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Crypto wallet that helps you earn! http://honee.app
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🍯 Honee — сrypto wallet that helps you earn

The alpha launch announcement.
🚀 Honee Is Now in Alpha

We are inviting you to take part in the alpha testing of the Honee crypto wallet. One of the main features is cards that let you make complex operations in a single click. The first seven cards are already available in the wallet, and others will be rolled out gradually.

Remember that this is an alpha version. If you spot any bugs or simply want to share your opinion and ideas, please join a special chat: https://t.me/joinchat/WElV9tLrrSgzZmIy

Although Honee does not store user seed phrases, we strongly advise you against logging in with your main wallet at this stage. It is recommended that you generate a separate seed phrase for testing purposes.

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🐝 October Activities with BEE

The first earning program featuring BEE is for the pool
BEE-MUSD, 100% yearly, rewards in BEE (details).
Everyday payouts are calculated based on the liquidity volume you provide.

🍀 You will also automatically participate in a daily giveaway:
• Prize: 10% on the winner address’ liquidity in BEE, but not more than 1% of the pool’s total liquidity (details).

To join, simply activate the corresponding earning card from your Honee App »
Honee Crypto Wallet is in the Alpha Testing Phase

We are continuously introducing improvements, fixing bugs, and implementing worthy suggestions.

In this group, we’ll be posting short reports on resolved issues and accepted proposals which you’ll be able to find in pinned messages.

We’d like to thank everyone who takes part in the testing, submits bug reports, and shares their valuable opinion! The most active participants will be rewarded with the BEE tokens from time to time.

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New Cards in Honee

Buy SQD: a Minter-powered meme token brought to you by fans of a popular series Squid Game.

Buy ARCONA: a native token of ARCONA metaverse that allows you to purchase digital lands and place any models.

Win HUBABUBA: provide liquidity to the HUBABUBA-HUB pool to take part in daily giveaways. The more liquidity you provide, the better the chances you have!