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The launch of Telegram Open Network will be one of the most significant events in the cryptocurrency industry.

We have already developed an architecture for adding Gram and making instant exchanges, at the moment you can get test Gram coins at

Lightning Network is the best solution for paying for goods and services using Bitcoin.

1. Payment takes place instantly and without restrictions.
2. You can pay even the smallest amount.
3. Simple, convenient and safe.

If you have an idea or business and want to start working with the Lightning Network β€” write to our support!

Let's change the digital world for the better!⚑️
Crypto ruin the business of banks, providing people with a simple infrastructure for making payments without bank intermediaries:

1. Instant transactions.

2. Minimum commissions.

3. No restrictions.

Using crypto by all is a matter of time.
Binance has recently released a new stablecoin!

We have decided to support it, now Binance USD is available for⚑️lightning-fast exchanges on!
The technology of decentralized money is much cheaper and more convenient than banking services, so corporations and states are already starting to issue their own cryptocurrencies in the hope of capturing the market.

Will existing cryptocurrencies compete with state ones? After all, they have the largest user baseπŸ€”
For a long time we did not have new posts on our channel, it's time to fix it!

We have a blog✍️. There we try to write only useful articles and answers to the most popular questions from our beloved customers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
We wrote an article for beginners on how the blockchain works. People already familiar with the work of the blockchain will be interested in looking at network confirmations in a different light.
Our customers know that we are using Bech32 type of Bitcoin address, which is native segwit. However, not many people understand how really beneficial segwit addresses are. In our new article, we made a comparison of the effectiveness of all possible transactions with different types of addresses.
Our customers changing XRP with us know that we use X-address for receiving. A short article is devoted to X-address and its decoding.
⚑️We are glad to announce our partnership with SwapSpace.coπŸš€
Compare privacy mechanisms used in popular anonymous currencies: Dash, Zcash and Monero.
FixedFloat was added to Breez's marketplace
Breez is a convenient Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network
We have authored articles written specifically for our blog.
Read an article about the factors affecting the price of bitcoin in 2020 by Rosemary Hills was founded in 2011 and has done a lot of good for the Bitcoin community. However, time goes on, Bitcoin develops, but one of the main cryptocurrency companies not only slows down the process of its development, but also discredits the usability of cryptocurrencies.
Now TRX is available for fast exchange on
We also wrote an article about the features of the TRON platform.
Chainlink has become very popular lately. Its cost has increased significantly. Now LINK is available for fast exchange on
We wrote an article about the features of the Chainlink.
In a new article, we answer our users frequently asked questions about sending Ethereum tokens.
Users of exchanges often have the question "Why are so many transaction confirmations required?"
We will consider the reasons for such requirements.
Are you waiting for the altcoin season?
We suggest reading our article on Digital Silver β€” Litecoin.
Ethereum miner fees are rising again