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This Independence, Experience True Freedom with our Special Session on *Freedom is Free*

We will discuss in detail on the following topics :

1. What is Freedom?

2. Types of Freedom

3. Constitutional Freedom

4. Freedom we need in Life

5. How to achieve Freedom as a Student?

To immerse yourself in this never before session and understand a deep dimension of your Life

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Please block your calendar from *12 PM - 1 PM* today.

See you inside the Session.

Happy Independence Day!


Forwarded from Sreenath
Proudly presenting you our self built landing page,


This is the Link I have been mentioning in Today's Morning Session.

Everything you see in the above link has been completely done in house by our Core Team.

Proud of our New Capabilities.

The Struggle is always worth itπŸ”₯
Q : What should I do since I'm a 21 year old guy pursuing CA and will start with my articleship soon at Big 4? Should I get into a relationship or just focus on my studies and career. PS. I have been single my whole life.

A : https://allaboutca.quora.com/What-should-I-do-since-Im-a-21-year-old-guy-pursuing-CA-and-will-start-with-my-articleship-soon-at-Big-4-Should-I-get
Today, I am addressing one of the Most Followed Topics on Quora.

*"How do I Motivate myself to Study?"*

Most of the existing Answers are not helpful because they are focused on their own experience alone. Eventually, the answer becomes another motivational story.

My Answers are always *Solution Focused*

It generally takes me 2 to 2.5 hours to write an answer.

Thinking needs more than 2 Hours.

Typing takes less than 20 Mins.

If you want to get realtime updates about Today's Masterpiece and all the upcoming ones you can follow me on Quora :


(You can also send me a request to Answer any Questions you might have)
Please Click *Follow* and *Notify* to get all the latest updates on Quora.


Please share the my *profile link* to all your friends to help them get access to deep and high quality content.
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Join our *Weekend Party*πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

India's Most Happening Learning MarathonπŸ“šβœ¨

Remove the Resistance to study built over years in just 5 Hours⏰

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*Life Scholar* is the Perfect Solution for all those who are looking for

*All Round Personality Development*


*Over All Life Transformation*

Personal Mastery

Do watch the entire video and if it resonates with your Life Vision, you can become a *Life Scholar* in one Year.

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We are all set to help you Clear your Exams in a Single Attempt !

The Theme of all our Mentorship Programs for Dec - 21 is *OLA - One Last Attempt*

As a Part of our OLA initiative, we are going to Solve the First 1000 Questions for *FREE*

You can Ask Any no of Questions which are bothering you.

We respect your Privacy. You need not mention your Name or any other details in the tracker.

You can also access all the Questions asked by other Students in this AHA Tracker.


What are you waiting for ?

Make use of this Opportunity and *Ask HIM Anything*


You can type your question directly in the First Column of the above sheet.

Wish you all the best to make this Dec - 21 your *One Last Attempt*


We have updated our AHA Tracker with some of our best *Quora Answers*

You can find them in the Tab *Quora Links* of this Sheet.


Based on our Observation so far, the following are the Most *Frequently Asked Questions*

1. *Mindset Related*
Stress Management
Focus and Concentration

2. *Routine Related*
Early Morning Studies, Sleep Schedule, Consistency,
Restart after a break

3. *Schedule/Syllabus Completion*
How to create?
How many hours per day? Managing different subjects, work - life balance, Articleship

4. *Memory / Revision* -
How to remember?
Tips for Theory subjects
Revision for Practical Papers
Recall during exams

5. *Note Taking / Presentation*

How to take notes?
How to summarize notes?
How to write Theory answers?
Things to take care during the examination

We are clubbing all the questions in each category to prepare e - books. This will include the questions asked in our ADVANCED Mentorship Programs as well.

If you any other questions, *feel free to add your questions* to this tracker below :


We have already shortlisted 54 Top Quality questions which will benefit you immensely.

The *AHA* e - book will be made available once the 100 questions are identified.
*Qualification is not just about YOU*

Your Father

Your Mother

Your Siblings

Everyone is a part of it. It affects everyone.

When one becomes responsible for others, all the problems will be solved.

If you remember your Father's Retirement, then Instagram Reels will become less attractive.

Studies would no longer be as boring as they feel.

Need to watch useless motivational videos will fade away.

The moment you understand that your *Overthinking* is possible because a 60 Year Old Man is *Overworking* for you. To compensate your Overthinking.

Why did I clear CA at 21?

I knew my family needs me.

I knew I had a sister who has to get married.

I knew I cannot let down my family.

The few mins of this video where the retiring man proudly introduces both his Children as *Chartered Accountants* is worth our 10 years of effort.

Many of you can afford a retirement function.

But how many of you can afford *Happiness* of your Parents which is possible only with your *Success*

Watch this Video and Promise yourself that you will make your Parents equally happy if not more.

Proud to be his son. Always

Happy Birthday, Dad!

*How you Study One Day is How you Study Every Day*

This Teacher's Day, Experience the Power of *Pure Productivity* and understand *True Time Management*

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Good Morning!

Today is the most important day of your entire week.

*CMR - Cumulative Revision* helps you integrate and consolidate all the topics studied during the week.

Start by 6 AM. Complete the entire topics done on Monday before 8 AM.

Each Day's Topics should not take more than 2 hours.

In just 10 hours, you will be able to effectively revise the entire week's syllabus.

Most importantly, you will be ready for Tomorrow's *Three Test Series*

Have a Super Productive Day!

All the Best.


Note : Our *SUPER 36* Students will receive very powerful and productive tips every single day . We will also be adding the feature of *reminder calls*

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*NEET - PG Highlights*

5.5 Years of MBBS Syllabus tested in just 3.5 Hours

Only ONE Exam of 3.5 Hours

200 Questions - 800 Marks

19 Subjects are Tested !

One Question can make a difference of 1500 + Ranks.

Same College, Same Branch.

Once Candidate pays 4 Lakhs/Year and Another Candidate Pays 40 Lakhs/Year

( Depending on A / B / C category)

The only exam in India with the highest cost per mark.

50% Reservation Quota

Now compare this with CA where you have *Two Weeks to Write 8 Subjects* vs *3.5 Hours for all 19 Subjects*

We need to get out of the *Frog in the Well* Syndrome and understand what's happening in the world.

Again, the day you understand the depth of these statements....

*CA is Simple but not easy*

*Preparation is Complex but easy*

.....is the day where your game play changes completely.

Wishing all the *NEET PG Aspirants* best of Luck !
Forwarded from Sreenath
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Results are Decided on the Day of the Exam

They are only declared today

Hearty Congratulations to all the Successful Students πŸŽ‰

Rest of you need not get disheartened. Identify your Mistakes and restart your Preparation immediately.

To help you restart your Preparation with a clear Strategy, we are inviting you to our Full Day Mentorship #daywithhim on Sep 19, Sunday

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Remember, ONE LAST ATTEMPT is all you need.
One More Priyanka, Two More Exemptions

Today it is *Priyanka Jajula* Yesterday it was *Priyanka Mehta*

We can make *AnyOne* Clear CA

The question is do you want to be the *ONE*

If yes, we you need to Invest *THREE* Months of your Time.


And Implement all the *TEN COMMANDMENTS*

*Your Commitment + Our Strategy* will ensure your 100% SUCCESS in Dec - 21 Attempt.

Our *SUPER 36* is divided into 4 Teams of *9 Students* each

Each Team has a *Captain*

You will be placed in a Team which suits your Profile.Each Team has a customized strategy.

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