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βœ… XYO turns mass data into verified & actionable data: the πŸ”‘ to success for metaverse and web3 projects

βœ… One of the largest node networks 4M+ 🌍

βœ… Universal tech from a 🐻-market-proof & established company applicable to 100s of industries


πŸ“’A bunch of LP Farming Pools has arrived on @MINDGames_io

Piero's Statue has brought up some new LP pairs: $CELL/ $BTC - $ETH - $USN - $RUSD

Try them while they are fresh, MIND fren!


Learn about Piero's Statue ( LPs Farm ):

πŸ“½@GoGalaFilms -#WatchToEarn Is HERE!πŸš€
Join the next evolution of Web3 entertainmentπŸ”₯

Their Film Nodes go on sale today. Support early and receive rewards!🀩

Be part of itπŸ”½

😻@swashapp is cooperating with @kucoin to launch a giveaway campaign to reward qualified #KuCoin users

πŸ—“Aug-12 to 12:00:00 on Aug-19
πŸ’Έ2,614,600 $SWASH will be given away as part of a HUGE new trading campaignπŸš€

More infoπŸ‘‡

#giveway #Ethereumdaily

πŸ’₯Vertu - the high-end mobile phone brand is invading into Crypto & launching their #WEB3PHONE - METAVERTU

METAVERTU is believed to make a technology breakthroughπŸ’ͺ

The pre-order is starting today & Public Sale is coming on 24th Oct


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πŸ“’@HordeTweets is taking every opportunity to conquer #DeFiπŸ₯³

Their Zombie #TBAAS #NFT mint will be LIVE tomorrow at 18:00 UTC

10,000 Zombie-themed #NFTs will be offeredπŸ’₯

These NFTs will empower holders to access to their extraordinary trading bot🀩