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Q'd Up will be recovering the rest of this month, but we will be back in April!!

Remember- you can 'catch up' on the shows you have missed - at your leisure on Just search for GemComms!

Below are just 8 of the past 50 shows since we started last January!

Let us know your FAVORITE ONE.

Please share everywhere.

We have NOT quit-just going thru a little post surgery recovery!

See you in April.

Please share where you can. Thank you.
Please everyone say a prayer for my good friend @QdUpGemComms
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This is huge. Trump indicted Tuesday the 21st?

Tuesday is March 21 and check out this 3 year delta.

This YouTube video is in another Q post that has the Armor of God. A

Do not fear.

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Trump confirms my position that China and Russia are NOT our most significant threat. It’s Deep State assets within the US govt.

Recognize that Trump, Putin, and Xi, all share a common enemy in Globalism.

A coalition between the three world superpowers is necessary.

It’s time.
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Chocolate Chip
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Donald Trump will be first president to be arrested since 19th Century leader Ulysees S. Grant was collared for going too fast on his HORSE