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Ugh that weird dog is back
I can't believe I forgot to post this here, it's been finished for months 😭
I've uploaded about 300 full-resolution drawings to my Patreon

You can check them out if ya like
There's also an update for a comic I was working on

I'm gonna try to do a page or two a week until I'm done with it, then maybe see if I'm in the mood to color it

Yadda yadda, first peeks are only on Patreon
Live stream started
Live stream finished (5 hours)
Here's all the pieces I colored! Back to having an empty queue and an empty head

If any of y'all who got sketches a couple weeks back are starting to feel swayed by this, lemme know and we'll talk shop when I'm available =3
what a planet we live on
I took a bunch of better photos on Mt Seymour

which has to be one of the best coincidences I could have asked for
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a lapse, for those who wanna feel it a bit more
A painting for Voltiva!
Inspired by Atomheart

Collars on formal wear are The Way