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"Afrika is a huge prize for the 4th Industrial Revolution. I feel like a lot of people may not realize that. If you go through the WEF page, they talk about Afrika constantly and they talk constantly about the youth of Afrika specifically... as being their biggest resource in the 4th Industrial Revolution. For people that read the work of Cory Morningstar, she had a really excellent piece about how Facebook is basically encircling Afrika with fiberoptic cables and is going to give free WiFi to Afrika but really turn it into a giant surveillance thing between Facebook and the military..." • noted 20210407-100842 from Whitney Webb's interview with TLAV Rokfin, https://rokfin.com/stream/4837/Whitney-Webb-Interview--Tanzania-Coup-Rising-Technocracy--The-4th-Industrial-Revolutionhttps://www.wrongkindofgreen.org/2020/10/28/its-not-a-social-dilemma-its-the-calculated-destruction-of-the-socialhttps://t.me/s/AfrikaIPR/23 ••
April 11, 2021. • (Telebeep) • Thank you for reaching out to us. We wish to offer our resources to support you and invite you to collaborate with us. • Recent events have been hard on us, on you, and all. • We know that together we can bravely and successfully meet our collective circumstances. • Please read the following carefully to understand how we can be in contact. ••• For safe continuing communications, please verify recognition and respond to our requests regarding the current active human trafficking operations in your environment. ••• If you are in danger, we will try to help you in ways that are fully consensual, nonviolent, aware of your needs, and organized by your lead. ••• For our safety, we first ask for your acknowledgement and complete response to our requests regarding the current active human trafficking operations in your environment. ••• Thank you for your care for individuals, families, and communities who are building solutions in this challenging time. • Gratitude and blessings, • Max Morris • 20210411-032149 • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g_mYkjAnxFks399yO5weTEjRTP_6ENkwg1id3kigYTk/edit?usp=drivesdkhttps://t.me/s/IntuitiveCopy/199 ••
April 11, 2021. TRAFFIC REPORT • Survivors Of Severity & Intuitive Social Traffic share these words: https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7524 • Good people are unwittingly co-opted into violence when known, active human trafficking operations create subtle changes in modern environments. • Watch out for your own and others' increased intolerance of community spaces where severely disabled survivors of sex trafficking and ritual abuse are supported to speak and participate in safety oriented conversations. • Please follow this chat for continued reports and resourcing: https://t.me/joinchat/U-Ncl_gYJqWbiAA- • 20210411-093255 • https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7524 ••
April 11, 2021. Lenguaje Social Intuitivo comparte estas palabras: https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1108 • Han sucedido algunas cosas difíciles. Los estoy procesando. Compartiré el español aquí para ayudarme a reparar las comunicaciones. • Es un alimento de gracia asombroso que el cerebro español haya despertado, porque esto me permite usar circuitos de diferentes idiomas para resolver problemas donde los circuitos del idioma inglés han sido abusados ​​y dañados con demasiada frecuencia durante demasiado tiempo. • Debido a que ahora tenemos entornos de inmersión lingüística, algunos de nosotros hemos podido seguir aprendiendo varios idiomas a la vez. • Cuando hablamos de nuestras propias experiencias en grupos, aprendemos idiomas muy rápido, reparamos nuestra función cognitiva y hemos aumentado considerablemente el éxito en la resolución colaborativa de problemas. • Gracias por ayudarme a aprender idiomas que ayudan a mis amigos. • 20210411-101918 • https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1108 ••
April 7, 2021. @IntuitiveAnchor groups share these words: https://t.me/s/IntuitiveAnchor/902 • Each IPR space has a call to action and toolsets that are most useful and relevant to that space. @IntuitivePublicMedia says: MAKE SAFE COMMUNITY SPACES WITH SURVIVOR-LED MEDIA TOOLSETS. Its toolsets include showing how we broadcast across the Intuitive community network. Everyone can learn to use these toolsets, and all of us are safer, healthier, and happier when we know about them. In the Driving Expressions channel, we are saying: MAKE SAFE SURVIVOR-LED RESOURCES FOR VEHICLE DRIVERS. One of the toolsets of this space is that each of us publishes items in order to highlight something, to share it with others, and save it for later editing. This way, once I've pulled over or stopped for another reason, I can save songs that came up while I was focusing on safe driving, and at the appropriate time after driving is done, I can share it also to other channels like @IntuitivePublicMusic, for instance. @IntuitivePublicMusic says: LISTEN, CONSIDER, & SUPPORT MUSIC BELOVED TO SURVIVORS OF GREATEST SEVERITY. One of its toolsets allows us to anonymously share meaningful music, make music, and offer up musical experiences... That is a introductory description for 3 of our public media spaces. It seems to have gotten very Scheherezade in here, suddenly... • https://t.me/s/IntuitiveAnchor/902 ••
April 12, 2021. Today, survivors' groups all across the network have wished to represent themselves and the channels they broadcast to using a jaguar image. This reminds us of work we've been doing and important things we've been learning about how to support the movement to safeguard Indigenous women and children. This is especially important in regards to those bearing the greatest burden of harm where they are Invisible in their communities and cut off from their communities, often striving to communicate differently and non-verbally about what's happening. • #MMIWG #LandBack • 20210412-121838 • https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7536https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1114 ••
12 de abril de 2021. Hoy, los grupos de sobrevivientes de toda la red han querido representarse a sí mismos ya los canales que transmiten usando una imagen de jaguar. Esto nos recuerda el trabajo que hemos estado haciendo y las cosas importantes que hemos estado aprendiendo sobre cómo apoyar el movimiento para proteger a las mujeres y los niños indígenas. Esto es especialmente importante en lo que respecta a aquellos que soportan la mayor carga de daño cuando son invisibles en sus comunidades y están aislados de sus comunidades, a menudo se esfuerzan por comunicarse de manera diferente y no verbal sobre lo que está sucediendo. • #MMIWG #LandBack • 20210412-121838 • https://t.me/s/IntuitivePublicRadio/7536https://t.me/s/RadioPublicaIntuitiva/1114 ••
Forwarded from Max Morris
We are a production company that helps survivors of violent intersections co-create their own production companies.
Forwarded from Max Morris
Then they are regenerating the best nourishment in their environment, and their intersections start to be nourishment centering, without violence.
Forwarded from Max Morris
We have the best tool sets for this process that we have found anywhere we have searched.
Steven Hassan "Re-establishing Contact"

2/19/20 by Douglas Rushkoff


Episode: https://sphinx.acast.com/p/open/s/58ad887a1608b1752663b04a/e/5e4beb565fe3a5db796fbbda/media.mp3?tk=eyJ0ayI6ImRlZmF1bHQiLCJhZHMiOmZhbHNlLCJzcG9ucyI6ZmFsc2UsInN0YXR1cyI6InB1YmxpYyJ9&sig=hpsrSGZyephb1ZC6YmWFKMsGAI8ijLZYWC4MW6p8FUk

Playing for Team Human today, mental health counselor and author of "Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control" Steven Hassan.
Hassan joins Team Human to discuss how today's political movements constitute cults, his experience being recruited by the Moonies while in college, and why mass civic education about the psychology of influence is important to protect ourselves from indoctrination both domestic and international.
In his monologue, Rushkoff discusses the recent infusion of technology in theatrical productions and why it distorts one of theatre's original purposes of real human bodies in physical space. "There are still a few of these precious remaining values and modalities where the human form is celebrated." He says of the theatre.
Learn more about Hassan's work: https://freedomofmind.com/
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