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Legio Christi is a traditional Christian organisation that aims to preserve knowledge and traditions and maintain pockets of Christian society in the face of total moral and civil collapse.


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Happy Anti-Kenite Friday!

Reminder than not even Muslims dare to disrespect the Theotokos.
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Happy Wholesome Sunday!

Here's some footage of Italian Alpini in the Dolomites constructing an altar out of snow, during WW1
The spokesman for the Foreign Office said that a change in the furniture is common at such meetings. There would be a different table, different lighting, different carpets. Münster’s Lord Mayor Markus Lewe (CDU) said the cross had been removed at the request of the Foreign Office for the time of the meeting. For centuries, the cross has belonged to the Hall of Peace and thus to the history and culture of the conference venue.

Says quite a lot about the moral state of the G7.

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Happy Wholesome Sunday!

Today we would like to present our latest article, which addresses the authorship of the gospels. We hope you find the read both informative and enjoyable.

And as always, please do pass the article around if you like it.

The document provides for a ban on propaganda of non-traditional relations, pedophilia as well as a ban on disseminating information about LGBT in the media, on the internet, and in commercials, books and movies. It also includes a ban on statements which may induce teenagers to gender reassignment surgery on the Internet, in the media and in books, audiovisual services, movies and commercials.

To clarify, such a law has already been in place since 2013 but it only applied to minors and didn't cover gender-reassignment.

So far, Russia seems to be the only European/North American country with such trends, accompanied by Hungary, which passed a law about LGBT-propaganda to minors in 2021.

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Happy Wholesome Sunday

Don't forget to help those in need. Sunday is God's day.
We've had the proof since the beginning.
Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth..."
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My bedside table and my office artwork.
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Adversus Judeos; Legio Christi translation. Extremely high quality pick right there. Shoutout to the Legio admins.
Can confirm, and many thanks for the shoutout!
Keep up the good work over there, guys!

If you are interested in the hardcover, you can find it on Amazon
Alternatively, you can just grab the pdf from our Reading List
The Canadian issue continues to worsen, since the Church burnings of 2021 (and of course the previous actions of the Canadian federal government) there has been a steady downward spiral in what can basically be called "The first post-National W.E.F. State"
Not only are the "liberal" stances on Abortion and Anti Christian rhetoric plaguing Canadian society but also now corporations/government in Canada are actively running adverts for "Assisted Suicide."

The spiral into hedonism continues.
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November 30, 1938

“Legionary life is beautiful, not because of riches, partying or the acquisition of luxury, but because of the noble comradeship which binds all Legionaries in a sacred brotherhood of struggle.”
- The Capitan

(shared to us via our friend Gastonismo on ig)
A thousand No's and one Yes, is a Yes to them.

Never give them an inch.
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Whatever your opinions on Ye (Kanye West), one thing I can say certainly is he has actively professed his faith since the late 90s and early 2000s. And now in the face of all the struggle he doubles down infront of the Anti-Christ. The wealthiest African in America is using his platform.

What is your opinion on the Kanye saga?
Looks like even big politics got involved.

Stand by for the suiciding of Kanye.