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This is an important message extending care, direct assistance, media privilege, and professional income generation resources to all of us.

We have built a cross-platform media network and survivor-led broadcasting initiative that prioritizes this listening and heeding the lived experience of survivors of extremity.

If you are in distress or isolated from people, we are problem solving and income building together in remarkable ways.

We would be deeply grateful for more others to recognize the power of this network to work for all of us, especially the individuals in greatest current danger whose lives will be changed when they are connected securely to community who can aid them.

If you see our progress and recognize that with your strengths you can help us move it forward much more swiftly...

...you might also realize just how many people's lives can be saved by a scaled approach to listening and heeding the lived expertise of survivors of extremity.

It might not be obvious what that means. I ask all who read this to consider visiting us or connecting with me to know more.

There are profound blessings in it.

Our core organizers with extreme and plainly physically torturous health conditions, many of them dying unnecessarily without resources, have borne such a great portion of the burden of contributing to it -- while others who would gladly participate or raise awareness of our effort have simply not been aware.

With more friends, we have more regenerative nourishment and more restored resilience in our communities (all over the world and across the internet).

Everyone is experiencing really hard things right now.

Please do not lose hope.

Each of us must remember how powerful we are, especially when we work together.

Grateful for anyone to contact me directly.

This is something we all deserve, and it is something we all can have -- if we can see now that it is here for us. Because it is.

I send love love love to all.

We keep going, and reporting back, and keep changing things, and the world is changing.

Thanks to everyone who reads this. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

Why? Environments • Intuitive Community Broadcasting • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evpx-WzRius 

(Previous video, In Need Of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om69TZXQlrE)

' I experience severe, daily life-threatening, complex, chronic health conditions.


Because of the ubiquitous environmental toxicity and coercive iatrogenic methodology common to medical environments, professional environments, community environments, and almost all other environments.


https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
I was sex trafficked in Austin, Texas • Intuitive Community Broadcasting • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX3YSctwRc0 

(Previous video, Why? Environments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evpx-WzRius)

' I was sex trafficked in Austin, Texas. 

How could this happen?

Even though I was an active and successful part of multiple humanitarian, heart-centered professional communities, and even though I was in repeated contact with professionals who could have helped me at the time... I was not protected by my community relationships or my professional connections.

For a foggy and protracted number of weeks or months, a person dying of neurological, endocrinological, and immunological complications was only the worth of a sleeve of meat for the sexual aggression of others, and whatever money or practical resources she could share.

Was that me?




https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
Sex Trafficking & Severe Chronic Illness • Intuitive Community Broadcasting • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lg_iGZKMFg

(Previous video, I was sex trafficked in Austin, Texas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX3YSctwRc0)

Julie Rehmeyer wrote this article about "chronic fatigue syndrome" and the PACE trial.


Survivors in our network report that people experiencing health conditions like these are being sex trafficked.

A person experiencing what this article describes cannot communicate or get away if they are being trafficked.

Unless they are listened to at length, with particular consistence, skill, and care, they often cannot even make the words that another person would recognize to help regain their safety.

There is no way for a severely affected person to get help.

They are not believed.

There are no community or public resources for them.

This is how I was sex trafficked.


https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
Disbelief (& Sex Trafficking) • Intuitive Community Broadcasting • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjUvLGOv6Uo

(Previous video, Sex Trafficking & Severe Chronic Illness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lg_iGZKMFg)

' The kind of professional establishment gaslighting described in Julie Rehmeyer's article...


...becomes compounded interpersonal scapegoating when stressed family and community members double down on misinformation --- or fail to find the answers they really need, then run out of steam.

Then, more gruesome than any campfire cautionary tale: When predatory elements take advantage of gaslighted, multiply-marginalized, severely disabled scapegoats --- the results of accumulated disbelief become more apocalyptic and more invisible as the numbers mount.

One finds oneself writing urgent public requests using the words "sex trafficking" over and over again.

The first person who disbelieves a multiply-marginalized survivor in danger is different from the 10th person who disbelieves --- from the 99th person who disbelieves --- from the 500th person who disbelieves. 

If today you turned away from someone in need, you may have been the first, or the 5th, or the 500th.

How can you tell the difference?

These and other little-discussed pathways to human trafficking and sex trafficking require our attention immediately.


https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
Sex Trafficking... Everywhere? Two Desperate Categories • Intuitive Community Broadcasting • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd22b4X6eZ0

(Previous video, Disbelief (& Sex Trafficking): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjUvLGOv6Uo)

My experiences in Texas are not uncommon. 

The same things are happening here in Pennsylvania -- and in nearly every other community we've examined.

IPR interconnects countless survivors, organizers, and community warriors in diverse locations who report the same horrific experiences.

Our family and professional communities are entirely silent, except those severely affected.

We repeat these words --- "sex trafficking"  --- ad infinitum, using any approach we can think of, intersecting every conversation.

No response.

No response --- except haunting intermittent signals from severely affected friends desperate to avoid their immediate trafficking dangers... and from those who are being trafficked. 

Is every person a member of one of these two categories?

People being silent.

People being trafficked.

Could this possibly be right?


https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
Intuitive Communities Everywhere, Standing Up • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR ••• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb0GOJOilVQ

(Previous video, Sex Trafficking... Everywhere? Two Desperate Categories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd22b4X6eZ0)

' I support Intuitive Public Radio.

I am standing up for people who have been gaslighted into unnecessarily extreme health conditions compounding life-threatening circumstances.

