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We're increasing music by Eric Clapton, you'll begin to hear more songs by Eric from tomorrow, during our daily rotation of music and also during the Chill shows at 10pm.
Listeners continue to rise, once we get to at least 100 or less, we will officially hit one of the biggest online based radio stations in the world. We can DO THIS! Keep spreading the word, share everywhere....
The current amount of jingles you hear on Freedom Radio:
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A thunder ‘bomb’ is coming guys this evening into tomorrow. Keep your ears peeled!! Hopefully none of us will get severe flood warnings, but if we find ourselves in a flooded state just get up high and make sure your phone is charged, oh and switch off electricity.
If you missed today's show, you can listen again by pressing the play button above. Don't forget we're available 24/7 at - Have you downloaded Freedom Radio's app yet? Here is link to the Android Store: If you would like to support our station and help us stay on-air this winter, please consider donating: - As always thanks for the ongoing support xx
Program changes: Thanks for all the kind emails from listeners outside of the UK, I know many of you love the great upbeat variety of music we offer during UK daytime hours, the playlist we offer is pretty unique and is certainly a refreshing listen, not only this but the vital audio clips in between tracks. With increases of listeners not just from the UK but also overseas, I'm pleased to announce from this Sunday the upbeat nature of the station will be going 24 hours. This however sadly means we will be losing the Chill show, however when I have time I'll produce special presenter led chill shows which will be available on Telegram. This also means even more upbeat tracks will be added to the system, new jingles and more variety of audio clips 24/7. Also by making these changes, we can incorporate Freedom Fighting business & community announcements. For those who will miss some of the Chill classics, you may just hear the more slightly upbeat ones during our normal show.
We are at stage 6, moving onto stage 7.

Winter is going to be savage.
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Such a wonderful feeling to know The United Nations Secret Agents keeping jumping onto the stream to take a listen to Freedom Radio and poke around the website.
Stand in the Park (UK Locations) are now available here: please spread the word. x
Evening Freedom Fighters! For those who listen to Freedom Radio via the Android App, you begin to notice lots of images from protests and Stand in the Parks, each time a song ends you'll see some great images from the last 18 months. I'm uploading as many as I can, so if you are a little bored maybe keep watching the screen. Tomorrow you'll begin to hear a slight increase of 60's and 70's music, plus a few new jingles 😊 Here is the link to download our app:
All call signs with military experience you are requested to apply for enrolment with fellow ex servicemen.

You will be required to prove military experience.

Please remember we only advocate legal forms of protest and resistance.

If you are interested then please get in touch with.

Royal Marines @bellzaac

Army @Juliethotel33

Navy @billybob999

RAF @Thelastpeopleonearth
White Rose stickers available to purchase, use voucher code 'Hoax' for a discount at the checkout. *New Designs Added* Fast First Class Delivery. (The small profit we make goes back into Freedom Radio) order here: