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Warner Music Plots Metaverse Concerts in Ethereum Game The Sandbox

The label for artists like Lizzo, Ed Sheeran, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers plans to open a metaverse venue and amusement park.
DJ Steve Aoki Launches Ethereum NFT Membership Club: ‘I Am Building My Own World’

Aoki’s A0K1VERSE club will use an NFT Passport to enable access to perks, including live concerts, metaverse events, and more.
Diem Selling Assets to Silvergate for $200M, Ending Facebook’s Stablecoin Project: Report

Silvergate will pick up Diem's assets and IP, per a new report, as Facebook's stablecoin project winds down.
SEC Rejects Fidelity’s Application for a Bitcoin ETF

The regulatory body continues to say "no" to Bitcoin ETFs.
‘Snow Job’: The Plot to Hand the Crypto Industry to the Big Banks

The Biden Administration's secret crypto strategy is becoming clear: it wants to force stablecoin issuers into the arms of big banking.
OpenSea Update Leaves Some Creators Unable to Mint New NFTs

The leading Ethereum NFT marketplace has clamped down on its own minting contract, frustrating and angering creators in the space.
Sorry, SHIB: Robinhood Says No New Crypto Listings For Now

Robinhood says it has no immediate plans to add new tokens, but it has high hopes for its crypto wallet feature.
Draft Bill Would Give US Treasury Power to Ban Crypto Exchanges

Coin Center calls it an effort "to strip our surveillance laws of all public processes."
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Is Inviting Bitcoin Miners to Stabilize Electrical Grid

His embrace of the industry may be a counterintuitive and risky play to cover a weak point with voters.
How an Automatic Liquidation of $600M in Ethereum Was Narrowly Avoided

Last week's catastrophic sell-off was nearly much worse. Here's the story of a Maker vault holder named 7 Siblings, and $600 million.
Nvidia's Attempt to Throttle GPUs for Ethereum Miners 'Was Pointless': Report

Nvidia’s attempts to deter crypto miners from scooping up its graphics cards have had little effect—in fact, many don’t seem to mind at all.
Some Salvadorans Remain Behind Bukele’s Bitcoin Policy Despite Warnings

El Salvador’s Bitcoin policy has been mired in controversy in recent weeks and months. Still, some Salvadorans stand behind the choice.
Fidelity Files Two More ETFs for the Metaverse, Crypto Industry

Asset management firm Fidelity has filed for two more ETFs with the SEC to track crypto firms and those active in the metaverse niche.
Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Crypto Bridge Hacked for $80 Million

The biggest attack in 2022 so far saw an attacker “borrow” $80 million against $185 million in stolen collateral.
Lebron James, to Offer Web3 Education to Ohio Students

Students enrolled on the city of Akron’s I PROMISE program can soon learn the fundamentals of blockchain.
DeepDAO Launches Search Engine to Find Financial, Membership Data for DAOs

DeepDAO aims to offer a way to quickly find answers to the most common DAO-related questions, including which wallets hold the most sway.
Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Will Get Back $100M of Donated SHIB Funds

The Ethereum founder will use the funds for “very-high-value” bets in biotech and medical science after Indian charity faces hurdles.
'NFTs for DeFi Natives': OlympusDAO Launching NFT Marketplace

The DAO is looking to NFTs to generate revenue for members and to prove OHM can be a medium of exchange.
Paul Krugman Says Bitcoin Resembles Subprime Mortgages. Is He Right?

Krugman insinuates that many of the people buying in aren't sophisticated or wealthy enough to make their own investment decisions.
Crypto Credit Card Usage Reaches $2.5 Billion in Q1: Visa

Despite volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, the adoption of crypto as a means of payment appears to be rising.