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If you missed the race on 10/02/21, you must have been living under a rock!

Brandon, the race winner, was interviewed by an NBC reporter who claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The crowd actually was chanting “F Joe Biden.”
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Knifeman's Rampage Ends with 7 People Dead

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Teacher Made a Promise to Class 46 Years Ago and Was Finally Able to Deliver

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Breaking: Iran Launches Direct Attack on Israel

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Bird Flu Jumps to Cattle, Now Burning Through US Dairy Farms

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Young Girl Dead, Boys 1 and 8 Listed in Critical Condition After Unthinkable US Shooting: 'Not a Random Act of Violence'

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Biden Gives Netanyahu Terrible News as Israel Reportedly Plans Counterattack Against Iran

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US Calls to Convene G7 for a United Response Against Iran

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Photos: 13,000 Homes Are Available in Dem-Run Baltimore Starting at $1 - Would You Buy One?

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Bidenomics Devastation: 5,500 Store Closures in '23 – Up 30% - Is Your Favorite Next?

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Case of Missing Kansas Women Takes Dark Turn as Four People Are Arrested on Murder Charges

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7 Devastating Economic Stats that Prove the Biden Economy Is Failing the American People

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John Kennedy Tells Biden to 'Go to Amazon and Buy a Spine' on Israel-Iran Conflict

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Brutal Turn for Boat Full of Migrants as Coast Guard Cutter Intercepts Them Right Off US Shores

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Student Found Dead at Base of Scenic American Waterfall

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Masters Champ Scottie Scheffler Says the Reminder About Jesus He Received Before Final Round Made All the Difference

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Horror: Prominent Bishop Repeatedly Stabbed During Livestreamed Church Service

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FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Boards Ship

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New Tim Allen Show Casts Co-Lead, Almost Sounds Like a Spiritual Sequel to His Past Sitcoms: Report

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Conservative Bishop's Congregation Mobs Attacker, Brings Him to the Ground

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Footage Shows Chicago Pro-Palestinians' Sickening Reaction the Minute They Learn of Iran's Assault on Israel

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