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Organic, Fresh Roasted, Small-Batch, Handcrafted Coffee, roasted locally at an undisclosed location.


Contact: @ContrabandJoe
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Fresh Roasted, Micro-Batch, Handcrafted Coffee, roasted locally at an undisclosed location in North Idaho.

This Counter Economy mom & pop operation brings you aromatic organic coffee beans roasted to order.

These are full 16-ounce pounds, folks; not the skimpy 12oz "pounds" they try to sell you at the store or pretentious cafes.

I roast on-demand; just enough to cover orders, so DM @ContrabandJoe and I'll add your order to my next roast.
Or email: contraband[@]

Choose from 3 standard roasts:
Sedition (bright)
Subversion (medium)
Sabotage (bold)

Any roast or blend is just $15 per pound. Lesser presentations available.

💥 ALSO Offering Custom Badges & I.D. Cards at the following page: