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Do NOT miss @VictorAvilaTX up next.. he's just back from the border and TALKED with illegal aliens there. Get to and click on Watch Now!
again.. I want to give it the old college try here.. but only 400 people are seeing my messages..
Reagan was great.. but as far as holding to his promises and loving this country.. Donald Trump was the best president in my lifetime.
the oddest thing about this app is @telegram itself offers no advice on building a following
Up next -- why was Tucker Carlson at the funeral of the Hell's Angels founder plus, diverting asteroids? Apparently, it's a thing. That and more - Kray News with Kay on a Monday! and click on Watch Now!
Show Time! @realLizUSA, @ACTBrigitte and @campusreform Join Pags. Ridiculous new Biden and Harris video. Let's Go! click on Watch Now!
Up next -- @AndrewPollackFL to talk about whether schools are safer today -- four years after his daughter was murdered, what punishment he wants for her killer and some items that could keep you safe. Get to and click on Watch Now!
"Truth Social is HOT." President Trump is right -- you should follow me there. Get there!
Media is too big
YUGE interview tonight at 6:30 and 7:30pm Eastern. Do NOT miss this! #DonaldTrump #Trump #Biden #JoeBiden
Two years of lockdowns and zoom schooling took a toll.. how to get back into life by turning to the Holy Spirit next with Pastor @MaxLucado. Don't miss it. Get to and click on Watch Now!