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If you missed the race on 10/02/21, you must have been living under a rock!

Brandon, the race winner, was interviewed by an NBC reporter who claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The crowd actually was chanting “F Joe Biden.”
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Less Than 1 Hour After Roe Is Struck Down, Missouri Is 1st State to Outlaw Abortion

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Watch: Father Attacks Man Accused of Killing His Young Son, Sending Courtroom Into Chaos

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Watch Maxine Waters Freak Out: 'To Hell With the Supreme Court!' - Rejects Highest Court in Land, Vows to 'Defy' Roe Ruling

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Weekend of Violence Kicks Off as Rioters Assault Pro-Life Woman, Hurl Explosive Behind Police Lines

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Watch: Pro-Abortion Protesters Nearing Breach of Arizona Capitol Until Riot Police Appear on Balcony

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Watch: AOC Wins 'Most Clueless' Roe Response - Screams 'We Were BORN in This Moment for a Reason'

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'Full Blown Assault on Christianity': Pro-Abortion Agitators Attack Preacher, Rip His Bible to Shreds

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'The Worst Day of My Existence': Fox News Analyst Announces His Brother Has Been Murdered in Chicago

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Leftist Turn Their Rage on Former Heroes Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Barack Obama in Wake of Roe Ruling

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Press Secretary Suddenly Ends Reporter's Line of Questioning After He Brings Up Faulty Electric Vehicle Plan

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Franklin Graham Sends a Message to Donald Trump After Roe Is Struck Down: 'Millions of People Have Prayed for This'

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Pro-Abortion Mob Defaces American Monuments in Capitol Riot, Disrespects American Veterans

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DeSantis' Former Opponent Charged with 21 Felony Counts, But FL Governor Points to the Real Trouble

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TX GOP Takes Major Stand, Declares Homosexuality an 'Abnormal Lifestyle' and Demands SCOTUS Act

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Ghislaine Maxwell Abruptly Moved to Solitary Confinement, Now Living Under Brutal New Conditions

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Putin 'Scraping the Barrel' as He Drags Shockingly Obese General Out of Retirement to Replace Dead, Injured Top Brass: Report

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Biden's Own Fed Chair Throws Him Under the Bus, Confirms to Senate Putin Not Behind Inflation Explosion

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Biological Man Transgender Enters Contest, Allowed to Take Prize After Destroying Pre-Teen Girls

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1st Murder Charge Linked to Roe Reversal Protests Has Been Filed

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Doctor Under Investigation for Post-Roe Stance on Prescribing Meds Based on Race and Political Affiliation

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