006-387 of March 31, 2006 art. 7 Official Journal of April 1, 2006)(Repealed by Ordinance 2007-329 of March 12, 2007 art. 12 I Official Journal…

Special Vehicles Investment | Lexinter

The “special investment vehicles” or conduits The ” special investment vehicles ” or conduits are structures securitization. These are special, unregulated structures in which pools of credits are bought from their initiators by investment banks. Credits are often in the form of RMBS Securitization will be on several stages, with the issuance of tranches of securities which are subject to…

Disclosure Obligation Of The Statutory Auditor | Lexinter

CRIM DECISION . – 15 September 1999. RELEASE  No. 98-81855. – CA Lyon, February 4, 1998. – M. Peltier et a. 1 ° The auditor has the obligation to reveal to the public prosecutor, as soon as he becomes aware of them within the framework of his mission, the irregularities likely to receive a criminal qualification, even if this one cannot…

Law Of May 26, 2004 Relating To Divorce | Lexinter

LAWS LAW No. 2004-439 of May 26, 2004 relating to divorce (1) NOR: JUSX0300062L   The National Assembly and the Senate have adopted, The President of the Republic promulgates the law whose content follows: TITLE I PROVISIONS AMENDING THE CIVIL CODE   Article 1 Article 229 of the Civil Code reads as follows: “Art. 229. –…

Medical Negligence Lawyers Recover Compensation For Injured Patients | Lexinter

Table of ContentsThere Has To Be A Certain Standard Of CareMedical Negligence Lawyers Tackle Medical Negligence CasesHippocrates OathMedical Negligence Lawyers And Cosmetic surgeryWhat Happens When It Is The Lawyer At FaultWhen The Hospital Is At Fault Millions of people in the United States undergo medical treatment successfully and never have to involve medical negligence lawyers,…

Know The Legal Requirements Of Starting A Business When Using Business Idea Generator | Lexinter

Table of ContentsLegal Requirements OF Using Business Idea GeneratorStep 1: Start By Exploring According To Your InterestStep 2: Be Mindful Of The Legal requirementsStep 3: Find A Business LocationStep 4: Licenses And Permits:Key Takeaway If you are looking to start a journey or want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, then start…

Legal CRM Software That Saves Time In A Busy Legal Office | Lexinter

Table of ContentsBenefits Of A Legal CRM SoftwareGaining And Keeping New CustomersLegal firms and the need for efficiencyServing Customers Made Better Law firms have a lot of work to contend with within 2021 and legal software is of critical importance in modern times as it helps law firms to effectively manage clients. Every law firm…

A Comprehensive Guide To Engineering Patent Lawyer Salary | 2021 | Lexinter

Table of ContentsEngineering Patent Lawyer SkillsCommunication SkillsThe Ability To Work AloneTechnical BentAnalytical SkillsAn Eye For DetailLateral ThinkingTime And Stress ManagementEngineering Patent Lawyer ResponsibilitiesWhy Engineering Graduates Should Choose Engineering Patent Lawyer As A ProfessionDifferent Jobs And Their SalariesPatent Agent SalaryPower Engineering SalaryHow To Become A Patent AttorneyEngineering LawyerPatent Law SalaryPatent EngineerWhat Is A Patent Lawyer?Average Patent…

Duke Law School Acceptance Rate- Everything You Need To Know | Lexinter

Table of ContentsLaw School NumbersDuke Law School AdmissionsDuke Law School Admissions – Why Choose Duke Law SchoolLaw School TuitionLaw School Tuition CostLaw School Tuition And Financial AidLaw School ScholarshipsHow Hard Is Law School The acceptance rate of law schools looms high in the minds of prospective students. A low acceptance rate signals an aura of…

University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate- Everything You Need To Know | Lexinter

Table of ContentsThe University Of CambridgeA Brief HistoryThe CampusDegree ProgramsUniversity Of Cambridge Acceptance RateApplication RequirementsUniversity Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate For International StudentsUniversity Of Cambridge Notable AlumniUniversity Of Cambridge Tuition The University of Cambridge is a public research university, located in the university city of Cambridge. The institution was founded in 1209 and is one of…

Judicial Activism Vs Judicial Restraint- A Brief Comparison | Lexinter

Judicial activism and judicial restraint are two opposite approaches often written as judicial activism vs judicial restraint, which are both challenging and conflicting ideologies for a country. Judicial activism and judicial restraint relate to keeping a check on the dishonest use of power by constitutional bodies and the government. The major difference between the two…

Drai Law Firm | Lexinter

Based in Paris, New York, and Lyon, Drai Law Firm is well-suited to assist clients in an ever-changing global setting. Whether you seek assistance or counseling through litigation at a national or international level, our competent lawyers and legal assistants will represent you throughout your difficulty with expertise. In-depth knowledge of international and national legal…

How To Become An Insurance Agent – A Quick Guide | Lexinter

Seeing the way the world is now selling insurance may seem a bit easier, but how to become an insurance agent might take a bit more work than you’d think. Let’s go over the basics of how to become an insurance agent and what to expect in this field of work. General Requirements For Becoming…

How to Build a Strong Digital Presence for Your Law Firm | Lexinter

Table of ContentsKeep Your Website UpdatedSearch Engine OptimizationInvest In Online AdvertisingGet SocialHow to Build a Strong Digital Presence for Your Law Firm It may surprise you to learn that there are 1.3 million lawyers based in the United States. That means that there are a lot of websites out there devoted to promoting their law…

5 Important Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer | Lexinter

Table of Contents1. A Car Accident Lawyer Has a Deep Knowledge of the Law2. A Car Accident Attorney Can Let You Know What You’re Entitled To3. A Car Accident Lawyer Can Wraggle With the Insurers4. A Car Accident Attorney Will Stand Up for You In Court5. A Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Avoid Financial…

University Of Oregon Acceptance Rate- Is It A Good Place To Study? | Lexinter

Table of ContentsQuick HistoryThe University Of Oregon And Its CampusUniversity Of Oregon LibraryUniversity Of Oregon RankingUniversity Of Oregon Acceptance Rate, Requirements, And PrepUniversity Of Oregon Demographics Anybody would want to attend a large and prestigious university near where they live, and the University of Oregon is one of them. Preparing for such an event is…