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Save the date: Thursday 6-8PM UTC+1 will be the next JUG. Official invitations will be sent out tomorrow.
2nd of December 2021 see time all welcome at room.
Please invite more JCB/Joomla developer... we really want to see you there!
Kind regards
Tom van der Laan
I have been working on a tool for the Joomla community to increase our development flow with Docker. (only for Ubuntu/Debian)

Do join me as this new program called [Octojoom]( will make is public debut (today) the 1st of December on YouTube:
- Official Release of Octojoom | How to access and install Octojoom
- Setup Traefik and Portainer with Octojoom
- Manage your Joomla! Containers with Octojoom
We have moved all the updates to another channel to avoid flooding this one. Should you like to still follow the update notices, checkout
[JUG] Quick update of some changes to our Joomla User Group for JCB

- There will no longer be any recording of the JUG meetings (to give the meetings more liberty and freedom)


Sorry to those who may disprove, but it came under my attention that recording the sessions is not that attractive to some of the possible participants.

The JUG is first a place for any JCB or extension developer to come and have fun, chat, get to know other developers, and learn. So it is about those who are there in the moment. When recording defeats that objective then recording is out...

We would like to see more people at the JUG, participating in the conversation and since the current trend (less participants) is an indication of what recording does... I rather not have any more recordings, but instead encourage you to be there.


We will try an putt out tutorials of topic covered at these JUG meetings in due course.
Hi all, somethign everyone can to to help promote joomla.. and it will only take a few moments

Best Free CMS, Best Open Source CMS and perhaps Best Enterprise CMS

Awards like this really help to up the profile and its somethign the whole community can get behind, especially as this is the first year J4 can be included.

We have a week to get the nominations in so please do ask developers and template builders to also push out to their audience.
Okay so it seem like we have had 20 votes on this question and 40% voted for First Monday of each Month. So the 4th of April will be our next meeting. We will use the Telegram video call in this channel and will scheduled the time a week in advance, so be on the lookout.
Live stream scheduled for
Live stream scheduled for