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Over the last few weeks, FlowCom has scored a number of fanstatic partnerships, and we are closing quite a few more. It is high time that we should push the overall presence and community awareness about FlowCom. We shall announce these in due time. Consequently, we call on all friends of FlowCom to join us in this endeavour.

More specifically, we encourage the community to give FlowCom a heartfelt testimony on any social media platform of your choice (e.g., Reddit, Medium, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok, etc). Be creative!

+ The best testimony shall earn 2000 FiGs.
+ There will be 5 honorary mentions, each will receive 200 FiGs.

The selection will be based on the engagement attracted by the post (views, comments, likes) and the quality content.

Participants can submit their testimony by opening a ticket at https://help.flowcom.io/portal/en/newticket that contains the *url to their post*. It should be publicly available.
The ticket should be titled “FLOWCOM TESTIMONY”. The reward, if any, will be sent to your account at the end of the contest.

Duration: Effective immediately till 05/07.
We are pleased to announce that this week’s best video award, worth 100FiG, goes to expertkripto

The video is posted at

We thank you for the wonderful support thus far.

Do join this contest to showcase your feedback of FlowCom and get interesting weekly and monthly prizes.

Dear Friends of Flowcom,

It is our pleasure to announce that we have closed agreements with a number of crypto venture funds (whose names shall remained undisclosed till they themselves clear the Due Diligence and Anti-Money-Laundry procedures). They have placed the purchase order for the entire IDO allocation of 3.85 Millions FiGs. Since this is a private allocation, these 3.85 millions FiGs are subject to a longer duration of lock. More specifically, while normal presale FiGs will be fully unlocked before mid-September, these 3.85 millions FiGs will be gradually released to our partners over the course of two years, with 12.5% released every quarter.

Moreover, our partners also committed to integrate FiGs in their services, and take part in our buy-back-then-burn mechanism. We expect these newly closed partnetships and agreements shall boost the liquidity and demand of the FiGs, while at the same time limiting the circulating supply.

One consequence of these arrangments is the cancellation of our scheduled IDO. Flowcom shall no longer offer its IDO on PancakeSwap, as the allocation for IDO has been fully consumed by private institutional investors, subject to a two year vesting period. The capital raised in this allocation will be used to provide liquidity and perform market-making on centralised exchange upon FiG listing. The first centralised exchange to list FiG is XT.Com, which trading tentativelh starts from 5th July.

The unlocking mechanism of presale FiGs remain unchanged. In particular, the first 30% will be unlocked at the rate of 1% per hour starting from 00:00 27th June. The remaining 70% will be unlocked at the rate of 1% per day, starting from the 5th July.

We also would like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of flowcom.finance, which shall go live on 27th June. FiG holders can stake their FiGs (together with BNB, USDT and TRX) for an APY of upto 38%. After a lock-period of 24 hours from the staking action, users can unstake their asset at anytime.
Flowcom.finance strives to connect the crypto liquidity and boosts the entire decentralised finance sphere forward.
Flowcom.Finance is coming

Flowcom.Finance will go live in less than 48 hours. Do join us in celebrating this significant milestone.
Flowcom.Finance is going live at 00:00 27 June, UTC.

FlowCom Finance is a liquidity protocol that enables depositors to put their crypto asset to work and earn passive income. FlowCom Finance aggregates liquidity from token holders, and uses a complicated set of algorithms to route these funds through existing liquidity protocols on Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem to collect yields. These yields are then distributed to the depositors.

By linking FiG liquidity to tokens of popular projects in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, FlowCom expects to be able to tap on their userbases, and simultaneously expose FlowCom user base to additional decentralised services and applications. FlowCom Finance aims to contribute to the overall advance of not only the BSC ecosystem, but also the entire crypto sphere as a whole.

FlowCom Finance is currently connecting FiG with the following tokens: DODO, REEF, BAKE, LINA, SFP, XVS, CAKE, SXP. The APY is as high as 38%.

Those that have accounts on Flowcom.io can login to Flowcom.Finance using the same credentials.
Yeild Farming on Flowcom.io to Cease from July 1st.

Dear Friends of Flowcom,

Flowcom.Finance has launched, and has attracted quite a large Total-Value-Locked. This is significant to us, for it indicates a warm welcome of the market for our debut in the Finance sector.
Flowcom.finance offers a wide range of yield farming options, subsume those featured on Flowcom.io. More interestingly, Flowcom.fiance offers higher APY than Flowcom.io does.

