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I'm trying to boost my title and thumbnail game. This old absurd comedy video I made is the first of many to get some freshening up. I think at least a few people would like it, but approximately no one has actually seen it, and with that original thumbnail I can't imagine why /s here begins the test. If you're bored and want to see some really dumb shit, give it a look. I'd genuinely love to know what...well, ANYONE thinks about it.
I changed a lot of videos to "unlisted" since the channel is growing and the audience is starting to have a clear direction of interest. I'm planning on re-opening my political channel and re-uploading the political stuff there. I'll make an announcement when this happens. Moving forward, I'll be focusing on tech content, specifically tailored to what people have indicated they wanted when I've asked (mainly tech freedom and Linux stuff). I didn't delete anything and you'll find all the unlisted videos still visible in my playlists, so if you like anything I've hidden, it's still there for you! I love feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to drop your thoughts and ideas in @Jody_Bruchon_Chat
An internet browsing story, told in 5 photos
YouTube is screwing with me. Please be sure to follow the Jody Bruchon channels on other platforms in case YouTube ruins everything for everyone. I may give up on the politics channel entirely if weird stuff like this keeps happening to it. That's what they want, of course.


They never should have gotten it wrong in the first place.
The big reveal!
Some of my old FemiNotSee videos are apparently now too naughty for YouTube, so I'm cleaning them up for re-release on Jody Bruchon Politics. I'm slowly getting content pushed up to the new categorized non-tech channels, but I am making progress!
This is how stupid YouTube is. All of these videos were fine in 2016 and remain fine today. Episode 9 got a Content ID claim for my cuts of the lovely song we all enjoy from The Glockumentary, while Episode 10 got age-restricted, presumably because I leave up several silly images containing "fuck" and "shit" for 50% of the video. Raise your hand if you couldn't handle tons of profanity at 13 years of age. Oh, I see no hands! Shocking.
Based on the responses to my cable management video, there's a lot of people who have a lot of wrong ideas regarding cable management, airflow, and maintainability. Any interest in a video breaking those myths with a series of real-world tests on a high-end Ryzen 9/RTX 3080 desktop?
I ended up doing so much paid work today (and have more tomorrow!) that the PC build didn't even get started! I'm itching to heat my rooms with this beast, so don't worry--it'll be done soon enough!
The Borg, or PC case?
I'm looking forward to the end of the summer vacation period. In a week or so, I'll finally be able to drastically ramp up production. I've been juggling family stuff, PC repair, setting up the new studio, and working on splitting my YouTube channel into four channels catering to different niches, leaving basically no time to produce new content. I have filmed a few things, but finding time to edit and narrate and such is challenging. Once school is back in session I'll have a lot more time and I have a lot of great plans for how I'll spend it with you all. Stay tuned, and thank you for being here.