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Just ONE more paper to go !

Bring in your best to get those extra 10 marks which will act as a buffer to the the entire group.

Go through our Exemption Strategy available in our SUPER STUDENT App to get more insights.

All the Very Best !

Hearty Congratulations for successfully reaching this point.

It has been a long and difficult journey.

Stress, Self Doubt, Guilt and what not, you endured it all.Kudos to your commitmentπŸ‘

I understand what's there on your mind.

Nothing to worry about anything right now

Just relax and refresh for the next few hours.

I will resolve every single query of yours when we meet LIVE at 9 PM, Today

Until, No Thinking. Just Relaxing.

*Today - 7 PM*

We will discuss the following :

A. Question Paper Analysis of all 4 papers in Group - 1

B. Determining your PASS PROBABILITY RATIO for each of the papers and overall group

C. What are the next steps to be taken? ( Preparation / Communication skills / Job Search )

Do bring your question papers to the session.

Once your register using the link above or the button below, the joining link will be emailed to you.

One more, doneπŸ‘πŸ»

Yes, it is Lengthy

You can call it almost difficult but ample scope has been given for any well prepared student to score 50 - 55.

Many questions are from the FOCUS AREAS shared to you.

Overall, scoring 50 shouldn't be a problem.

One more thing, this is a kind of paper that will make you feel " incomplete "

Don't get trapped by it. You have a good chance of scoring 6 to 8 marks more than your expectations in these type of papers.

Now is the time to quickly move on to your ELECTIVE and definitely score 60 - 65 to compensate for SCMPE.

It would help if you can attempt a PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPER in around 3 hours.

If you have energy, do it NOW.

Else, do it before 9 AM tomorrow

It will help your answer navigation process in the main exam.

Take a break and join the LIVE Study Hours before 6.45 PM
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Yes, you heard us rightβœ…

For the First Time Ever, we are bringing you a *SIMPLE + PRACTICAL* plan which will help you take Massive ActionπŸ“ˆ

This in not another Timetable which you can find on the internet.

This is so practical that we have considered *20 Days* as Normal Loss in your Preparation and you just need to study for the remaining *100 Days ONLY*

Hard to believe, right ??πŸ€”

Never mind, you can find it our yourself in our LIVE Session on *Nov 23, 7 PM*⏰

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By attending the workshop, you will be able to learn how to : ​

*1.Reset your Mindset*
( Stop Overthinking and Study with Deep Focus )βœ…β€‹

*2.Automate your Routine*
( Kill Procrastination and Become Productive)βœ…β€‹

*3.Complete your Syllabus* ( 100% using our Massive Action Plan )βœ…β€‹

*4.Revise everything you have studied*
( 3 to 5 times using our FTR )βœ…β€‹

*5.Master your Exam Presentation*
( The Perfect 3 Hour Strategy )βœ…β€‹β€‹β€‹

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All Set to begin #Convocation2023
All Set to begin #Convocation2023
Stay Tuned to Experience Convocation like never before !