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📁 ‘Mahila Nidhi’ Scheme → Rajasthan
📁“Cheerag scheme” for EWS students | “Matrushakti Udaymita Scheme | “E-Adhigam’ Scheme - Haryana
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📁“CM Udyaman Khiladi Unnayan Yojana” | Him Prahari Scheme - Uttrakhand
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📁 “MEDISEP” | ‘eggs and milk scheme’ for Anganwadi children - Kerala
📁 Family Doctor - Andhra Pradesh
📁 UMEED Market Place - J&K
📁 ‘Vidya Rath – School on Wheels' | “Swanirbhar Naari" - Assam
📁 Kashi Yatra - Karnataka
📁 Udyam Kranti Yojana | ‘Ladli Laxmi scheme 2.0’ - MP
📁 “Mukhyamantri Mitaan Yojana’ | ‘Kaushalya Matritva Yojana’ - Chhatisgarh
📁 ‘Mukhyamantri Matrushakti Yojana’ - Gujarat
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📁 Jivhala : A loan scheme - Maharashtra

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Daily The Hindu Vocabulary

1. ABYSMAL (ADJECTIVE): (अति-गहन): Dreadful
Synonyms: Awful, Terrible
Antonyms: Superb
Example Sentence:
The quality of the work she does is abysmal.

2. TRIBUTE (NOUN): (श्रद्धांजलि): Accolade
Synonyms: Praise, Commendation
Antonyms: Criticism
Example Sentence:
The video is a tribute to the musicals of the 40s.

3. COOPERATION (NOUN): (सहयोग): Assistance
Synonyms: Helpfulness, Help
Antonyms: Impeding
Example Sentence:
We would like to ask for your cooperation in the survey.

4. ADDICTION (NOUN): (लत): Dependency
Synonyms: Dependence, Craving
Antonyms: Indifference
Example Sentence:
He committed the offence to finance his drug addiction.

5. TRANSFORM (VERB): (बदलना): Change
Synonyms: Alter, Modify
Antonyms: Preserve
Example Sentence:
Lasers have transformed cardiac surgery.

6. ACQUITTAL (NOUN): (दोषमुक्ति): Absolution
Synonyms: Clearing, Exoneration
Antonyms: Conviction
Example Sentence:
The trial resulted in an acquittal.

7. ANXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (उत्सुक): Eager
Synonyms: Keen, Desirous
Antonyms: Uninterested
Example Sentence:
The company was anxious to avoid any trouble.

8. WELFARE (NOUN): (कल्याण): Well-being
Synonyms: Health, Happiness
Antonyms: Hardship
Example Sentence:
They don't give a damn about the welfare of their families.

9. UNDESIRABLE (ADJECTIVE): (अवांछनीय): Unpleasant
Synonyms: Disagreeable, Nasty
Antonyms: Desirable
Example Sentence:
The drug has some undesirable side effects.

10. SLIGHTLY (ADVERB): (थोड़ा): A bit
Synonyms: Somewhat, Rather
Antonyms: Very
Example Sentence:
He lowered his voice slightly.

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✓ 1st G20 Summit 2008 : USA

✓ 16th G20 summit 2021 : Italy

✓ 17th G20 summit 2022 : Indonesia.

✓ 18th G20 summit 2023 : India.

✓ 19th G20 summit 2024 : Brazil.

✓ 20th G20 Summit 2025 : South Africa.

Credit - DBI Team


🛳Indian Navy Operations

🧰Operation Vijay (1961)

🧰Operation Trident (1971)

🧰Operation Python (1971)

🧰Operation Cactus (1988)

🧰During Operation Restore Hope (1992–2003)

🧰Operation Parakram (2001)

🧰During Operation Enduring Freedom (2001)

🧰During 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (Operation Madath, Operation Sea Waves, Operation Castor, Operation Rainbow, Operation Gambhir & Operation Rahat-II)

🧰Operation Sukoon (2006)

🧰Operation Searchlight (2014)

🧰Operation Raahat (2015)

🧰Operation Nistar (2018) – Operation by the Indian Navy using INS Sunayna to evacuate Indian citizens from Yemen Island of Socotra who were stranded by Cyclone Mekenu.

🧰Operation Madad (2018) – Indian Navy had launched Operation Madad, major rescue, and relief operation in flood-hit Kerala. The operation was launched to assist state administration and undertake disaster relief operations due to flooding in many parts of Kerala.

