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Joe Biden releases notorious Russian arms dealer known as "The Merchant of Death" after attending "victims of gun violence in America" memorial

"...Our work continues to limit the number of bullets that can be in a cartridge, the type of weapon that can be purchased and sold, the attempt to ban assault weapons, a whole range of things that are just common sense, just simple common sense," Biden said hours before releasing the world’s most notorious arms dealer.



Media is too big
Joe Biden colludes with Vladimir Putin to release notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, known as “The Merchant of Death,” from prison while war rages between Russia and Ukraine.

Biden, whose criminal son took millions from a Russian oligarch, is operating as an agent of the Kremlin and should be arrested for treason.

How many Ukrainians & Americans will be slaughtered by "The Merchant of Death?"



It looks like Elon Musk will be sharing some files on Twitter's blacklists through independent journalist Bari Weiss.

As I wrote this morning, I hope Elon Musk eventually releases all of the censorship files unfiltered.

The documents on how blacklists and machine learning algorithms were used to stifle the free flow of information will be particularly damning for the regime.


These criminals told Congress under oath that they do not use blacklists to censor conservatives, while they were using blacklists to censor conservatives.

Dr. Bhattacharya is part of Louisiana and Missouri's landmark censorship case against the Biden administration.

Fauci and Collins collaborated with the corporate media and big tech companies to silence the Stanford epidemiologist after he wrote the Great Barrington Declaration calling for the government to replace lockdowns with focused protection of the sick and elderly.

This will help their case against the government.


Media is too big
NEW - Charlie Kirk responds to Twitter Files that reveal that he was blacklisted and shadow banned by Twitter.


Twitter used its immense power and influence to manipulate public opinion, promote its political ideology, and suppress others.

This is the ultimate form of propaganda, mind control, and election rigging.


Alex Stamos, the head of the Stanford Internet Observatory, is one of the guys most responsible for censoring the right across all social media platforms.

I'm glad Musk is calling a spade a spade.

Twitter should release everything on the Election Integrity Partnership and how they worked with big government and big tech to silence American citizens.


Surprised, they didn't tag this for misinformation. He was right!


Media is too big
Jack Dorsey tells Congress under oath that he doesn't censor or shadow-ban Republicans.

Vijaya Gadde, the high priestess of the ministry of truth, intently watches over Dorsey's shoulder.

Senator Mike Doyle places @realDonaldTrump, @DevinNunes, and @KevinMcCarthy's statements on Twitter shadow-banning conservatives "into the record" and calls them a "load of crap."


Yoel Roth, the Twitter executive who censored highly esteemed medical professionals like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, wrote his entire dissertation at Penn on the gay dating app Grindr.

He silenced a Professor of Medicine at Stanford, one of the most published cardiologist in the world, and the co-inventor of mRNA technology from talking about their field of expertise in the middle of a health crisis.

They claim they are removing "harmful" content, but they are the ones with blood on their hands.

How many lives were lost from lockdowns, lack of treatment, and deadly mRNA shots?


Social media companies are nothing less than mind control machines for the left.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and all of these big tech companies are using blacklists, algorithms, and censorship to promote their world view, while suppressing others.

This is the ultimate form of election rigging.


Matt Taibbi's thread is a look behind the dystopian curtain of unaccountable leftist big tech executives arbitrarily defining the rules of content moderation to silence their political opponents.

Yoel Roth, who essentially received his PhD in the gay dating app Grindr and spent much of his college years writing about his sexual encounters, was able to cancel the voices of some of the most credible people in the world, including the President of the United States.

What a nightmare.