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Want to be an early participant in ODIN protocol?

Testnet V0.1 Launching on June 6!
Scammer alert! Please block and report this guy!
Hello Everyone,
Catch Alexandr Chevtaev from GeoDB - ODIN

Panel discussion on data rights and monetization (9am PST)

Starts in 10 minutes: Save your spot

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience! Our transition to BSC mainnet has begun and is available through our latest app Geocash 3.0
Currently, we are opening it to few people who are willing to hard test it to its limit to find out all the bugs within the app. In return, you will be getting the rewards in BGEO. As soon as we complete the hard test, the app will be out for everyone to use! More info soon! June is full of surprises!
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Thank you, everyone, who applied to be a GeoCash tester; we have chosen few more candidates today and should be getting invite emails. For now, we think we have a good number of people hard testing the app. Hence, we are not accepting more applications for now. The next step is to get GeoCash 3.0 out to the public ASAP! 🚀🚀
The day has come! GeoCash 3.0 is here! Thank you to everyone who waited for this moment! Thank you for being with us and helping us get GeoCash to where it is today! GeoCash paves the way for a new network app that will be coming soon! This is just the start! A special thanks to GeoStars, who have been with us through thick and thin!

GeoCash will be under maintenance until we see that a good number of people have downloaded the app. We don't want to give an unfair advantage to anyone!

Once we see the numbers of update, we will open GeoCash 3.0

- GeoDB Team
Upgrade to GeoCash 3.0
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Are you ready for GeoCash 3.0.0?
Make sure you update your app to the current version

Once we see that a significant number of people have updated the app, we will make it live!

Thank you, everyone, for being with us through this journey since the start. It's a BIG milestone for all of us!
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GeoCash is now on BSC mainnet. We have taken a snapshot of your testnet balance & it will be available for swap within the next two weeks. The process will look precisely like SWAP 1.

- Team GeoDB
Regarding issue with the username we have released an update Geocash 3.0.1 & it is under review. Should be available soon.
Swap 2 website is now live

You can connect your ETH wallet Check balance or redeem tokens. The same curve applies as the swap 1.

20:1 ratio on day 1 and 1:1 on day 365.

Thank you
Hello Everyone!
Here is the bi-weekly update regarding ODIN - development.
1. Testnet stability
In the past weeks, our team has improved the stability of the ODIN testnet & fixed several issues within system governance.

2. Finalized Auction mechanism
We have worked on the Auction mechanism to buy out a certain amount of GEO for ODIN token if the data is paid and consumed within the system. For example, if Data consumers paid for data from oracle's equivalent of 800 USD, GEO tokens were bought out via an auction mechanism for the 800 USD equivalent.

3. Testing scripts for auction
We have been testing auction scripts: start of the auction, end of the auction, GEO buying process, etc.

4. Oracle Reporter (YODA) gas price adjustment and optimization

5. Oracle Reporter (YODA) code refactoring

6. Faucet code refactoring
ODIN faucet within the web is now working without any issues.

7. Bridge development:

BSC - ODIN bridge is one of the critical aspects that we have been working on as well. Typically it is not advised to use the production bridge within a testnet environment. However, since we want all the participants of the testnet to be actual ODIN holders, we will be activating the bridge by the first week of July. Only ODIN holders will be able to participate in the testnet environment & will be rewarded testnet ODIN (which will be later converted to real rewards once the ODIN reward contract is unlocked. We will let everyone know the calculations once we start the bridge).

8. Guides & videos:
We have seen much interest from people who want to run ODIN nodes & to help them; we are already working on a step-by-step guide explaining how to Run ODIN nodes, How to become a validator or how to delegate ODIN.

9. Marketing
Marketing efforts are underway & we will be working to attract more people to run our test nodes. The market situation has changed drastically in the last few weeks & definitely, the interest has shifted to projects working on real solutions. We see it as an advantage to attract serious investors.

Thank you all!

- Team ODIN