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We’re having another community Lunch and Learn chat in our Discord server this Wednesday June 9th at 1pm EST!

🥪 + 📚

This week, drop by & chat with Team members Liz and Chris about UX/UI for the Keep Dashboard and the planned integration of coverage pools. If you aren’t already in the Discord, join us at

Don’t forget that the KEANU snapshot is currently live, and open until Friday. If you are an active staker, make sure to head to the snapshot page and vote:
The results are in! The KEANU rc0 proposal has been approved in both the Keep and NuCypher communities! We are very excited to move forward with implementation.

A major thank you to both communities for all of the work put in creating proposals, engaging through debate and community calls, and for sticking with us through the whole process - you are the drivers of this network upgrade.

We’ve shared more of our thoughts on the upgrade in our new blog post -

You can also check the results of both snapshots here:

Keep Snapshot:

NuCypher Snapshot:

What are you most excited for on the new network? Drop into our Discord server, and let's get to building it together!
We are excited to see the KEEP token supported by the fine folks at Coinbase! We know our community has been looking forward to this for some time, your day has finally arrived! We hope the increased accessibility of KEEP will grow our community as well as our ecosystem. If you are just joining us from the announcement, find out how to put your KEEP to work at and feel free to get active in our community on Discord at
Our great friends at Boar Network have created some powerful tools for Active Stakers. 🥩

The new tools help monitor connected peers as well as the ETH an operator has available to handle transaction fees. As many of you know, both are key factors in reducing faults and slashing. ⚔️

The monitoring tools feature client and system level alerts pushed to Ops Genie, and the ability to set up logzio aggregator. Check out the full list of features and consider adding to your staking setup today!

That’s not all! The documentation for both the Keep ECDSA and Random Beacon have also been updated - if you had issues following the documentation all the way through in the past, check back and see the new and improved docs!

If you are working on setting up an ECDSA node and have issues, make sure to check in with our community on Discord at
Another massive win for the Keep Community! 💪

We know many in our community had been appealing directly to @binance to list KEEP for trade, and they have now answered that call and listed KEEP with BTC, BNB, BUSD, and USDT pairs.

It's an exciting time to join the community as we are working with NuCypher on the KEANU network upgrade, and discussion on the KEANU DAO is about to get underway! For those of you who are just joining us, catch up on the Keep x NuCypher network upgrade here 👇

Feel free to get involved in the discussions on Discord. If you haven’t yet joined us on Discord, what are you waiting for? We’re at
On June 28th 11am EST, Figment’s Staking Hub will host Doug from Keep and MacLane from NuCypher to chat about the KEANU merger, and what that will mean moving forward.

Have questions that you want asked? You can add them to the list of questions for the AMA here:

You can also add the event to your calendar ( and join the AMA on the 28th (
Wondering what the team has been working on? This Wednesday at 11 AM EST we’ll have Liz and Chris from the team to demo the coverage pool UI/UX. If you have questions about coverage pools, the merge with NuCypher, or just want to see the proposed UI, drop by! We'll be hosting the call in the Community Voice Channel on our Discord server.

Not in our Discord? What are you waiting for? Join at
Greater access to the KEEP work token pushes forward the goal of ecosystem-wide decentralized private computation. KEEP stakers run the Keep network - a decentralized threshold cryptography platform.

How has the KEEP token recently become more accessible? Check out our blog post:

We are encouraged to see more community members joining us - we look forward to building with you. If you have questions about the token, tBTC, or the KEANU merge, drop into our Discord server at
The Keep website update has been public for a few days, but did you know that the community played a big part in the changes? Our latest blog post looks at the website update, the input from the community that made it possible, and takes a peek into the behind the scenes design process.

Thanks to all the community members that contributed to the user experience feedback process!

Check out the blog post here:
Lots of exciting news today - we have opened up a new forum to host the combined Keep and NuCypher community. This is our first step toward consolidating our community discussion spaces to move forward together. The first post in the new forum is the DAO proposal for Threshold Network which is now open for discussion. Let us know what you think!

Highlights of this proposal include
- Bicameral design to integrate both token holders and stakers in the DAO 💰🥩
- Council created from both the Keep & NuCypher communities 🤜🤛
- Proposed proposal flow from idea to execution 📜
- No minimum token requirement to make a proposal - everyone can participate 🙌

There is a lot of detail in the DAO proposal, explore it and comment here:

Then join us in our #⚖️governance-discussions channel at and let us know how you really feel 😀
Join us on the next joint community call with Keep and NuCypher this Thursday!

We will be talking about the branding direction of the new network, and work on aligning on the DAO proposal details. If you haven’t yet checked out the initial DAO proposal, make sure to drop by the new governance forum and share your thoughts. We can share the reasoning behind many of the design choices, and work toward alignment on the parameters that are up for community decision. 🙋‍♂️🤔🙋‍♀️

Want to have your say in the DAO formation? Don’t show up in two weeks confused about token supply and wrapping - get involved now! Join us at 10AM EST on Zoom.

