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We are about to begin the testing recruitment for the Libre 2 US Type 2B.

PM Pls
We are currently experiencing some issues with the DiaBox Follow service and are urgently investigating. The affected modules are as follows:

1--Login - partially resolved
2--Data synchronization - partially resolved

If you encounter any issues while using DiaBox Follow, please contact us promptly. You can comment on this topic or send an email to: diaboxapp@gmail.com. We apologize for any inconvenience caused
Happy New Year 🙊
Anyone use Libre2+ or Libre3+
DiaBox --Sensor Error
xdrip-- Show Readings but inaccurate
Glimp--Show Readings but inaccurate

Could you pls make DiaBox show a reading ?

What can I do ? 👐
Recently, we have been migrating servers, mainly to prepare for the upcoming support for Libre 3 and the latest Libre 2 (a new version of DiaBox will be released at that time). This migration mainly involves the algorithm part of Libre, including Libre 3, and the latest Librelink 2.10 algorithm (this will cause differences in Libre 1 results compared to before, mainly affecting iOS users). At the same time, we will separate the DiaBox Follow service and run it on a dedicated independent server, which will be more stable than before.
Here are our recent activities:
1--Refactoring DiaBox Android with Kotlin, currently at 60% progress. Mainly aimed at solving power consumption issues and integration with some watches.
2--Upgrading the algorithm to Librelink v2.10, which will bring improvements in accuracy and support for the latest Libre 2 version.
3--Support for Libre 3, which in fact has already been completed, just waiting for the Kotlin refactoring to be done.
4--Libre Pro algorithm upgrade, we have cracked the official algorithm of Libre Pro/H, and will provide results consistent with the Pro Reader in the future.
5--Calibration algorithm upgrade for Libre1, Libre 2, and Libre Pro. Since we have a clear understanding of the algorithm mechanism of Libre, we will try to introduce a calibration mechanism that suits the sensor's own characteristics. Of course, there will be no difference in your operation in the App, but the accuracy and reliability will be significantly improved.
6--Attempt to release on iOS, the features mentioned above have actually been implemented on iOS, but we are still looking for channels to release the DiaBox iOS version. We would like to know if users in the European Union have any information or methods about Sideload, and we would like to try.
By the way, the latest news from BubbleDevTeam is that the development of Bubble Nano is nearing completion. There are no obstacles to its integration with DiaBox, and even no modifications are needed, because its communication protocol remains consistent with Bubble and Bubble Mini.
Regarding extending the sensor life, this is only applicable to Libre 1. Resetting the sensor is only applicable to Libre 1 and Libre Pro/H. These have already been implemented at the firmware level in Bubble and Bubble Mini, and DiaBox also has the same functionality using NFC. However, it's important to understand that these operations are only at the software level. We can easily change the maximum life limit of the sensor or reset it back to its initial state. But the actual working time of the sensor depends on the sensor's own characteristics, which are related to the outer membrane of the electrode, the enzyme, and the state of the working circuit, such as battery voltage, etc.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee how long a sensor can continue to work after changing its lifespan, nor can we guarantee its accuracy. Sometimes if your sensor has worked for a long time, it's just luck.

Additionally, a frequently asked question: Libre 2 and Libre 3 cannot perform this operation because their lifespan is hard-coded by Abbott at the factory, and we cannot change it.
*Keep Transparency*

Currently, the Kotlin version of DiaBox is 80% complete, including support for the latest version of Libre2 (mainly the RU version) and Libre 3. However, I have received information that Abbott has released Libre 2+ and Libre 3+ in some regions, which is really a tiresome game.

Additionally, regarding the samrtwatch support, we are trying to resolve issues with Garmin watches and will introduce support for WatchDrip, which will enhance compatibility with more wristbands.

Concerning new features, we must pause here to address some more fundamental work. This primarily involves issues with the usability of DiaBox Follow, even with Libre 3. We have received reports from users in regions like Italy and Spain that the DiaBox domain has been blocked, so we plan to adopt a more decentralized approach to structure this part of our work. For instance, for DiaBox Follow, we are trying to use CloudFlare R2, allowing users to even establish their own storage on Cloudflare. After DiaBox uploads the data, you can distribute it in your own way.

In the long run, we need to establish such decentralized infrastructure to ensure all DiaBox users can autonomously manage their data.

What kind of smart wristband or watch are you using?
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What kind of smart wristband or watch are you using?
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Samsung Galaxy Watch
Garmin watches
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