I am standing up for people who are submitted to sex trafficking while their communities look the other way.

I am standing up for those of us at the intersection of both, and more.

The members of Intuitive communities everywhere are standing up, too.

Will you stand up with us?

Our friends need us.


https://Intuitive.pub/tv/MaxMoRadio '
Our members starving to death need your help.

Please be in contact at this address: hello@intuitive.social

People who care for others are needed.

If we let one another starve to death, if we let one another be trafficked, what use are other efforts?

If you want to focus on helping one another directly to solve problems, and if you want our communities to stop ignoring starvation and sex trafficking in our immediate vicinities, please be in contact with us.

The time for denial and scapegoating has surely passed.

If you want to access the knowledgebase that many dying people have suffered to protect and share, please be in contact with us.

State your passion for this work. Help us connect with you, after this extensive damage to our brains and bodies.

Show up and be here -- and help us build truly safe and resilient communities.

Please respond.


There is no need for all this dying.
Seconded - when we talk about 'a knowledgebase' we mean A KNOWLEDGEBASE that is worth considerable amounts of money
which people will pay us good money for that will stop our core organisers dying, IF we can get enough support to get it into a publishable form and keep everyone alive while we're doing that
there's a lot of stuff in there that many of you would be very curious about
and that could potentially make many of you a lot of money, ethically, in a way that's mutually beneficial to you and to the world
I'm the least disabled person here atm and I'm frantically trying to hold this baby, and it's not a baby one person can really hold
that email address again is hello@intuitive.social, if you show up and decide you don't like it you can go away again, no hard feelings, but please give it a whirl ❤️
My beautiful friend Azine needs $150 by tomorrow for accessible shelter, because the place where she's staying is making her life-threateningly sick.

She's severely chronically ill, without income or benefits, would not survive on the streets, and is suicidal from the stress of her situation.

So far Azine's survival has been almost totally funded by other sick and disabled people. Terminally ill Bunny donated his life savings.

Now (right now, tonight) Bunny's beloved emotional support/seizure alert rabbit Monsouir has a dangerous infection and needs the vet immediately. That's $145 including travel - and he has no money left.

Bunny is a suicide risk if Monsouir dies, so basically, we need $300 tonight to save 2 humans and one animal life.

Please send Paypal donations for both to paypal.me/xcriteria - and please share! Thank you - @evanjacques
Gilda writes,

Max cannot post here anymore because in the effort to help others, she has not been able to get any help herself.

It's been a strange experience seeing how many people have gratefully absorbed the work she's done, but are silent or seem to have no idea that she is dying in digestive failure without simple assistance.

This is mostly because she cannot communicate when she is in worst distress.

We found out recently that she was not dead after weeks of not hearing from her at all, and we would like to address the weird dichotomy of the network she has been instrumental in building versus the silence when she asks for help.

If you want to help, but you have felt helpless, here's what you can do.

1. Max needs a few hundred dollars a week for the interventions that will save her digestion and her life. She currently has zero income and no way to access these interventions without money.

You can take a collection to the following PayPal address (and please contribute a few dollars yourself, if you can), which will help Max repair her digestion so that she can return to working in the network.

💸 https://paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles

You can raise awareness and support for the following two Patreon initiatives, which also will provide an income stream she can rely on.

💸 https://patreon.com/IntuitivePR
💸 https://patreon.com/MaxMoRadio

2. You can send us a statement for public use that tells about your experience in the network or your feelings about Max's work. Please send this to public@intuitive.pub or contact us any other way you are able.

3. You can help us write an email or a letter and help us send it to someone we're trying to contact, but have not been able to reach because of severe disability. If you would like to help this way, please contact hello@intuitive.social or contact us any other way you are able.

4. If you are able to use Facebook (or another popular social network of your choice!), you can help us boost information to platforms we cannot reach. If you would like to help this way, please contact hello@intuitive.social or contact us any other way you are able.

What are the ways we have forgotten? There are lots of ways to help.

Maybe you will remember one I didn't!

There is no reason for survivors to have to scream and beg for help while they are dying. Not anymore.

The Intuitive Community Network, and the Intuitive Community Knowledgebase, allow us to build simple income streams for survivors who have been disallowed their own income.

Max is dying of digestive failure because she has refused to scream and beg when it is much simpler & safer for us to collaborate to build these income streams for one another.

She put off her own needs to ensure the network could function and survive. She fund-raised and built solutions for others.

We can't let her die this way. Please.

Will you please help us help her?

With hope and light,

Gilda Salmon Saaxon
We are requesting collection for friends and colleagues who are suffering severe conditions through the holidays.

Max is dying of digestive failure because she does not have any income, safe food, or healthcare support despite having worked non-stop on behalf of others for the last several years.

Other colleagues in our network are in similar circumstances. They all deserve relief for the faith they have shown in the life-saving work they have been doing.

If you have any income, if you have a safe place to stay, food to eat... if you have friends or a community that cares for you, please consider putting a few dollars (or more) into this PayPal account.

💸 https://paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles

If you'd like to make a recurring contribution, these two Patreon accounts will be updated as soon as someone is strong enough to update them, and in the meantime it will build income streams for those who need (and deserve!) them most.

💸 https://patreon.com/IntuitivePR
💸 https://patreon.com/MaxMoRadio

When you are considering how to move through this coldest time of year and holidays that remind us to care for one another, please do not forget about those who have worked to save the lives of others while they are dying themselves.

They can survive and recover, with our help.

Please copy, paste, and pass this message on.