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Two Weeks and here we go!!!

“Token sale distribution date will be immediately”

“Airdrop distribution date will be until the end of token sale”
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What is your personal rate for GBPT project?
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Great project – 44
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 88%

Sounds cool – 5
👍 10%

I have no idea – 1
▫️ 2%

Still looking arround
▫️ 0%

👥 50 people voted so far.
When are you willing to invest in GBPT?
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1st Round (40% Bonus) 💪 – 34
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 83%

3rd Round (15% Bonus) 👍 – 4
👍 10%

2nd Round (23% Bonus) 👌 – 3
👍 7%

👥 41 people voted so far. Poll closed.
Airdrop Distribution Alert

We have found so many cheaters submitting for airdrop, so this will take us more than 6 days as we mentioned before so as to ensure only the legit participants get their deserved tokens.

Thanks for your patience.
Airdrop Tokens distribution

For airdrop tokens, all the participants will receive their tokens at the end of the token Sale. In our previous newsletter we decided to ditribute the tokens earlier than the end of token sale as we mentioned before the airdrop launch but after finding multiple, fake and dupicated submissions we'll only send the tokens at the end of the token sale.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Dear GBPT Community, our Telegram Channel and Group has been took over by one of our first staffs, we apologize to you for what happened. Same as the mail you received it’s not officially from our mail service but it’s sniffing. Please we will never ask you to disclose your private key with us. Thank you!