In view of this, we are ceasing yield farming options on Flowcom.io, and repurposes it to focus entirely on the development, deployment and adoption of 5G and Satelite-based Internet connection. Consequently, we urge you to stop your staking plan on Flowcom.io from July 1st and switch to Flowcom.finance for better APY and more flexible and rich yield plans.

This restructuring will enable us to spearheading forward in the best possible way. Join us on our journey!

Dear Friends of Flowcom,

The Flowcom Video Contest has now come to its conclusion. The winning videos are:

First Prize: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHmYz1BqbDc

Second Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3R90stUjTU

Third Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFa3XYs_rBw

Each eligible participant submitting a video to our contest will receive 5 FiG, which will be credited to their account.

The best, second and third prize videos shall receive 500, 300 and 200 FiGs to their account, respectively.

We thank you all for participating in our constest!

Dear friends of Flowcom,

We have been working round the clock to push the development of the Flowcom Ecosystem upward. The Flowcom Ecosystem now consists of not only Telecommunication (Telco), but also Finance.

On Flowcom Telco front, we have run quite a number of test with the integration of Starlink in our framework. These tests are purposedly scattered across various geographic regions, so as to evaluate not only the coverage of satellite-based internet, but also the stability of the connections which Flowcom Telco end devices observe. We are pleased to report that all these test yield positive results. We expect to roll out public testnet later this year.

On Flowcom Finance front, we have attracted quite a significant TVL. Flowcom Finance is gradually getting its place in the wide and rich pool of BinanceSmartChain-based projects. It is also worth mentioning that we Flowcom Finance is pushing forward strong in China market. The flushing-out of BTC mining rigs from China leaves an enormous blank in the crypto market there, and this is exactly the prime opportunity for emerging projects to step in and gain the userbase and crypto-asset flow.

We would also like to inform you the we have a tentative schedule for FiG-burning in mid August. Recall that Flowcom features a buy-back-then-burn mechanism, which uses its profit to buy back FiG from the market and the burn them off. We plan conduct the first buy-back-then-burn next month. We will release more information on this closer to the date.

Dear Flowcom Fellows,

We would like to share with you some updates on the development of Flowcom Ecosystem.

Over the last month, we have reached a number of agreement with airlines and their telco partners to integrate Flowcom App onto their inflight-wifi systems. This is a remarkable step forward, paving a way for Flowcom Inflight Connection systems. While the agreements have been cleared, their implementations would take quite a while. We will release updates once they are in beta phase.

Flowcom Finance continues to observe a stable growth in TVL, and market adoption, especially in Southern Asia countries. Flowcom Finance contributes significantly to the mass adoption and usage of FiG.

We previously shared that FiG would be featured on BinaryX by mid-July. However, there was some delays in BEP-20 integration on BinaryX platform, so the listing has to be postponed till their integration completes. The projected timeline is shifted to mid-August. Rest assure that we will keep you posted on this.
Dear all,

In this post, we would like to share a few updates of the progress that we have made over the last two weeks with you all.

Firstly, the development of our 5G sharing platform, and In-Flight Wifi has correctly followed the schedule. We have approached a selected In-Flight Wifi providers, and we have received positive reception from them. These are good opportunities, and we will make the best out of them.

Secondly, Flowcom Finance is attracting more users and TVL. We are also fortunate to be supported by various other BEP-20 fellow projects in the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. Our next target for Flowcom Finance is to inject FiG in more DApps, which will increase the FiG usage. We have been approached by some DApps developers, and we are assessing the compatibility of FiGs and their DApps.

Thirdly, we will contact a few more exchanges in this month, so as to have FiG listed on their platforms. We expect them to also provide staking and farming of FiG on their platforms.

We want to reaffirm that we are working very hard to develop our roadmap. Hardworks will eventually pay-off, and fruits will come.
Dear all,

Please be informed that we had conducted the first buy-back-then-burn event.

The total amount of FiG that has been burned was 350,000.
You can refer to this transaction hash for the details:

These 350,000 FiG had been purchased over the last couple of days by the total of 62,000$, at the average unit price of 0.175$/FiG.
Dear all,

Please be informed that we recently conducted another buy-back-then-burn event.

The total amount of FiG that has been bought back this time was 580,000 by the total of 72,500$, at the average unit price of 0.125$/FiG.