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If you missed the race on 10/02/21, you must have been living under a rock!

Brandon, the race winner, was interviewed by an NBC reporter who claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The crowd actually was chanting “F Joe Biden.”
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DOJ Confirms Trump's Passport Claim, Humiliating Mainstream Media Reporter in the Process

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Screen Shot Catches Desperate CBS Anchor in Latest Mar-a-Lago Lie

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Fox's Greg Gutfeld Becomes King of Late Night, Beats Out Liberal Stephen Colbert in Ratings

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Biden Can't Resist Sick Move with His Hand, Eyes Look Wild as He Returns to WH for 5 Hours

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Watch: Trump Has Epic Message for Liz Cheney Before Primary Polls Even Open: 'You're Fired'

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Biden Admin Announces Cancellation of $3.9 Billion in Student Loan Debt

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Man Publicly Humiliated While Trying to Join Sorority, Swiftly Schooled by Almost 20 Sororities

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Little League World Series Player in Critical Condition After Accident at Team Dorm

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Sarah Palin's Return to Politics Gets Off to a Positive Start on Election Night

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Trump Exposes Laughable Demand FBI Made During Raid, And They Were Gloriously Shut Down

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Massie Reveals Photos of IRS Recruiting Program, Looks Like Audition for Next 'Police Academy'

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Liz Cheney Mourns Brutal Loss By Basically Announcing Presidential Run and Comparing Herself to Lincoln

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DC Mayor Has Infuriating Response When Asked Why She Is Kicking 40% of Black Students Out of School

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Fox's Faulkner Absolutely Blasts VP Harris' Husband for Blocking Handicap Parking to Shop at High End Store

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Watch: Father's Inflamed Response After He Says He Overheard Doctor Ask 3-Year-Old Son What His Gender Is

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Cheney Could Find Herself Under Federal Investigation for Major Problem with Concession Speech

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Defund the FBI?
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GOP Senator Sends Letter Straight to the FBI After Whistleblowers Warn of 'Deeply Rooted Political Infection'

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Breaking: Brian Stelter Finally Gets the Boot, CNN Cancels Notoriously Unreliable 'Reliable Sources'

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