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Uplifting posts to boost your faith: Christian truths and spiritual “Aha!” moments that apply directly to your life, your hopes and dreams, your heartaches, and your desire to know God’s love more deeply.
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Financial advice from the Word of the Lord

Bogged down by financial worries? God wants you to be free of all anxieties about your finances.

In this downloaddable WordBytes article, we look at three questions:

1. Where is my focus?

2. What does God require of us so we can receive His abundance?

3. Does God promise to be generous with you?

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God will not hold back his justice forever. Demons know that God is soon going to do something tremendous to bring his justice into the world, and so they are desperately trying to cause as much damage as they can. They have upped their efforts to take to hell as many souls as they can before Christ intervenes.

For faith-filled followers of Christ, this is good news. The worse an evil gets, the bigger the blessings. Nothing happens that God has not chosen to allow, no matter how terrible or disruptive it gets, because he knows that it’s the best (perhaps only) way to turn stubborn hearts toward Christ and bring more souls to heaven. God is still and always will be in charge.

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Someone once asked me: “I had my first marriage annulled, but my new wife never had her first marriage annulled. Therefore, we could not get married in the Church, but I was disappointed when I asked my pastor to bless the rings we were going to use for our wedding and he told me that he couldn’t bless them. Can you please explain to me why he was not able to do that?”

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We can never totally trust our own minds and hearts. Before we can listen for God’s voice, we need to get all of our personal desires out of the way. We must surrender them, nail these intruders to the cross with Jesus and let them die. Here is one way to do this in prayer:

“Father, in the name of Jesus, and by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, I make it an act of my will to die to all human reasoning and my own desires on this issue. It doesn’t matter at all what I think or what I desire; it’s what You think that counts, what You desire for me. With an act of faith, I thank You, Lord, that You have seen the sincerity of my heart, and that You see I am not going to operate on human reasoning or desires, and I ask You to silence the voice of my Self. I delight in doing Your will.”

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