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◾️Upcoming Exams & Opportunities :-

♣️EXAMS :-
♦️FCI Assistant & Manager
♦️NHB Assistant Manager
♦️PFRDA Grade A

♦️SEBI Grade A : December.
♦️LIC AAO & ADO : December end ( LIC Assistant is also expected in 2023).
♦️RBI Assistant : January.
♦️ECGC PO : January.
♦️RBI Grade B : February.
♦️NABARD Grade A & B : May/June.
♦️RRB PO & Assistant : June.
♦️NABARD DA : July/August.

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Popular Festivals of Jammu and Kashmir:

🌻Har Navami
🌻Bahu Mela
🌻Hemis Festival
🌻Kanchoth festival
🌻Tulip Festival
🌻Spituk Gustor
🔴The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | BY Dream Big Institution

♦️EFFICACY (NOUN): (प्रभावकारिता): effectiveness

success, potency

Antonyms: inefficacy

Example Sentence:

There is little information on the efficacy of this treatment.

♦️RESCIND (VERB): (रद्द कर देना): revoke

repeal, cancel

Antonyms: enforce

Example Sentence:

The government eventually rescinded the directive.

♦️EXCEPTIONAL (ADJECTIVE): (असामान्य): unusual

uncommon, abnormal

Antonyms: usual

Example Sentence:

Late claims will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

♦️ COUNTER (ADJECTIVE): (विरोध): opposing

opposed, opposite

Antonyms: complementary

Example Sentence:

After years of argument and counter argument there is no conclusive answer.

♦️ERSTWHILE (ADJECTIVE): (भूतपूर्व): former

old, past

Antonyms: present

Example Sentence:

He fled to America with Gia Manek, an erstwhile friend of his wife's.

♦️PROMPT (ADJECTIVE): (शीघ्र): quick

swift, rapid

Antonyms: slow

Example Sentence:

She would have died but for the prompt action of two ambulance men.

♦️HARASS (VERB): (सताना): pester

badger, hound

Antonyms: leave in peace

Example Sentence:

Being harassed at work can leave you feeling confused and helpless.

♦️FLAG (VERB): (थकना): tire

weaken, falter

Antonyms: revive

Example Sentence:

If you begin to flag, there is an excellent cafe to revive you.

♦️DEFER (VERB): (समर्पण करना): yield

submit, give way

Antonyms: stand up to

Example Sentence:

He was not a man to defer this kind of pressure.

♦️FLOUT (VERB): (अवज्ञा करना): defy

go against, scorn

Antonyms: observe

Example Sentence:

The advertising code was being flouted.

Credit - DBI Team
🔴Important GK, GS & Current affairs  Questions Dose 💉

🧰Which has become the first publicly listed company in the world to lose one trillion dollars? - Amazon

🧰What is the rank of India in the recent Climate Change Performance Index 2023? -

🧰Which place has India reached in the recently released Global Innovation Index 2022? - 40th

🧰Which university has been ranked first in India in the QS Asia University
Rankings 2023?- IIT Bombay

🧰Recently which state government has announced to make Ramayana and Mahabharata circuit?- Uttar Pradesh

🧰Panchayat Scheduled Extension Act has been implemented by which state government?- Madhya Pradesh

🧰Recently in which state the 55th National Library Week has been celebrated? - Andhra Pradesh

🧰Recently in which state the 55th National Library Weekhas been celebrated? - Andhra Pradesh

🧰In which city the 41st India
International Trade Fair has been started? - New Delhi

🧰Which ministry hasorganized 'Hariyali Mahotsav'? - Ministry of

🧰Where has the Geomart India 2022 summit beeninaugurated recently?- Hyderabad

🧰Who has inaugurated the Bengaluru Technical Summit? - New Delhi

🧰Where has the first Homeopathy International Health Summit been
organized? - Dubai

🧰In which city 'Aakash for Life' space conference will be held? - Dehradun

🧰Which Indian city has hosted the 'Global Fintech Summit' 2022? - Mumbai

🧰Which city recently hosted the 11th edition of 'India Stonemart International Exhibition'? - Jaipur

🧰In which city India's first 'Migration Monitoring System' has been inaugurated? - Mumbai

🧰Recently in which city the Indian Biological Data Center has been
inaugurated? - Faridabad

🧰In which city has Reliance announced the setting up of the country's first multimodal logistics park? - Chennai

🧰Recently, the railway station of which city of Madhya Pradesh has got the status of 4-Star Eat Right
station? - Bhopal
(𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗔𝗿𝗺𝘆 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗘𝘅𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗲)

