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Vienna today: Banners say: Let us build bridges again: All belong to the human family, unvaccinated and vaccinated. And: Let's all link arms, together: whether healthy, sick, vaccinated, unvaccinated, recovered, young, old (couldn't make out every word on the second banner),
For SF Bay Area friends, this is our boy's super awesome nature teacher. Highly recommend!
Thought-provoking street art that popped up overnight in Washington DC.

To families who are still on the fence about homeschooling --

It's time to take the kids out of school. They are badly in need of oxygen. Smiles. Hugs. Touch. Trust in the brilliance of our divinely healthy bodies. Inner confidence, joy, creativity, freedom - PLUS - a healthy diverse microbiome which is key to our health.

It's time to take the kids out of school and build homeschooling co-ops and villages with likeminded community. Do this not just for your family. Do it for the future of all humankind.

It's well pass the 11th hour now. Before doing even more damage, mama-bears and papa-bears - listen to the cries of your next 7 generations of descendants.

Look!!! Listen!!! Can you hear them crying out to you from the future?

It's time to RISE UP!

As soon as you make the choice, a floodgate of supportive resources will come to you. Have courage. You can do it. We are here to help.
Shout-out to all you beautiful awakened moms, dads & educators birthing the new earth. 🌅

We are living the new paradigm of homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed learning, village building, and awakened parenthood.

You're not alone. Community and support is here!

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Not sure where Steve Kirsch stands on Germ-Theory vs. Terrain. But I do appreciate him for rising up as a voice of rational discourse - demonstrating increasingly clear evidence of harm vs. benefit of the injections.

He's a businessman, MIT grad, and shares info on his substack that can help reach a more conventionally-minded audience.

* https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/over-1000-studies-published-in-peer
Humans are awesome.🤣
🔮 Our 2022 New Year predictions starting to come true. Many more such news-thats-not-news will bubble up to mainstream audience, so the truth will become undeniable. Obvious to even the most un-observant ones.

2022 is a year of Truth. Integrity and MASSIVE Cleanup.

🔮 I forsee many such hugs and reunions by the end of 2022. but not by us trying to convince anyone. Friends & familiy will naturally come to see it for themselves, in their own perfect time.

We just keep holding the love. 💛
Re: Virus isolation. Much appreciation to Alec Zeck for taking the time to clarify.👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Forwarded from The Way Fwrd With Alec Zeck and Friends (Alec Zeck)
Here is my response to Mercola’s article (1/2):

First, I would like to start with this— appeals to authority are not scientific evidence. Because “insert expert says so” is not evidence. Logical fallacies do not take the place of scientific evidence that strictly adheres to the scientific method. I don’t care about your credentials— evidence that adheres to the scientific method is what matters.

When I ask for *one* paper in which a virus was isolated, purified, characterized, and sequenced directly from the fluids of sick host and not as a result of a cell culture, understand I’m asking for foundational evidence for the existence of a virus.

Virolgists presuppose that there is a virus present in the fluids that are presented to the cell culture (alongside DMEM, fetal bovine serum, amphotericin/gentamicin, etc.), and assume that the virus in the snot is causing the cell to experience the cytopathic effect.

They have never established that a virus is present inside the fluids of a sick host, first, and second, have never taken said virus from the fluids and presented it to a healthy host to see if it causes disease.

Every electron micrograph image of what virologists refer to as a virus is a result of a cell culture experiment.

When asked to provide one single paper that shows a virus isolated, purified, characterized and sequenced directly from the fluids of a sick host (which they cannot provide), virologists, immunologists, etc. respond with some of the following answers:

1. “The virus is too weak to isolate/purify directly from the fluids.”

Okay… but also you say a virus is able to travel freely through the air, survive on a surface for hours, make it into the body, make it to a cell and break in, hijack the cell’s machinery and begin replicating?

2. “You’re not a virologist, you don’t get to determine what isolation is.”

Okay, but why can’t you provide one piece of foundational evidence to validate your claim that a virus is present in the fluids of a sick host and is the cause of disease?

3. “A virus needs a host in order to replicate, so that’s why we use the cell culture.”

But it *is* in the fluids of a sick person, right? So why can’t it be taken directly from fluids? And how do you know for certain the other cell culture ingredients aren’t causing the CPE? Further, how do you know that a “virus needs a host to replicate” if you’ve never isolated, purified, characterized, and sequenced one directly from the fluids of a sick host? How do you know how one behaves in nature if you haven’t even found it in nature? And what is the human body if not a giant cell culture?

