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Revolver has been WAAAY ahead of the hoax narratives re: Jan 6th since Day 1. If you’ve not been keeping up with the team over there, I suggest you begin now.
Forwarded from @RealGenFlynn

“Raise the Flag, Say the Pledge!”

Never ever give up your individual liberties and freedoms. There will always be tension between liberty and order … we need both in our society especially given our form of government. It is we the people who elect our officials and are suppose to keep check on government. These elected officials are our elected employees…it is our civic duty and responsibility to be involved in our communities to assure future generations have similar freedoms and liberties. As our founders demonstrated by personal example, they risked life, liberty and property to grant to us what we have, but only if we took care to not allow government to grow out of control.

Get involved; Local Action has a National Impact 🙏🏻🇺🇸
Forwarded from Disclose.tv
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UPDATE - This part of Dr. Fauci's video message was removed in the newly uploaded Biden Twitter-post.


Forwarded from Deplatformed (Alexander Muse)
Fauci's NIH deleted 200 virus samples taken from the earliest Wuhan Covid-19 patients after Chinese scientists were pressured by the Chinese Communist Party to ask for their deletion. Data from the samples was hidden from the world for a year. A backup of the data was recovered from Google's cloud. https://theprint.in/science/mysteriously-deleted-wuhan-covid-gene-sequences-found-us-confirms-removal-from-database/683633/
Consent of the governed.

No taxation w/o representation.

These used to be important things in our nation.

Now we have 55% of our population who fully supports a full forensic audit and 41% who believe that the Biden Administration* was only installed through fraud.

Those percentages are of a nation with around 360 million people.

But if you talk about that out loud, the social media companies will censor & Blacklist you and “news” orgs will label you a conspiracy theorist and danger to democracy.

Constitutional crisis.
We’ve seen representatives of many states visit the AZ audit to get a better handle of what’s going on there, due to pressure from the Republican base.

Has anyone seen @GOPLeader visit?

@GOPChairwoman ?

@LeaderMcConnell ?

Why not?

They like things just the way they are.
A message to all of the state & federal GOP politicians who think they can just “wait this out & do nothing” regarding the call for full forensic audits re: Nov 3.

Look at the polling numbers - more and more across the country are waking up to what happened, realizing the media has been completely lying to them and are getting very angry that you aren’t doing anything.

If you wait until the AZ audit results are released, those same millions across the country are going to start asking why YOU didn’t do anything, even as it became abundantly clear that the fix was in.

Start working towards an audit in your state, REALLY working, or find a new job & prepare for your name to forever be a running joke in your state.

Get your shit together & get on it.

This ain’t going away.
👆🏼 there is no amount of fundraising money that you could raise to overcome the ire that inaction on this will bring against your name.

The machines will not be around forever to save your butt via fraud - too many of us know the game now.

Get on it.
If you know in your bones that something is broken, a lie or wrong there should be no limit to the amount of energy you're willing to commit to "right the ship."

Fight like hell.
The root cause of many of our problems is money in politics.

It's where the CCP purchasing of our politicians begins, the refusal of any GOP to push back against social media begins & the reluctance of any politicians to fight back against the Nov 3rd fraud and Jan 6th false flag begins.

They know it, we know it, yet they won't even bring it up.


The founders of our nation went in to politics to create a better world.

Our current politicians are power hungry parasites who go into politics for money & power alone.

We need a major change.
President Trump, Peter Navarro, Sidney Powell, General Flynn, Patrick Byrne & Mike Lindell will be fully vindicated when all is said & done re: November 3rd.

Yet just like the Russian Collusion Hoax there will be ne'er a mea culpa from the MSM activists who mercilessly attacked them.

Because our media are infantile and garbage humans.
Many of you have been sending me links to the fake news hit pieces written about me (RPL) and 1st Amendment Praetorian.

I know about them - I only spoke to them because people in my circles told me they were doing some pretty despicable things to try to find dirt on me.

I recorded the interviews, which they knew I was doing, and am working on an "anatomy of a fake news hit piece" to outline what I actually said vs what they printed, compete with audio evidence.

These people are garbage & the American people need to understand just how gross they are.
I often get asked how I stay in top of news & cureent events with only limited time to focus on it.

4 places will set you straight & keep you up to speed:

The Library here on telegram

Bannon's Warroom on Rumble

RevolverNews.us (esp for everything Jan 6th related)

The Dark to Light Podcast with Tracy Beanz & Frankie Val every MWF

Keep up with those & you'll keep up with everything important.
GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger lied and told the American people that Nov was the safest & most secure election in Georgia history, even AFTER reading a 29 page report by his own contractor outlining massive issues with the election, people & process.


That's what we'll soon find out.
It's become quite clear that the powers that be in DC refused requests by President Trump to deploy National Guard to the capitol for January 6th because they didn't want troops to get in the way of what the radicals had planned.

They could release the 14,000 hours of video to prove those of us who believe that (based on all available information) wrong, yet they refuse to release it to show the American public what really happened that day, from all angles.

Many have been calling January 6th today's Reichstag Fire, but I think it's becoming more appropriate to call it a modern day Gulf of Tonkin incident.

If you don't know what that is, look it up.