𝟭.इंद्र – रूस और भारत

𝟮.मैत्री – थाईलैंड और भारत

𝟯.सूर्य किरण – नेपाल और भारत

𝟰.हैंड इन हैंड – चीन और भारत

𝟱.प्रबल दोस्तीक – कजाखस्तान और भारत

𝟲.नोमैडिक एलिफैंट – मंगोलिया और भारत

𝟳.खन्‌जर – किर्गिस्तान और भारत

𝟴.खान क्वेस्ट – मंगोलिया और भारत

𝟵.सैल्वेक्स – 𝗨𝗦𝗔 और भारत

𝟭𝟬.मित्र शक्ति – श्रीलंक और भारत

𝟭𝟭.अजय योद्धा – यूके और भारत

𝟭𝟮.युद्ध अभ्यास – 𝗨𝗦𝗔 और भारत

𝟭𝟯.वज्र प्रहार – 𝗨𝗦𝗔 और भारत

𝟭𝟰.एकुवेरिन – मालदीव और भारत

𝟭𝟱.संप्रति – बंगालदेश और भारत

𝟭𝟲.बोल्ड कुरुक्षेत्र – सिंगापुर और भारत

𝟭𝟳.अग्नि योद्धा– सिंगापुर और भारत

𝟭𝟴.चीन इंडिया संयुक्त – चीन और भारत

𝟭𝟵.गरुड़ शक्ति – इंडोनेशिया और भारत

𝟮𝟬.अल नागह – ओमान और भारत

𝟮𝟭.विनबैक्स – वियतनाम और भारत

𝟮𝟮.इम्बाक्स – म्यांमार और भारत

𝟮𝟯.लमित्ये- सेशेल्स और भारत


1. Indra – Russia and India

2. Friendship – Thailand and India

𝟯.Sun Ray – Nepal and India

𝟰.Hand in Hand – China and India

𝟱. Prabal Dostik – Kazakhstan and India

𝟲.Nomadic Elephant – Mongolia and India

𝟳. Khanjar – Kyrgyzstan and India

𝟴.Khan Quest – Mongolia and India

𝟵.Salvex – USA and India

10. Mitra Shakti – Sri Lanka and India

11. Ajay Yoddha – UK and India

12. Yudh Abhyas – USA and India

15.Vajra Prahar – USA and India

1𝟰.Ekuverine – Maldives and India

15.Contemporary – Bengal and India

1.5.b Kurukshetra – Singapore & India

1𝟳.Agni Warriors – Singapore and India

1𝟴.China India Joint – China and India

1𝟵.Garuda Shakti – Indonesia and India

20. Al Nagh – Oman and India

21.Winbox – Vietnam and India

22. IMBAX – Myanmar and India

25.Lamitiye- Seychelles and India
🏆Recent Awards in NEWS🏆

🏆Para Sports Person of the Year 2022 – Avani Lekhara

🏆Gold in e-Governance category – Panchayati Raj Ministry

🏆Kuvempu national award – Tamil writer Imayam aka V Annamalaiss

🏆Lifetime Achievement Award 2022 by FICCI – Rajendra Pawar awarded

🏆Prestigious Salesforce Partner Innovation Award 2022 – Prodapt IT service management company

🏆Australia’s Superstars of STEM 2022 – Neelima Kadiyala, Dr. Ana Baburamani, and Dr. Indrani Mukherjee

🏆ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at IFFI 53 – Iranian film ‘Nargesi’

🏆41st IITF 2022 – Ministry of Health

🏆Champions of the Earth award – Purnima Devi Burman
🟠SSC CGL Exam Analysis 5th December 2022 Shift -1
👉 नौसेना अभ्यास
(𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗡𝗮𝘃𝘆 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗘𝘅𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗲)

𝟭.वरुण – फ्रांस औरभारत

𝟮.मालाबार – यूएसए, जापान और भारत

𝟯.स्लिनेक्स – श्रीलंक और भारत

𝟰.सिमबेक्स -सिंगापुर और भारत

𝟱.कोंकण – – यूके और भारत

𝟲.आईबीएसएएमएआरएआर – साउथफ्रीका, ब्राजील और भारत

𝟳.औसिंडिक्स – ऑस्ट्रेलियाऔर भारत

𝟴.सहयोग कैजिन – जापान और भारत

𝟵.नसीम अल बहर ओमान और भारत

👉 Naval Exercise
(𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗻 𝗡𝗮𝘃𝘆 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗘𝘅𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗲)

1. Varun – France and India

2. Malabar – USA, Japan and India

𝟯.Slinex – Sri Lanka and India

𝟰.SIMBEX -Singapore and India

𝟱.Konkan – – UK and India

𝟲.IBSAMAR – South Africa, Brazil and India

𝟳.Auscindix – Australia and India

𝟴.Cooperation Kaijin – Japan and India

𝟵.Naseem Al Bahr Oman and India
Parts of Indian Constitution :

