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The big news today is that Gumroad is raising their fees to a whopping 10%

That means you’re paying Gumroad $1,000 for every $10,000 in sales

And users are pissed

I’ve been using them for a few years and overall it’s a good product

But the sales pages are sub-par and they don’t accept crypto payments

I’m going to start looking at alternatives (again) and I’ll share what I find

ThriveCart could be a good alternative

Or maybe I can sell directly through my website as Chris Pearson suggested using Wordpress + Focus theme + Stripe/Paypal

In the meantime, you can watch one of my Gumroad comparison videos from 2 years ago

I think most of the features + pricing are still the same, but there are a handful of new competitors now that I’ll have to review
I started playing with some Gumroad alternatives today

SendOwl looks good

Systeme looks good too, but it’s more like ClickFunnels than Gumroad

That’s not a bad thing

Systeme’s an all-around solid platform and it’s much cheaper than ClickFunnels (basic paid plan is only like $27/month)

ThriveCart doesn’t have a free option to play with, but it’s another contender and a lot of people love it

I make passive sales thru Gumroad Discover so what I’ll probably do is leave all my products on Gumroad, but add my most popular products on one of these other platforms
New thread up on Twitter

The Rise Of One-Person Businesses

10 reasons to jump on this million dollar opportunity
New thread up on Twitter

Made some changes to the one I posted yesterday
That thread shares some ways my life used to be before I became a solopreneur

And how it’s changed over the past 5 years

I know a lot of people were/are in the same situation and it can be easy to give up

But if you succeed your life can change dramatically

How to make $5,000 a month writing simple emails as a beginner

I’d like to post more, but I’ve been swamped lately (plus sick for over a week)

The Big News is that I accepted a part-time coaching position at the Tweets & Clients agency with JK Molina, Ryan Booth and a few other heavy hitters

Between that, my community and 1-on-1 clients I haven’t had much time for anything else
Check this out…
One thing I see a lot of people struggle with is they don’t have a customer journey

They don’t have a path to move clients from low to high ticket

This infographic shows the main offers I’ve used again and again
Questions? Comment below the Twitter post
"Take your calendars and cut 60-80% OUT of them"