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Traders, today's market wrap-up shows a blend of green and red indicators.


BSE Sensex: 80,514.62 (- 0.1%)πŸ”΄
Nifty50: 24,509.25 (-0.1%)πŸ”΄
BSE Midcap: 46,849.45 (+1.27%)🟒
BSE Smallcap: 52,916.50 (+0.83%)🟒

Top 5 Sensex Gainers:

NTPC: +2.58%
UltraCemco: +2.20%
HDFC Bank: +1.22%
Tata Steel: +0.82%
M&M: +1.87%

Top 5 Sensex Losers:

Kotak Bank: 3.55%
Reliance: 3.49%
ITC: 1.69%
SBIN: 1.22%

In Q1FY25 #HDFCBank reported:

- ⬇️ in consolidated revenue by 5.9% QoQ & ⬆️ by 91.7% YoY

- Expenses were ⬇️ by 1.8% QoQ & ⬆️ by 121.5% YoY

- Net profit was ⬇️ by 6.5% QoQ & ⬆️ by 33.2% YoY

- EPS stood at 21.6
Derivative Research Desk

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FII Net Position (Index-wise)
Derivatives Research Desk
Kal pe Nazar (23-July-2024)

πŸ“ˆ Market Recap:

Nifty: Started negatively but witnessed a sharp up move in the first half, oscillated within a range of 24465-24595, and settled flat with a marginal loss of 0.09%.

Nifty Midcap 100: Outperformed Nifty 50, closing with a significant gain of 1.28%.

πŸ“Š Sector Performance:

Top Performers: Auto and Healthcare

Lagging Sectors: Energy and Realty

πŸ” Options Market Insights:

Open Interest: Concentration at 25000 Call and 24000 Put. Higher call writing indicates a negative bias.

πŸ“‰ Trading Range:

VWAP Range: 24285 to 24730.

Max Pain: 24500 spot.

Put-Call Ratio (PCR): 0.88

πŸ’Ό Institutional Activity:

FIIs: Net buyers with activity totaling 3444.06 crore.

DIIs: Net sellers with activity totaling 1652.34 crore.

πŸ“Œ FPI Multi Index Futures Activity:


πŸ“Œ Disclaimer: https://bit.ly/DisclaimerKSLResearch

πŸ“ˆ Source: NSE India
Option Chain Analysis (22-July-2024 ;EOD)

The options market indicates that there is a notable concentration of open interest at the 25000 Call and 24000 Put . Today's option chain analysis reveals a higher amount of call writing compared to put writing, indicating a negative bias.

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) suggests a trading range for the next day between 24285 and 24730.

Max Pain : 24500

The Nifty Put-Call Ratio (PCR) stands at 0.88

Update on Option Chain Analysis will be shared in the Live market

Disclaimer :https://bit.ly/DisclaimerKSLResearch

Source: www.nseindia.com

SELL JINDALSTEL @ 940.8 SL 950 TGT 931,927

πŸ“’ Union Budget 2024 Live Updates! πŸ“’

Buckle up for the Union Budget 2024 πŸš€ Stay tuned and watch our thread on X as we bring you live insights, key highlights, and major announcements straight from the Budget session. πŸ“ˆπŸ’Ό

πŸ“Œ As the Budget 2024 progress, market trades flat to negative with Metals, Infra & Energy under pressure while FMCG stocks are in green.

πŸ“Œ Justifying the current ~50Pts cut in Nifty, the OI numbers are tilted towards CALLs.

There is a notable increase in CALL OI, pushing the PCR down to 0.83 from previous reading of 0.89

OI Data:

o CALL @ 50.1Lk (+6.8Lk)

o PUTs @41.5k (+3.1Lk)

o PCR: Currently @ 0.83, unchanged since morning 10:30AM

o OI Concentration : 24500 Strike CE & PE

πŸ“Œ Money-flow Activity: No significant +M2M gains on either side since morning.

πŸ“Œ Intraday Sup/Res: 24350/24600

πŸ“Œ Overall, OI data is skewed towards CALLs at present, inkling a possible presence of seller at higher levels.

Volatility is expected to remain high & can change the data variables quickly.

The price-Action along with PCR needs to monitored closely to ascertain the post-budget move.

Remain vigilant, any further update will be communicated!

Source: www.nseindia.com

Disc: https://bit.ly/DisclaimerKSLResearch

CMP: 24390

πŸ“Œ Markets plummeted close to 2% after the Finance Minister proposed to raise taxes on Capital Gains and on F&O trading.
The sharp sell-off took the benchmark Nifty upto the levels of 24074 in a bout of quick profit booking.

πŸ“Œ A smart recovery is seen from the lows pulling Nifty back to the levels ~24400, however, the PCR has not improved & is @ 0.75
The OI numbers are still heavily skewed towards CALLs inkling the presence of sellers at higher levels.
OI Data:
o CALL @ 56.1Lk (+12.8Lk)
o PUTs @42.3k (+3.9Lk)
o OI Concentration : 24500CE & 24000PE

πŸ“Œ Money-flow Activity: Significant +M2M gains for CALL Writers since morning.

πŸ“Œ Intraday Sup/Res: 24000/24500

πŸ“Œ The data is still negative, the pullback from the lows is not yet supported by a corresponding OI change.
This could be brief relief rally with the possibility of a 2nd round of a sell-off remaining open; Strength possible only above 24500.
Remain vigilant!

Source: www.nseindia.com
Disc: https://bit.ly/DisclaimerKSLResearch
Discover the key highlights and implications of the Union Budget with Shrikant Chouhan!

πŸ“… Date: 24th July 2024

πŸ•“ Time: 4:00 PM

πŸ”—: https://bit.ly/Union_Budget2024
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In Q1FY25 #Wipro reported:

- ⬇️ in consolidated revenue by 0.7% QoQ & de-growth of 3.3% YoY

- Expenses were ⬇️ by 1.6% QoQ & 5.1% YoY.

- Net profit was ⬆️ by 6.2% QoQ & 5.2% YoY.

- EPS stood at 5.7