4. “There’s not enough virus present in the fluids to isolated/purify it.”

Excuse me— what? I thought we were talking about a pathogenic disease causing agent that overwhelms the body and produces high “viral loads” in really sick people. Not enough present in the fluids? How many people would it take for there to be “enough virus” present? How can you assign attributes to something you haven’t first shown to exist in nature (in the fluids of a sick host)?

Pseudoscience is anything that doesn’t follow the scientific method but claims to be scientific. Virology has never validated the foundational claim of a pathogenic virus existing inside the fluids of a sick host and has never done control experiments. Virology is pseudoscience.

If you hypothesize “X exists and causes Y”, then you need to show that X exists and directly observe X causing Y.

You can’t say “if X exists, then Y. Y, therefore X exists” if you have never shown that X exists, and seen it causing Y. An affirming the consequent logical fallacy.

The claim is: “a pathogenic virus exists in the fluids of a sick host.” The natural and logical response to that claim is “please provide proof that a pathogenic virus exists in the fluids of a sick host.” That’s what we’re asking for. It is simple, and this evidence has *never* been shown.

Additionally, if everyone in the world understood the implications of this, this whole charade would be over:
Forwarded from The Way Fwrd With Alec Zeck and Friends (Alec Zeck)
Here is my response to Mercola’s article (2/2)

Stefan Lanka, a virologist, has conducted the first ever *proper* control experiments of both virology’s vero cell culture virus isolation experiments and the so-called genomic sequencing of SARS-COV-2— the foundational evidence for all of COVID19.

First, for context, I will explain the procedure used by all virologists to “isolate” a virus.

If you read the methodology of any “SARS-COV-2 virus isolation paper”, you will find that the procedure is as follows:

Minimally filtered snot from a sick host is added to a vero cell culture (monkey kidney cell) alongside cytotoxic antibiotics like gentamicin/amphotericin (usually at 3x normal concentration). They also add “minimal nutrient medium,” which is the minimal amounts of nutrients— DMEM (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium) and fetal bovine serum— to keep the cell alive. They also sometimes add trypsin. The cell breaks down into a bunch of fragments— called the cytopathic effect. They then stain and heat the fragments to prepare them for electron microscopy, take pictures of them and call them “viruses.”

In phase 1 of Stefan’s control experiment, he followed the exact same procedure except that he did not introduce a sample from a sick host (which virologists presuppose contains the virus, but never validate) to the culture, but used all of the other same ingredients. The exact same cytopathic effect happened, thus proving that the foundational evidence used by virologists to claim the existence of a pathogenic virus is pure pseudoscience.

In phase 2 of the control experiment, Stefan used all of the same ingredients as in the control (antibiotics, minimal nutrient medium, etc.), except that he added yeast to take the place of the snot that supposedly contains the virus and the supposed virus RNA that is uploaded into a computer program to generate a so-called “viral genome.” As Dr. Cowan describes in his recent book, Breaking the Spell, “the reason for adding the yeast RNA is because of the way that the genome of a ‘virus’ is found, a computerized process called ‘alignment.’ The alignment process starts with fragments of RNA and constructs a theoretical genome—one that never exists at any point in the actual sample. This genome never exists in any person, and it never exists intact even in the culture results; it exists only inside the computer, based on an alignment process that arranges these short pieces into an entire ‘genome.’ It is for this reason that every complete genome of SARS-CoV-2 is referred to as an ‘in silico’ genome, meaning a genome that exists only in the computer. As long as you have enough of these RNA fragments and provide the template, the computer can recreate any genome.”

Stefan was able to recreate 100% of the so-called SARS-Cov-2 genome without any clinical sample from a sick person present, but rather a random sample of yeast.

Could there be a pathogenic disease causing virus? Absolutely. Has the existence of one been scientifically established? No. The evidence is severely lacking at best and completely pseudoscientific and fraudulent at worst, especially given we’ve flipped the entire world upside down over it.
Forwarded from The Way Fwrd With Alec Zeck and Friends (Alec Zeck)
I’m sorry, but “This is the new definition of isolation only used by virologists because virologists are experts and they say so” does not equate to science, nor does it prove “virus.”
Key point 🔑:

Dr. Stefan Lanka was able to recreate 100% of the so-called SARS-Cov-2 genome without any clinical sample from a sick person present, but rather a random sample of yeast.
In a world where it seems like "health" has gotten so messy and political, let's remind ourselves to get back to basics.

"Get Your As in Order."

* Air first,
* Agua second,
* Aaarmph (food) third.
* Also Amigos too!

Amigos are essential for good health.