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4/6 We'll continue with our ticker change from $QLC to $KPL through a token swap as it was voted here with 90.5% in favour:

We will set up KeppleDAO, and enabling staking
5/6 $KPL contract is already audited, as well as the swap portal, by Certik:
Everything is ready at our side, the swap will take place this week
6/6 Stay tuned for all the exciting progress and development coming to Kepple. We're just getting started!

Thank you for your support as we navigate this challenge. Together, we'll continue to build a better decentralized future♥️
$QLC <> $KPL swap

To $QLC holders, #Binance, #heyibinance and #cz_binance:

In response to the recent delisting on #Binance , we have sought further clarification towards the decision and understood that the reason behind the Binance delisting was unfortunately based on misinformation. The Binance team was under the impression that the project was “sold” due to recent events, such as the community’s decision to move towards a DAO governance model and the financial support provided by community members who believe in the project. It is important that everyone is aware of the facts, Kepple remains a strong and innovative project thanks to the immense support from our community members.

The upcoming swap was communicated with our community members and exchange partners and we were under the impression that QLC would remain listed and that Binance would support the upcoming swap to KPL as all the relevant documentation such as security audits had been prepared.

Sadly, Binance decided to delist QLC for questionable reasons without notice in the midst of the token swap due diligence process which started around a month ago.

On behalf of $QLC holders, we hereby request that Binance supports the upcoming $KPL swap in order to ensure that the QLC community will not be impacted as a result of the decision.
🔥We're happy to announce an event you've been waiting for🤫

#Swap your $QLC to $KPL tokens! 🔁

Swap Portal:

For more info about $QLC ==> $KPL
Wonderful news!

Kepple is in talks with several crypto exchanges.

New listings are around the corner 🔥 Don't miss!
Dear Kepplers, let's rock!💥

Calling $PEPE and meme holders. Wanna get $KPL #airdrop ?

LIKE & QRT this tweet &
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🤑 Prize pool: 300,000 $KPL

On 72 hours, Kepple_io will choose 10 best posts and reward $KPL biggest supporters!
Full link for the tweet here
How Web has transformed:

🙂 Web1 allowed for content consumption & simple interaction.

😊 Web2 enables users to consume & create their own content.

🤗 Web3 is expected to allow users to not only consume & create content & data but also own it.