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If you missed the race on 10/02/21, you must have been living under a rock!

Brandon, the race winner, was interviewed by an NBC reporter who claimed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.” The crowd actually was chanting “F Joe Biden.”
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Police Announce Charges for Women's Basketball Player Who Attacked Opponent

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It's Not Just Gas Stoves: Biden Administration Announces Crackdown on Another Appliance

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Gwyneth Paltrow Takes the Stand in Trial, Claims She Thought She Was Being Sexually Assaulted

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'The View' Host Reveals She Walks Around Naked in Front of Her Kids, Makes Everyone Visibly Uncomfortable

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California Justice: Man Arrested 10 Times, Released 9 Times in a Single Month

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Watch: Weatherman Breaks Down, Starts Praying on Air as Tornado Barrels Toward Town

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'John Wick' Crushes Woke Competitor at Box Office, Wins Over Fans with Outstanding 95% RT Score

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Woman, 106, Says 'I'm Ready to Go When the Lord Is Ready for Me,' Shares Her Secret for Old Age

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Biden Touts Closing Loophole on Canadian Border, There is Just One Major Problem with the Proposal

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Dem Bill Will Allow School Psychologists to 'Kidnap' Kids as Young as 12 - Remove from Homes Without Parental Consent

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Police Forced to Return Tens of Thousands of Dollars Confiscated from Innocent Trucker in 2020

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DeSantis Finally Answers Whether He Would Run as Trump's #2 - Did You Guess His Response?

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Twitter Employees Reportedly Put on Notice with 2:30 am Message from Elon Musk

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Update: Ex-Obama Official Did Not Die from Turbulence as Originally Thought

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Unbridled Arrogance: Alvin Bragg's Rep Reportedly Curses Out, Hangs Up on House Judiciary Staffer Who Dared to Call DA's Office

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'The View' Host Considers Leaving US, Claims She's 'Upset 24 Hours a Day' Living in Deep-Red State

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Tragedy: Student, 19, Plunged to Death While Trying to Help Girl at Mexico Hotel

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Missing Lawyer Went to Bathroom and Then Never Returned - Disturbing Findings Shut Down Office as Crime Scene

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Hospital Photo of John Fetterman Goes Viral, But There's Just 1 Problem: 'This Is Insane'

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Trump Reveals Latest Leadership Team - 4 Prominent Names Are Noticed as Missing

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