Add it to your calendar here:
As many of you know, we’ve been developing a number of upcoming projects in public. For the benefit of those not able to engage with community calls and hang out with us regularly in Discord, we’ve put together a new blog post outlining what is coming in the remainder of 2021.

Coverage Pools ☔️
V2 tBTC token and bridge 🌉
The KEANU merge with NuCypher and the launch of Threshold Network 🤝🔐

Not only that, but we are working to deliver on all of these projects while maintaining our commitment to security, censorship resistance, decentralization, and Open-Source development. The launch of the new DAO structure, the Threshold Network, and the v2 of tBTC will undoubtedly showcase our commitment to decentralization.

Want the full story? Check out the new blog post and share with your friends:

Get involved with the community on Discord at
Join us on Friday July 30 at 10am EST as we discuss the newest proposal on the Keep forums - shifting incentives to tBTC V2 and coverage pools. The author of the proposal, Ben Longstaff will be joining us to talk over the incentive shifts and why you should vote for them. The changes to incentives as proposed are:

- Cut off rewards to ETH/TBTC completely (25K KEEP)
- Move rewards from v1 TBTC stableswap pools to a new v2 TBTC stableswap pool on Saddle (250K KEEP)
- Move KEEP-only pool rewards to our Coverage Pool when it’s deployed (200K KEEP)
- Transition the rewards from ETH/TBTC pool to some mixture of KEEP/ETH, Saddle v2 stableswap, and our Coverage Pool.

This proposal is particularly relevant for active stakers, as it may change rewards in pools that you are in. Please get involved and let us know what you think! Check out the whole forum post and join us this Friday at 10am EST in the Community Voice Channel on our Discord server.
There is a second proposal on the forums regarding shifting current incentives to tBTC and coverage pools. This proposal is submitted by community powerhouse Evandro, and maintains most of the original proposal from Ben Longstaff, but with one key difference - maintaining the current incentives of 25k KEEPs weekly in TBTC/ETH pool instead of redirecting to other pools.

Are you supportive of maintaining the TBTC/ETH pool incentives, or do you have an argument as to why they should be discontinued? Drop into the forum and let us know!

And if you haven’t joined us on Discord yet, come over to
The Threshold DAO proposal v2 is now up! After community discussion & a review of the required modifications to the Governor Bravo contracts, there are a couple of alterations to the v1 proposal.

A shortlist of alteration locations includes:
* Delegations
* Proposal thresholds
* Quorum
* Vote delay
* Emergency security
* Veto powers

We hope to have a discussion on this proposal and move toward a snapshot vote soon. If you have concerns or suggestions, please get involved on the forum!

We are also beginning to open up the new Threshold Network Discord server. If you want to get into discussions directly related to the DAO or the new combined network, the discussions will be centered there.

🥇We also have a POAP for the first 500 community members to join us:
With the momentum moving toward deployment of the TBTC v2 bridge contracts, the community identified the need for a shift in the existing KEEP incentives to keep that momentum going. Two iterations of the proposal were considered, with the final proposal accepted by the community and approved by the community multisig.
The main upcoming changes to incentives that stakers should be aware of are:
- 250K KEEP rewards moving from v1 TBTC stableswap pools to new v2 TBTC stableswap pool on Saddle
- 200K KEEP-only pool rewards moving to Coverage Pools
- Current incentives of 25k KEEPs weekly in TBTC/ETH pool maintained

For the full look at the process and results, check out the blog:

We look forward to the final deployments of Coverage Pools, the TBTC v2 bridge, and the new Threshold Network. We are excited to share what we’ve been working on - this incentive shift is simply the first step! If you haven’t already joined the new Threshold Discord, drop in at
The Emergency Security Developer Multisig has been removed from the Threshold DAO v2 Proposal as a result of community discussion. The remainder of the DAO v2 proposal is intact and will move toward a community snapshot soon if there are no major concerns raised. With this proposal passed, the Threshold DAO can be initialized and begin the work of governing the new Threshold Network.

The original DAO v2 proposal has been amended on the main discussion thread on the forum:

Additional context is available at:

If you have questions or concerns, please add to the discussion on the forum or drop into one of the governance channels in Discord.
We’ve been asked in the past to clarify the relationship between Keep and Thesis, since they’ve been closely associated. Thesis is a Venture Studio focused on building an ecosystem based on the key ideals of decentralization, sovereignty, privacy, and freedom. While Thesis is expanding, Keep represents the largest and primary project in terms of focus, head count, and expenditure in the Thesis portfolio. For a further exploration of the relationship, check out our most recent blog post:
Community Alpha: The first opportunity to earn with tBTC v2 is here - the Saddle pool is open and the LP staking contracts are published! Transition your existing tBTC v1 using the new contracts and saddle up! 🤠

The Saddle pool will be incentivized with KEEP, as the community multisig approved the shift of incentives. If you have tBTC v1, the simplest route to earning in the new pool is to use the transition contracts for tBTC v2, and deposit the v2 token into the pool.

Then follow our LP staking guide to stake your Saddle LP tokens for KEEP rewards:

Still need to transition tBTC v1 to v2? Check out the guide from Chandru: