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Make an extra $25K in 14 days (or less)

I've got a unique email campaign that prints money for the right client.

You need:

• $500+ offer
• 10K+ email subs
• A warm email list

My fee: $500 upfront + 10% of revenue

And I only have ONE spot open right now

DM me on Twitter with "$25K" in your message and tell me a little about your business to apply

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New sales letter from Ben Settle

These are always good to analyze

Look at the headline… lead… body… bullets… offer… close

And look at how he disqualifies bad fits from buying
From Tim Ferriss:
Everyone’s talking about the Hormozi launch right now

Nabeel Azeez and Stefan Georgi both had good takes in their emails this weekend

But Alen’s analysis goes much deeper:
He’s right…
My new “website”

You can find:

- My background
- Past clients
- My products
- How we can work together

And a link to my free newsletter
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How To Get Email Marketing Clients & Retainers

I'm interviewing one of my students, Owen Murphy, later today

Owen joined Email Kit, my community for freelance email marketers around 6 months ago

He was a complete beginner

Now he has two retainers, multiple clients and he's so busy he has to turn business away

How'd he do it? What's the "secret?"

We'll talk about that — and more — in our interview today

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Interview’s up on YouTube

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How To Sell A $7,500 Offer

My next email will talk about my newest client…

And my plan to sell his $7,500 coaching offer with stupid simple emails

Hit the link in my bio to join my newsletter and check out the plan when I share it tomorrow
Freelance Copywriter Q&A

Thinking of doing a Facebook Live for freelance copywriters at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

(That’s in 30 minutes)

Just answering questions for an hour (or two)

We can talk about niches, getting clients, etc

If there’s enough interest I’ll do it

Drop a comment on my FB profile if you can attend
The “Secret" to making $2K-$5K/mo per client

I effed up…

My buddy Nabeel Azeez invited to speak at his Minority Copywriter Summit...

I filmed and submitted my presentation...

(Which was a 20-minute crash course on retainers)

And I totally FORGOT to promote it on Saturday when it came out.

Like a complete dufus.

What can I say?

I've been busy with a new client, crypto degen activities and a baby on the way...

So I had a total brain fart over the weekend.

The good news is you can still see my presentation...

Just click below.
As some of you know, I was the copy, email and offer coach at Likes Ain't Cash for the past year.

I worked with over 100 clients throughout that period...

And many went on to hit $10K, $20K, $30K a month and beyond.

Like Audrey Lo, Ayodeji and a bunch of other people you probably follow on Twitter.

But the business is changing the way they do fulfillment, so all of the coaches have gone their separate ways.



I've been talking to Crystal Reyes, our CSM, who is a phenomenal coach.

And we're thinking of running a small program of our own.

It'd be limited to 5 clients.

Maybe 10.

This way everyone gets plenty of personal attention so you're completely clear on what you need to do to hit your goals.


It won't be obscenely expensive either.

The "founding members" will get the best deal and they'll be grandfathered in at the lowest price.

Because we want to reward the "early adopters."

How much?

Only $3K for 3 months

That's to have BOTH of us helping you.

Reviewing your copy... your content... your offers... your sales pitches... your fulfillment process...


But we want to make sure there's enough interest if we decide to do this.

And Crystal won't be available for a least a month anyway because she has some other commitments.

So we're going to start a waitlist.

If you're interested, DM me on Twitter or Facebook and reply "WAITLIST"

I'll reach out with next steps as soon as we're ready