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Birmingham, Alabama hosted a Field Test too! Here's their group picture under the trees' shade!

Ph: @NoSprings

Agent @JoseFoZZ sent us this XF picture from Lince, Perù! We hope you had fun during this Test Event!

NIA Field Test took also place in Makassar, Indonesia! They did a big flag expecially for the event, awesome!

Ph. @Zhukow87

Agent @torpedko sent us this picture from Bydgoszcz, Poland! A big group in a big square!

Fortaleza had a Field Test event too! We hope you had fun doing something new!

Ph. @Kindreds

Group photo of Field Test in Córdoba, Argentina! Thanks to @Valthois for sharing it with us!

@KnightPredator shared with us a picture of Kolkata Field Test! We hope you had fun!

NIA Field Test held in La Paz, Bolivia. More than 60 Resistance and Enlightenment agents enjoyed in cold weather but had a lot of fun!

Ph. @JPC2Online

A big group of Agents travelled to the Field Test in Novosibirsk, Russia!

Ph. @Ixtiandr

Field Test in Cádiz, Spain! We see a lot of Portugal flags, we hope you had fun!

Ph. @folkEx

Group picture for the Field Test event at Curitiba, Brazil! @Mstnz_Ingress sent us the picture, thank you!

And here is Stuttgart too! A big group, a lot of flags, we heard a lot about this Test Field, we are happy you had fun!

Ph. @NabunaOS

Aurora Field Test in Colorado! @KoshTheRipper shared the picture with us, we are ever happy to see crossfaction flags!

Here is the Field Test in Pecs, Hungary! In the back the Mosque of Pasha Qasim, in the front a lot of happy players!

Ph. @rakuuhwa

320 Agents went to Voronezh, Russia! The Field Test called so many players, it is an awesome result!

Ph. @YaKoTuK

Group picture from the Hamilton Field Test! We hope you had fun!

Ph. @D1n0B0n3S

It was raining heavily just before (and during, actually) the Field Test in Tartu, Estonia and when @Jelekau called everyone to go make a group photo, this guys were the only to get out of the cover! Strong Agents under the rain, well done!

Ph. @van_valdis

This was the last picture for this event! We hope to have posted all the pictures sent us on private message, sorry if we missed someone! We hope to hear you again at the next event!

* * Avenir Shard Event * *

When: From September 17th to September 30th.

Goal: Factions must work together to move 13 Shards in 4 special Target Portals by the final jump.

SEP 17: 9pm UTC three Shards will appear and the four global Target Portals will be activated.
SEP 20: Four additional shards will appear (time unknown).
SEP 24: Three more Shards will appear (time unknown).
SEP 27: The final three shards will appear (time unknown).
SEP 30: 7pm UTC will be the final shard jump

This will need to be a cooperative effort to clear Link lanes, share keys, and ensure success. Target Portals are not connected to specific Factions.
Any Shard can be captured at any Target Portal by any Faction.

Shards will jump every 5 hours.
Shards will remain locked to a Target Portal once captured.
Shards will require a link to move. Links can only be made between two Portals owned by the same Faction.
Shards will require level 4 or higher Portals at each end of a link in order to travel on it.
Shards can backtrack if a link exists to a Portal they were previously on.
Shards will select a random valid link to travel if multiple valid links are available.

At least 7 global shards have to be captured to obtain the event medal. Whoever hacks any portal in the global network at least once during the event will obtain it.

Full rules and outcome list:

Field F to Pay Respects

Scanner REDACTED will be shut off completely at 17:00 UTC on 30th September 2019. Thus the chapter ends for old Ingress, and a new one begins.

Someone has already switched to Prime, and for some it will be a point of transition with its inherent difficulties, and for some it's the end of the game. But it does not put an end to our community. The connections between us are stronger than any scanner, so agent @NikaKor suggests paying tribute to what helped us all find each other.

1. On September 30 (best done at 16:00 UTC) create a field in honour of the old scanner.
2. Post your work on any social network with the hashtag #FieldFtoPayRespects

Fieldart Options
A few ideas of what can be implemented. From simple to complex
• The letter "F"
• An image from the old scanner (a resonator, for example)
• The inscription "Redacted", "Scanner" and etc.
• An image of the old scanner interface, etc.
Your imagination is unlimited!

If you are ready to take part, please, fill in this short form, so that we would be able to contact you later.

@FieldFtoPayRespects - @IUENG