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WHO is pushing forward with IHR amendments, ready for another pandemic to be declared so they can continue with their agenda.

Don’t think for a moment that they won’t use whatever means necessary.
Forwarded from Dr. Henry Ealy 🙂
What I Wish The World Knew

When I teach about vaccines I start here:


The media and excipient summary gives the list of ingredients. To which I then ask...

"Would you let your child drink this concoction if it were on a spoon?"

So why then would you let someone inject it into your child when they don't have to live with the consequences?

The CDC and FDA continue to revise the published list down in attempts to eliminate things like Thimerosal. Of course, the FDA also confirms that thimerosal can be added post production to any shot without needing to be labeled...but that's not the point.

The point is that most docs get paid a lot of bonus blood money to ensure a large percentage of their patient population is shot many times over.

The point is that most docs and nurses and now harmacists don't know what they are injecting and next to none have ever even read an insert, let alone know how to enter a VAERS record, let alone how to recognize what an actual injury from getting shot even looks like.

It gets even worse when you consider that first responders for SIDS and SADS have the same limitations.

They have no idea what they are looking at and because they have accepted the lie, it can't be the very thing they've been injecting for decades?

To ponder that question would mean having integrity rather than being infected by greed at the expense of ethics.

The point is that few are aware of 42 USC 300aa-11 and -22 that gives full immunity for the harmaceutical industry so they can lie to and defraud everyone who neglects to do their own research.

And still even fewer docs, et all. review surveillance reporting, so much so that CBER and the CDC seldom even publish the annual reports they are required to so as to answer the question...Of the people that got shot, how many still got sick any way?

Shouldn't every person know what's in the shot?

Shouldn't every person know how often the shot fails to protect?

Shouldn't every person know how many people have been injured and killed by the shot?

And shouldn't every person know all of this at a minimum BEFORE they make a decision?

The issue with the c shots and the new shots like RSV is that as of now these death sentences can be brought to market with fraudulent testing and no real oversight.

What is happening now may look like Phase 3 clinical trials but they aren't. That's for show, just an illusion.

What's happening now is the real definition of a Phase 4 Clinical Trial where post marketing data comes from global human experimentation with no desire to search for safety signals and no established safety standard that could shut the program down when people die or are severely injured. This is Hitler's wet dream...a world where useless eaters can be experimented on before being euthanized for profit.

There are well over 600 shots in development and their mantra is "In Vaccines We Trust"

Vaccines are their god and thus they need not fact, only belief that what they are doing is right. They don't hide the truth, so if you don't read it...well, you give them dominion over you.

Why would you do that?

Since 1986 vaccines have been a murder for profit scam. Now you are seeing the maturation of that scam.

The only solution is to say NO...and to mean it!🔥

I was almost killed after getting shot by the harmaceutical industry and their white coat puppets when I was 13.

Safe and Effective is a lie doctors who practice without compassion or independent research tell because the lie benefits them financially.

Don' get it twisted, this has always been about greed...the thing you will have to come to terms with is now it's also about depopulation and iron fist control because they think they have the tech to make humans a disposable commodity just as they did during slavery.

Ain't shit that's new...so whatcha gonna do?❤️

I choose to fight.

I just refuse to fight the way they want me too.

And you can too.🙏

Aloha wau iā ʻoe🔥

- Dr. H😊
Merry Christmas TG friends❤️🎄✝️
Recharging to raise the bar in 2023!
Spooks do not like my content so my chat was reported for #porn lol

Ironically I’m targeted because I call out #Fearporn.

That said, the chat should be clear now.
American attendees for #Davos

Red Flag-
This is old, but it shows the intentional effort to hide blame!
“In this report, we demonstrate that the expression of furin mRNA is rapidly increased in oxygen-deprived cells…” “the levels of fur mRNA, encoding furin, are remarkably increased upon hypoxic challenge”

Another reason why masking was/is not only inappropriate, but dangerous!

“In this report, we demonstrate that the expression of furin mRNA is rapidly increased in oxygen-deprived cells…” “the levels of fur mRNA, encoding furin, are remarkably increased upon hypoxic challenge”