भाग I - संघ और उसके क्षेत्र(अनुच्छेद 1-4)

भाग II- नागरिकता(अनुच्छेद 5-11)

भाग III- मूलभूत अधिकार(अनुच्छेद 12 - 35)

भाग IV- राज्य के नीति निदेशक तत्व(अनुच्छेद 36 - 51)

भाग IVA- मूल कर्तव्य(अनुच्छेद 51A)

भाग V- संघ(अनुच्छेद 52-151)

भाग VI- राज्य(अनुच्छेद 152 -237)

भाग VII- संविधान (सातवाँ संशोधन) अधिनियम, 1956 द्वारा निरसित

भाग VIII- संघ राज्य क्षेत्र(अनुच्छेद 239-242)

भाग IX- पंचायत(अनुच्छेद 243- 243O)

भाग IXA- नगर्पालिकाएं(अनुच्छेद 243P - 243ZG)

भाग X- अनुसूचित और जनजाति क्षेत्र(अनुच्छेद 244 - 244A)

भाग XI- संघ और राज्यों के बीच संबंध(अनुच्छेद 245 - 263)

भाग XII- वित्त, संपत्ति, संविदाएं और वाद(अनुच्छेद 264 -300A)

भाग XIII- भारत के राज्य क्षेत्र के भीतर व्यापार, वाणिज्य और समागम(अनुच्छेद 301 - 307)

भाग XIV- संघ और राज्यों के अधीन सेवाएं(अनुच्छेद 308 -323)

भाग XIVA- अधिकरण(अनुच्छेद 323A - 323B)

भाग XV- निर्वाचन(अनुच्छेद 324 -329A)

भाग XVI- कुछ वर्गों के लिए विशेष उपबंध संबंध(अनुच्छेद 330- 342)

भाग XVII- राजभाषा(अनुच्छेद 343- 351)

भाग XVIII- आपात उपबंध(अनुच्छेद 352 - 360)

भाग XIX- प्रकीर्ण(अनुच्छेद 361 -367)

भाग XX- संविधान के संशोधनअनुच्छेद

भाग XXI- अस्थाई संक्रमणकालीन और विशेष उपबंध(अनुच्छेद 369 - 392)

भाग XXII- संक्षिप्त नाम, प्रारंभ, हिन्दी में प्राधिकृत पाठ और निरसन(अनुच्छेद 393 - 395)

MAINS Exam - 24 December.
1.4 MB
SSC CHSL 2022 Notification Out

Daily The Hindu Vocabularies

1. QUINTESSENTIAL (ADJECTIVE): (सर्वोत्कृष्ट): Typical
Synonyms: Prototypical, Stereotypical
Antonyms: Average
Example Sentence:
He was the quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and self-contained.

2. MALICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (दुर्भावनापूर्ण): Spiteful
Synonyms: Malevolent, Hostile
Antonyms: Benevolent
Example Sentence:
He took a sort of malicious pleasure in irritating the monks.

3. VIOLATE (VERB): (उल्लंघन करना): Contravene
Synonyms: Breach, Infringe
Antonyms: Comply with
Example Sentence:
They had violated all the terms of a ceasefire.

4. REPRIEVE (VERB): (दण्डविराम): Pardon
Synonyms: Spare, Acquit
Antonyms: Charge
Example Sentence:
Under the new regime, prisoners under sentence of death were reprieved.

5. SUBVERSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (विनाशक): Disruptive
Synonyms: Inflammatory, Insurgent
Antonyms: Loyal
Example Sentence:
He is a a subversive creature.

6. VANDALIZE (VERB): (उपद्रव मचाना): Destroy
Synonyms: Damage, Harm
Antonyms: Build
Example Sentence:
Stations have been vandalized beyond recognition.

7. RESTORE (VERB): (पुनर्स्थापित करना): Reinstate
Synonyms: Put back, Replace
Antonyms: Abolish
Example Sentence:
The government restored confidence in the housing market.

8. AID (NOUN): (सहायता): Assistance
Synonyms: Support, Help
Antonyms: Hindrance
Example Sentence:
He saw the pilot slumped in his cockpit and went to his aid.

9. COMPACT (ADJECTIVE): (संक्षिप्त): Concise
Synonyms: Succinct, Condensed
Antonyms: Rambling
Example Sentence:
He gave a compact summary of the play.

10. SEIZE (VERB): (ज़ब्त करना): Grab
Synonyms: Grasp, Snatch
Antonyms: Let go of
Example Sentence:
She jumped up and seized his arm.