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Never invite a dementia patient in on the 'crime of the century'

They locked down healthy, young people while they sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

It was never about saving lives.

It was always about using medical tyranny to destroy the middle class, rig the election, and usher in a global totalitarian surveillance state.

They censored cheap, readily available, effective treatments.

They silenced doctors, scientists, and nobel prize winners from Harvard, Stanford, and the world's top universities.

They also woke up the world and we will never forget what they did.

I want to commend Professor David Clements (@theprofessorsrecord) for continuing to provide the election integrity community with invaluable interviews with many of the brightest minds leading the charge against the stolen 2020 election.

Your longform discussions have helped myself and countless others put together the pieces of the election fraud puzzle.

Your contribution to this effort is priceless.

Thank you, sir!


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VoTiNg MaChiNeS ArEnT CoNnEcTed To ThE InTeRnEt
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Tucker Carlson On Duplicated Ballots, Fabricated Tally Sheets, And Election Fraud In Georgia

“It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November. That is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.”


Commie China: Censor Free Speech
Nazi Germany: Censor Free Speech
Soviet Russia: Censor Free Speech

Facebook: Censor Free Speech
YouTube: Censor Free Speech
Twitter: Censor Free Speech
Reddit: Censor Free Speech

Name one time in history when the people banning books, censoring information, and silencing opinions were the good guys.

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Joe Biden was arrested and released in his 20's for trespassing at the Capitol.

Now, he holds hundreds of political prisoners in *solitary confinement* for the very same crime of trespassing at the Capitol.


Forwarded from The Professor's Record
And thanks to you all, Draza Smith has gone from 3 subscribers to 2,500!

You all are amazing.

She's dropping math data like it's hot on her channel.

What's more important, is she explains her data so people like me can understand it!

She is an invaluable resource for the audit groups. If you haven't yet, please join her channel.

Forwarded from Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)
Matt DePerno will run for Michigan Attorney General in 2022.

➡️ Twitter post

➡️ Interview Link
Forwarded from Qtime Network
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Athens Greece, July 14th

Large demonstration in front of the Parliament in Athens and in several cities of the country against the introduction of the health card and the mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers. Greece is Rising Up.
Forwarded from Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)
The fraud was so obvious and so sloppy it's as if a group of five year old children pulled it off.
These people really are stupid!
Does anyone know if Jussie Smollett ever recovered

It's hilarious when these partisan hacks complain about private citizens funding a few million dollars for an election audit.

Where was that energy when Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million buying the election