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Android screens are getting larger and more dynamic than ever: are you ready for this? Emilie will take you through the details at #droidconItaly23 https://it.droidcon.com/2023/speakers/
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Good morning devs. New post on /r/androiddev subreddit:
Announcement: a Google Q&A is coming, a new Mod in the team and a call for help

Hi /r/AndroidDev community. We have 3 topics for you today. We are hosting a Q&A by Google This WED at 12 PM PST (7 PM UTC) we'll host a Q&A from the Google team behind the new Android Device Streaming from Android Studio stay tuned! We'll pin the post for the Q&A 2-3 hours before the beginning...

#androiddev https://www.reddit.com/r/androiddev/comments/16mikwk/announcement_a_google_qa_is_coming_a_new_mod_in/
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NTT Data work to create value for their clients through innovation. NTT Data Italia, operate here in the Italian market. Take a look at them https://it.nttdata.com/
Good morning devs. New post on /r/androiddev subreddit:
Created my first library i.e. a Stepper View library in Jetpack Compose

💜 KotStep is a Jetpack Compose library that simplifies the creation of customizable step-by-step UI components in your Android applications. 🎉 It allows you to easily integrate vertical and horizontal stepper components with icons, titles, and various customization options. Features:...

#androiddev https://www.reddit.com/r/androiddev/comments/16n0bdn/created_my_first_library_ie_a_stepper_view/
Regusto is the first blockchain-based waste management portal. It creates positive impact by generating value from waste reduction. https://impatto-positivo.it/
In this talk our speakers from trivago will walk you through their team’s experience of refactoring bulky ViewModel classes into smaller, more manageable units of code resulting in the reshaping of their Presentation Layer Architecture.
Find out how you can also slim down your ViewModels. https://it.droidcon.com/2023/speakers/
The #droidconItaly23 workshops have been announced.
11 October, the day before the conference. Two seperate workshops to deep dive on Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.
See all the info here: https://ticket.synesthesia.it/events/workshopdroidcon/
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In Mohit's workshop you can learn how to structure and architect shard logic between both iOS and Android platforms. He’ll also explore how to share pieces of an app’s UIs between platforms. You’ll build an app from scratch from the ground up! Check out all the details. https://ticket.synesthesia.it/events/workshopdroidcon/
In his workshop Alex, Android Engineer with Backbase, will take you through five clear steps to improve your UI testing. Check out all the details. https://ticket.synesthesia.it/events/workshopdroidcon/
Upskill your whole team in #Androiddev together - group discounts available to ensure your whole team can participate @ #droidconItaly23. See all ticket options: https://droidcon-italy.eventengage.app/register